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  1. great appreciation => Flix His seemingly tireless efforts to improve and perfect Sacred 2 over so many years deserves not only much appreciation, but admiration, and respect. Thank you, Flix!
  2. Don't feel intellectually deficient! Here's why: The world, which is Sacred 2, is so rich and complex, continually bombarding ones cerebral cortex with such a plethora of audio and visual stimuli that a normal human being cannot be expected to process and assimilate all of the information with flawless perspicacity and awareness. However, the mind relishes such a cannonade of sensory data; that is why it's difficult to pull oneself away from the game (sic).
  3. Indeed, good sir Khorath, check out the eleventh post on the sixth page of the Funny/Interesting Sacred 2 Screenshots thread (below). There's a toy merchants shop with a nice selection of goodies for the children of the village!
  4. Interesting posts which are long but well-written do not require any apology. I found your post pleasant; being introduced to yet another gamer's perspective is refreshing. I use the Nvidia Control Panel to make some tweaks to maximize my RTX 4070's performance; there is no stutter. It's also a advisable to set ones FPS to just (one or two) under the screen's refresh rate.
  5. In English: "never to be recalled because you have forgotten" Legend => wording "numquam in memoriam revocandum quia oblitus es" (In Latin, the wording would have sounded more "legendary.")
  6. in vino veritas => "Never be remembered for being forgetful." (Just a bit of wordplay which I came up with, some years ago.)
  7. Yes, Rommel, It was named "Sand Eagle" in the game. Gladiators => jousting
  8. sockets => slaves (Game SMITE - Video to the tune of Sockets by the band, Slaves) As far as sidearms are concerned, I prefer my Desert Eagle. (unless it's my concealed-carry weapon)
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