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  1. Rock Band => ZZ Top Those Texas boys sure did lay out a lot of good sound for only being three dudes.
  2. We prefer, it seems, that larger downloads be hosted offsite from Darkmatters. Please keep the mod updated at Nexus Mods so the link will offer your most recently updated Mod.
  3. Well, Miss Amy, I didn't mean for you to get the impression that there was already a discussion of aforementioned boat in the thread which I hyperlinked. It was more of an invitation to look at some of the posts there, as they seemed to become more interesting page after page, much as I expect to occur with your thread. So, have fun with both, as you will!
  4. Most excellent work on your part, Vishanka, ma'am. Is the link in the original post updated?
  5. slide projector => Giant Slides (These were really a big fad in the 1960s.) The one pictured below is a Giant Water Slide in Baytown, Texas.
  6. I find your perspective refreshing and interesting. One thing about the land of Ancaria is there is so much to see and so much that is fascinating and thought provoking. There are many unusual objects and devices, many of which are either open for interpretation or defy explanation. The boat you captured in a screenshot is part of a story related to a quest involving a high elf who goes insane, ending up hiding inside a cave in the swamp region. (Watch out for him.) There is a very similar thread, Funny/Interesting Sacred 2 Screenshots, which you might enjoy. You may post in it, or you you are welcome continue posting here, in this thread of your own creation.
  7. family => reunion A family reunion each year at Christmas has always been a tradition in my family. My father's siblings, their children, grandmother and grandfather, and my immediate family would show up at one of our homes and have a nice, friendly, and joyous feast. It was always a wonderful time of year and the wonderful feeling of being together as a cohesive, loving group, was always something magical to look forward to. Ah, these everlasting memories etched in my mind are ones that I enjoy pondering this precious time of year.
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