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  1. Activating Christmas mode. Traaaaansform! Almost 20... Wow! Happy baking gang! Looking forward to some tasty treats this season like that yummy lookin apple Chattius has up there.
  2. Yikes! That's very unfortunate Lindor. Merged content is tricky business. Especially in the case of merging into a Downloads page. It's a bit of a paradox it seems! I've not dabbled with retrieving overwritten data very much and the general response from our forum software creators is that it isn't possible. Restoring from a site backup is a somewhat big ask but before we even go digging too much further... Is this what you are looking for? Google cache of this page: https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:WzUR40lnQKMJ:https://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php%3F/topic/72326-fur-shader-pack-20-different-furshader-finsshader-pairs/+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=ca&client=firefox-b-d Sometimes looking at the cached version of a Google indexed page can get us out of a sticky situation.
  3. Thanks for the heads up Lindor! Ok, now I see it. I'll see what I can do! EDIT 20 mins later: Seems as though browser width is making a difference. At certain widths it works. It looks like more narrow widths work better than wide... Must have something to do with the responsive CSS adjusting the design based on browser widths. To be continued! Is it this that you are saying is not working? I tried to reproduce the issue but everything seems A ok on my browsers. Firefox, Chrome and Edge. What I'm doing is: Go to Downloads page Go to What's New section Click little right arrow until end of list Click left arrow to go back to the start of the list (working for me) Is that what you are trying to do? Please correct me if I'm mistaken!
  4. Cheers gang! Wow, very true. Updating is not for the faint of heart, lol. We still have a bit of work to do. There's a persistent bug I am trying to quash. I think I will need to reset everyone's notification settings unfortunately. I'll be doing that in the very near future but I'll announce a heads up before I do and explain what it will mean when I make the announcement. What I'm attempting to do is to minimize the strain on our email server by resetting very old members that don't visit to the default of no email notifications. The only way to do that is to do it to everyone. That's the quick heads up! I'll continue to explore options for this week and I'll likely implement the above strategy by the end of next week. Around the 1st I guess. Stay Sacred!
  5. Very nice Lindor! You really nailed that haircut. For the longest time I wanted to design emoji's but some other project would always take precedence. Kolobok's emojis are a big fave of mine and of which most of our forum emojis are from. Aiwan, I think is the author's name, created a GDK kit so that anyone could create emojis based on his style and using templates he provided. Feel free to try your hand at it. http://www.en.kolobok.us/download.php?view.13
  6. 18 years, whew! That's a lot of gaming! So nice of you to join the team in our epic and eternal battle against naughty bots and the like. We promise not to throw you to the trolls. Hehe. You're a rock Timo and we're better with you. 3 Cheers for Timo! Oops! I mean... Shhhh... Thar be pirates about eh. ^^
  7. Now we got some serious holiday spirit happening! Full disclosure, the Christmas theme has been resurrected using some serious arcane necromancy. Since the original creator of the theme we bought from went bonkers last year, I decided to update the theme on my own to make it compatible with our forum software. (She kinda ran away to elope and dumped all clients after taking money...) That said! There may be a few kinks in the works. Enjoy the music player and enjoy the xmas lights. They're reeeaally expensive so be careful not to break any.
  8. Very exciting project Flix. Congrats in advance of your release! I get the sense that this will be a new base mod to work from. Is that a part of the intent for this mod? To build off of it in order to create shiny new tidy code mods?
  9. That time of year indeedy! I'm getting my holiday spirit on with the start of this year's decorations on the forum. Bizarrely enough, this is probably my most regular holiday tradition. Decorating the DarkMatters forum. Modern times huh! Very nice and relaxing Yuletide carol chattius.
  10. Heeey there Masteff. Long time indeed! I'm deep in the code these days myself. Seems I'm getting a little too good at holding my breath under code. I barely see the sun.
  11. Is this the Valheim Anonymous support group? Ok, I confess. I was juuuust a wee LOT into this. Like, I was playing way too much! Needless to say I adore Valheim. One of the best that I've played in quite a while. I played with 2 others on a server we're renting and that probably adds a lot to the fun factor. Bizarrely enough, what I like most is it's semi hard core take on character deaths. It reminds me a bit of the old Sacred game. In the old Sacred, when someone died, your friends could help by going and picking up your stuff before the dead person left the game in order to preserve the nice gear acquired. In Valheim, when a player dies, they leave a tombstone where they died that contains their entire inventory. The trick is that sometimes players die in very far away lands or highly dangerous areas. The player that died can gamble and run for their gear from where ever they respawn but that can be pretty deadly. But! With friends on the server you can call them in to help out. All that said, I find that Valheim brings about fond memories of the HC camaraderie we had and the way we would help each-other out or simply explore together. Try new things. Maybe even exploite a bug or two. Valheim is the first time I've played an early access game. From my experience it's a complete and worthy experience. Play time? Ummm... 324.7 hours. It's a lot of fun. Worth more than the $22 it's selling for in my opinion:
  12. lol Timo We call it: Christmas... Shock & Awe! *imagining people ducking for cover as they accidentally mouse over xmas lights.*
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