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  1. Well, compared to Diablo 3, it realy is one thing that sets it appart the most: Building an Actual Character. Diablo 3 Doesnt let you build a character, you can make almost no Mistake, need no Thinking about what skill you use because the Set items decide wich skills you will use.... It is soo simplified and catered into instant Gratification that it is getting Boring realy fast. What still keeps also Diablo 2 Going is that you can just create Endless characters with unique Specilasations. Also, Grim Dawn and Titan Quest do the same thing, and Grim Dawn is releasing its 2nd Expansion soon, Diablo 3 only got 1 so far... and the Necromancer. But Guess what? in Grim Dawn you get an entire Expansion with Necromancer class for the same price... and the Necro is much better. The Graphics are Impressively good even today, the game looks timeless Beautiful in my eyes, the textures and ground objects are sooo good and well placed that the world realy seems alive in its own way. It realy is the Creativity and the thinking ahead that makes the game4s good, you need to use your brain while in Diablo 3 you get the feeling you are getting a Braindead Monkey- The Point of the Game is not to kill the bosses at all, but to just kill everything as fast as you can.... Sooo dumbed down.... That are realy some reasons why D3 Sucks in Comparison to the other titles I mentioned... and of course Sacred 2..
  2. stiefelolm

    New player's Dryad questions!

    @ RetsReds Well ya Know, the Rune master can Switch the Runes you dont need into the ones you want, so it is not necessary to just farm specific runes, runes in Generall are enough. Also it is a lot better to find em with the community patch since the runes stack in your inventory, its so much better. Dont read in too much runes too early in general, as I read it, the more runes you got read in, the lower the amount of runes you will find. So just hoard em till you need em and dont feed em all in immediatly to keep your regen time low enough to be effective.
  3. Hello Guys, This is my first Guide here, and since the first Sacred 2 Char I ever played was a Temple Guardian, I made a guide for that Class. Notice: This Guide is not Finished yet, it is under Construction, because some Concepts still need testing by me, cause I am not Familiar with the CM Patch yet Because of this, I would be glad if some guys would join me on my Journey, and go into Multiplayer with me. Ok So lets start with the Basics... The TG Can be confusing at the first glance cause he has so much synergy and supportive Stuff. But That makes him Ideal for Multiplayer. You can do almost everything with the TG, and we will use everything. With this Build your TG will get a: Bosstank that can hold bosses in Position Healer and Damage Reducer Debuffer(Removes Positive Effects from enemys, also weaken em) Party Damage Pimper With Battle Aura Hard Hitter with your Weapons as well, if you want to sacrifice tankyness. So How do we get there? Since I want to make the Guide beginner friendly, I have to delve deeper into the mechanics. I also will use many Links to the Wiki so you can inform yourself. We need These Sections Covered: Leveling Phase before Multiplayer Skills Combat Arts Equipment Preferences -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Leveling Phase before Multiplayer To Level your Guardian a bit up, you can choose to go in the free mode or complete the Campaign. I Completed the Campaign on Level 50 with relative ease, silver Difficulty. So I made sure the build works. However as a beginner that does not know too much about the enemys, I would recommend you play with a friend with good damage from the start on. I will Cover this deeper later. Skills Skill are very Important to keep our offense and defense up. Also, there are some choices you NEED to do for them. You need at least one weapon lore, be it Hafted weapons or Sword weapons. Choose the one you prefer. What it Does: Weapon lores let us equip Weapons of higher level than ourselves easier, we get no Movement penalty for using them untill a certain level. To be able to wear all Weapons that can Potentially Drop we need 100 Points into this skill, so we can equip weapons of level 250. The same is True for Armor Lore, We need 100 Points in to get to a point where we can Equip every Armor that drops. Also it raises our General Armor level, that Protects us from any attacks. It lowers the regeneration Penalty we get from Heavy Armor so our Regeneration times stay low. The Weapon lore also effects our Weapon speed so we hit faster and safer with the weapon. The faster you hit the faster your Devout Guardian Combat Arts get Executed. I Chose All 3 Aspektfocusses and Lore for Lost Fusion and Source Warden. Toughness and Combat reflexes Concentration For more Buffs. That Covers all our Skills. I will explain them in a later Version. Combat Arts Because the TG is soo flexible and Versatile, espacially our Version, eat at least 1 Rune in every skill, we will need almost all of them except for Combat arm. Our Main Focus is to Buff ourselves with Protection and Hold Bosses in Place with Jolting Touch, so our Comrades can shoot the Boss without getting endangered. Jolting Touch gives us Protection while its Casting and keeps Bosses where they are standing so your beloved Highelf hits all her Meteos. Eqipment I Do not recommend any Legendarys yet, I am not that far. But you need a decent amount of Protection from your Armor. So Stack enough Armor. To Be Continued..... As I said, feel free to comment under this Post, if you want to try Multiplayer in CMPATCH with my guy. I will deepen the guide over time, I have to get more familiar with the difficulties in the CM Patch first.
  4. stiefelolm

    Hello There, Temple Guardians!

    Oh Well.. Nice replys... Yea, a TG can easiely get screwed up if you dont plan ahead, and know what you do, but thats ok. I Got my TG already in Gold and in CM Patch now, so my build seems to be working so far... See ya in the Guides Section!
  5. Hi There. Just wanted to Introduce myself here. I am a veteran that has played Sacred 1 When it came out at a friends Basement, and I was amazed by it. Later, I got my hands on a gold edition and on Sacred 2. What was realy nice. For a while I had other stuff to do, but since I discovered the steam version with addon, and saw your awesome community-patch, I just had to get there and give it a try. I loved the Temple Guardian, and so I will maybe make a guide for TG when I am finished with it. So yea, Greetings to everyone, Have fun, And maybe we will see each other soon in coop.