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  1. berkley

    Windows Live Messenger Tool

    I use MSN all the time I don't use the real MSN it's bad, go with a third party they give you old cut features and they have add-ons and everything, plus no trojans (or aslong as I know) here are some that I use aMSN MSN Plus and Mercury Messenger. And if you aren't running windows and your using MSN use a third party and get all the features, I am on mac and the mac version give you absolutely no features so I had to go with a third party ツ
  2. Yeah thats how google finds out whats on your pages and you can get the google bot to do stuff for you with meta tags like you give keywords about the site or site content or like an about us and you can even tell it when to come back and where it isn't allowed to go.
  3. So true... lol can't wait to get an iPhone...
  4. Is it just me or does that squiggly logo on the bottom look allot like SONY's VAIO logo?
  5. berkley

    Designed my new machine

    Why 1TB HD x2? And why 2.5Ghz upgrade to 3.06Ghz it's better in the long run especially with lots of RAM and huge applications =)
  6. lol let them screw up so you don't have to XD
  7. berkley

    Frozen foods... so convenient, uber expensive

    What brand of frozen vegetables and/or fruits do you guys buy?
  8. It's the same voltage LED I don't think it would have much of a difference seeing as LEDs need next to no energy to run =)
  9. berkley

    Batman - The Dark Knight

    Get a PS3 because some Blu Rays cost $400 same as the PS3 40gb lol
  10. berkley

    New pc.....thoughts please

    lol nice speed and 4GB or RAM will get you everything and the HD thing again thats kinda weird were they cheap if you buy 2?
  11. What? You haven't gotten your personnel helicopter yet?
  12. So it's a illegal firmware for the iPhone?
  13. berkley

    Safely Remove Hardware

    lol it's a stupid hastle you have to go though 3 windows on XP to get to the stupid eject screen on OS X you just click the eject icon, yes all the times =
  14. My mom gets so totally ripped off she got a bill for $140 for JUST eMails on her BlackBerry!!
  15. Now You've Got Something to Die for - Lamb Of God - Ashes Of The Wake