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  1. Marduk23

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    Thanks! Exactly what I thought, just couldn't figure out the key combination for splitting stacks.
  2. Marduk23

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    Thanks for the update! Enjoying the game now during my winter holidays. I'd like to make a suggestion on Dragon Mage skills if you don't mind. Have you considered making it into a hybrid mage-warrior a bit more? Even though it's a mage class I always saw it more as a warrior and played it Sohei-style one guide on the forum suggests. So if you added one or two more weapon-based skills it would make the character more versitile, I think. Like turning the Elemental Strike skill into a splash damage one or a combo of strikes, for instance - Archangel Wrath has never seemed exciting to me anyway as there are energy weapons in the game that do the trick. Or maybe even turning the Dragon Strike skill into an actual strike of some sort as having a dragon flying over your head every few seconds seems a bit odd. And one more thing about Dragon Berserk. I really like the changes you've implemented as it makes this skill more useful. But I feel like the form lacks some more skills of it's own to make it more exciting. I recall playing the first part of the game as Vampire and I really liked the shapeshift mechanic then. Maybe you could add something like fire breath and leap skills to the dragon form? Perhaps I'm mistaken, but it seems to me that it would not be too hard to code as you can take Furious Emblazer or original Fire Odem and Assailing Somersault as basis for those skills. It makes sense to me as the actual Dragon Form skill is gone from the mod. Also, it seems to me that I have encountered a small bug. When I try to exchange runes having more than one of this kind prevents them from being put into the exchange slot. I haven't played the original game much to know if this problem is related to this mod, to the community patch or else. I don't have any other mods installed.
  3. Marduk23

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    Yeah, I turned the mod off and started a new game, everything was working fine. Tried a couple more times with new characters but any merchant leads to a crush so it should be related to the mod, I suppose. I also had Wardust Serious Textures on but I turned it off to see if exactly this mod was the problem.
  4. Marduk23

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    Hey there! Thank you for your great mod - it's the reason I've decided to give this game a try again. Though I've faced a strange bug - when I try to talk to a merchant, the game crushes to menu with "Connection Lost" message. I see you've mentioned that the mod is not compatible with CM patch 1.60. Probably, that's the reason of that bug, right? Should I just wait till you update the mod then?