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  1. KarruptedKat Please post your QUEEN build. I need a new dryad shopper build that dual wields like you mentioned a few weeks ago. >)
  2. karruptedkat I am keen to see your refinement on this build. Any chance you can provide the QUEEN build this weekend?
  3. Karruptedkat where is your QUEEN build:) I am keen to see it and start
  4. I just got to plat and I am level 65 with this build. The desert hurts bad with my gear on plat. What would be easiest way to get better gear? I have 2 tiwora curse in the hands and a lv 50 chest piece of time. Rest is nothing special.
  5. I joined a gold and now if I press continue game, I can keep going in gold. However, I cannot select continue campaign or free world gold. Question: if I complete gold can I then select both gold and plat in free world or am I wasting my time?
  6. Thanks for the advice Purple Lizard, I joined a gold game and the guy was already questing so I got his quest automatically added to my active quests once he killed a mob. However, I could not find any quest givers where I could activate my own quest. I guess he did them all himself already So I then activated a monolith and existed, Unfortunately that did not enable me to do a gold campaign. I guess I must activate my own quest. I will see if I am lucky enough to find another gold game and to get my own quest or I might just have to grind through the painful silver.
  7. I don't know about ps3, but in 360, it's Create Game->Quick Match. Then you can see all available servers running that you toggle between with LT/RT. Remember to find a campaign game, not free world. cool found a gold game. Not many happening right now so I do save game and then I can do my own capaign on gold?
  8. How do you find a gold or plat public game on ps3? I have no invitations, but cannotvsee where I can search for open online games at gold or higher level. I want to do save glitch gor gold now
  9. Poison Ivy thanks for the build and feedback so far. At lv 36 I went and farmed the Scorpion boss in Bronze level. After about 6 times, he finally dropped an insect head. It does not have the best stats, but now I have a scorpion pet Now at lv 41, I will farm Silver for a newer Chest Piece of Time and see if I can get an upgrade on my insect head from Silver Scorpion Boss. Unfortunately, I need to do the campaign quest to move to gold - damn quest takes longer than it does to level to 70 on this build
  10. Hello! I'm sorry don't mean to intrude, but we have to be careful of using languages other than English, and if we do, to please offer an explanation of what the words mean so that our moderators and community can see this. thank you for your contribution to this thread Cheers! gogo
  11. I understand the German, but I am unfamiliar with the names of the spells in German. Can you enlighten me as to what: Kombo mit Quälen und "Fluch des Verderbens" is? Variante 2 is what my dual Wield Voodoo Dryad is. Variante 2 - Voodoofokus ist im Build, aber keine Voodookunde: Durch die längere "Animationsdauer" (geringere Zaubergeschwindigkeit) von Quälen ist hier ein Cd von Combat Art. einer Sekunde anzupeilen, hier bietet sich auch eine Kombo mit Quälen und "Fluch des Verderbens" an wenn man den Fluch auch auf Kopfjäger ausbaut. Auch hier ist eine Stapelung gut möglich und auch diese Variante hat eine sehr gute Schrumpfkopfdropwahrscheinlichkeit.
  12. The new dryad is now lv 36 after just an hour or two. Took longer to hit lv 15 than to hit lv 35. Once I hit desert and had VD fully modded, I would level 5 or 6 levels by running the desert circle once (on silver). I want to start looking for yellow boss heads, but I think at lv 40, I would be still too young. I have GGT and Ancient bark fully modded. Vines has 2 mod points already, but lances is unmodded so far. As a result, I am not sure how quickly I would take down bronze bosses if I wanted to farm the bronze scorpion boss for a yellow head. At what level can I easily farm the Bronze Scorpion Boss?
  13. The key seemed to be survival bonus. I got my SB up to 75% now and I found several nice drops from Griffin.
  14. When did you start running the desert (Silver level) with this build? I love it
  15. Save glitch is when you join a multiplayer campaign at a higher level than you have unlocked, activate a quest, then a save point, and then exit, you have access to that difficulty even though you never unlocked it. So for example, I built up my Dryad entirely in silver free world. I then join someone else's multiplayer campaign on platinum, trigger a quest, then a save point, the leave. Now, on my main menu, I have the choice to continue a platinum campaign (though it will start me from the very beginning. Now as long as I keep going with it without joining a different difficulty or trying to start a free world, I can just beat it and unlock Niob without having to go through the hassle of beating gold and silver. that is awesome. I have to try that on PS3 and Level up. I was dreading the boredom of campaign quest in Gold.
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