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  1. Thanks for these hints. I verified everything, repaired the game data and restarted my pc. Don't know which of these fixed it, but one of these did and I can now do everything as described. Great work here, will definitly keep an eye on this topic.
  2. Hello there, I just decided to get back to Sacred 2 for the first time in an eternity and I just so happened to stumble arcross this post when researching possibilities to play online multiplayer. First of all I want to say that I am amazed by this project and I want to thank everyone taking part in it. Which brings me to the second reason I am posting here, which is that I am a big dumbo and can't seem to get this to work for me. I am playing this game unmodded on steam, and it is on the latest update (2.65.2). I followed the steps given here, but still can't select the "Open
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