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  1. @AVRadevMight be a loot table error, although I'd prefer to see a confirmation from at least one more person.
  2. Ascaron had originally planned to add facial expressions to playable characters, but laziness won. No animation uses facial bones(except the jaw). Thus, the High Elf face always shines with the intellect and wit of a modern socialite)
  3. A server-side error, causing the game to crash, would require the Windows App Crash Log for the s2gs.exe to pinpoint the faulty line of code.
  4. Can be done reasonably quickly, if the template(exported model(static, or otherwise) + textures) is provided.
  5. The proposed solution: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gYKNpLYqBuos0Z5sx17hbvCT8ZYj_JxS/view?usp=sharing
  6. . Hmm, I don't recall that change. Most voice lines do, the text hash presence is being universally checked.
  7. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LqOuHBsv-8bMT60M6Z8-EliBA3kJ5WvH/view?usp=sharing It should be most useful as a reference material, although not a complete one.
  8. Thing is, the original team had supposedly lost the source code somewhere in 2009, during the turmoil. Only reverse-engineering remains.
  9. @Lindor First, you need to isolate the file responsible. Replace them with the original EE and proceed with adding your edited version file-by-file and checking the ingame result.
  10. That would not be necessary. In the end I'll have to vivisect the original guard model and fuse the resized cowl-helm anyway.
  11. Looks like some heavy conversion distortion. But, even with the original preserved, due to it's dimensions, the helm would look like the paper-bag, from, umm, "A Very Scary Story" movie, if I remember correctly.
  12. PC models are actually made of "parts", one of those is the "head". NPC models are solid.
  13. Well: I don't even have to skin it to tell there's gonna be a lot of giggling...
  14. The helmet in question clips with both the inquisition guard soldier and officer model. The result also looks like... Cucurbito the Pumpkin.
  15. Actually, it is, but the progression is hardcoded. S2logic.dll offset 0x100701F4 sCreatureCalc::recalcStats.
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