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  1. cmpatterson7660

    Virtues of the Seraphim

    While that does appear to be a nice way to change an item's look, I was referring more to the idea of, if you like a certain type of set, for example, the way the cloth set looks for Seraphim, but you realize it is not as functional as say the Niokaste full set, would you be able to edit in functionality to a full cloth set that otherwise does not have a unique name, like the full white cloth set, and give it stat modifiers for specific parameters, for example, a cloth set (white) that boosts revered technology usage so you didn't have to be limited to default special sets that have the functionality but otherwise didn't quite meet what you wanted appearance wise.
  2. cmpatterson7660

    Virtues of the Seraphim

    Just wondering if it is possible to take existing standard set items and mod them to fit particular needs, either skill wise or appearance wise? If so, how would I or anyone go about that?
  3. cmpatterson7660

    Dimitrius's CM Patch Addendum

    One thing I have noticed, I don't know if this addendum takes this into account: when you pick up runes for combat arts, and similar ones stack, as the CM patch allowed them to do, you cannot trade in stacked runes to swap out for different runes you might need for your character. I don't know if there is a way to break up stacks once they build up, but for trading them out, this isn't currently possible that I have seen. Just an FYI in case anyone missed it.