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  1. Sadly, I had to restart playing Silver anyway, cuz the next dragon was also invincible, and it appears that they all receive stats at the beginning of campaign. Anyway, today I was listening to this album and ironically, it has a song called Death from Above. Neat soundtrack for bestowing terror upon the Orcs!
  2. Wow man, thank you so so much! You kinda saved my Sacred life!(what a pun). Least to say I owe you one ;)
  3. Yeah exactly, when I exported Daemon and ran the no-mod launcher the Dragon was a piece of cake. And as you say, it is how it is because once discovered, that is once spawned, Dragon's stats remain the same no matter what. I know cuz this time I've made a save right before discovering D'Cay, and was able to test it out. ReBorn mod is the optimum difficulty and Veteran is once again impossible. And yes, I've been all the way back to north-west end of the map and back again since I met this fella. At this point I seem to have that one choice of starting silver again OR, maybe there's a cheat of some kind allowing me to kill that bugger instantly, then continue with ReBorn mod? Any ideas? About skill points: OMG I totally forgot about that!(as you guessed), oh it's been a long while. About Combat Arts: Well do you mean, basically I should have just avoided all the other spells, except Descent and Infernal:) Or maybe even refrain from leveling those too? If I remember correctly I may have put just one point into all the others, just to check them out... And when you talk about "farming better gear", I just don't see it happening, no matter how much time I spend looking for a better equipment. Lastly, as I'm not really used to that kind of over the top gameplay; I wonder how much time should I spend on looting good gear along the way... doesn't seem like much of a fun to me. But hey, maybe that's what you actually do? What do I know? Thank you guys so much, both of you. Looks like there's a real nice community here :))
  4. Oh, sorry. Why didn't I think about that in the first place? I was of course oriented toward boosting fire damage as much as possible but since that didn't work I decided to switch to physical boosts, to no avail. Soaring Demon is level 12, not that much I guess... I had to rar the thing because attachments cannot be larger than 2mb. Sorry I couldn't take any screenshots for some reason GAME01.rar
  5. Ok, did it and uh, same situation. The ReBorn mod doesn't help one bit... Seems like a bug, do I have to reinstall the game?
  6. Oh, thanks I appreciate. I've seen some recent Therion posts... For once it seems I joined a forum that is not dying atm lol. Well true, but I tried running Sacred.exe again which I believe is supposed to work as if NOT-MODED, and it's no difference... But hey thanks for that, I'm definitely gonna try this mod out you just install it and go right?
  7. Oh well I missed out on that, sorry. I thought there was something jinxed about silver in the mod. Nvm
  8. Same exact situation here except with my Demon versus D'Cay the desert Dragon. I can stand all day and hit her but she just won't even take a scratch from me. LOL
  9. Yeah cool! Hope everyone will forgive me my noob questions that are bound to be asked, like what is the state of multiplayer and such... Actually I registered because I can't for the life of me kill D'Cay on silver difficulty on veteran mod... Im not really sure where to look for help
  10. Hello, can I ask a little question? This build is fun and all but at 44lvl silver I suddenly hit a brick wall with it. D'Cay the dragon of the undead is totally impossible to kill. The damage she's getting is no more than 100 points! Normally it's around 1000, and it was quite smooth gameplay up till this point. Using the veteranmod or not, same difference. Could it be a bug? Am I missing something or I got it wrong someplace? Thanks
  11. I re-discovered Sacred through getting the amazing veteran mod and reading awesome tutorials here. Boy it's been like 9 years since I played this game. I love it! Thanks for all the work you people did!
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