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  1. Perfect! Thank you, was just about to start a little session again and was delighted to find your mod - previously I only knew about the reborn-related one but that mod was no option as I did not like the other changes it did beside the resolution, so I very much appreciate your standalone option. Also love the fact you added the source code. And just in case someone else runs Sacred on linux, can also confirm there are no issues using this with proton.
  2. Very nice project! Most of the code wasn't even written by me, but the original author also marked his code as public domain, so that should be no issue, feel free to bundle or alter it any way you like, especially for such useful utilities, everything which makes the usage easier is a wonderful thing
  3. @GastonHOyarz250 Nice, I am happy you got it working. @gogoblender Just to be clear: The reverse engineering goes way over my head, that was other good people incredible work, if you look closer on the first page of the thread ;) Just a small service announcement: Since Hetzner (a german server hosting company) decided to move the Server I use for the lobby and some gameservers of Sacred 2 physically from one datacenter to another, there will be a scheduled downtime from 1. to 2. march, from Hetzners side round about starting at 22:00 going until to 6:30 (MEZ) and very likely plus some additional time before and after from my side, too, because that is a usual workday for me and if anything goes wrong with it I will not be able to fix it instantly but only after work is done which might drag that by a few more hours on march 2. edit: the server has been moved and the lobby and gameservers are up again.
  4. I am sure they have their own stuff to do already, considering all the mods they release and update. Also, I got a bit of help a while ago with the default settings of some mods to ease access to the multiplayer by bringing a previously patched out button - that one for opennet - back in ;) Had a quick look into the database table for raw numbers, did not really kept track: the account table has currently a bit more than 4k entries. Considering that some people might have created multiple accounts like me for testing, forgot their credentials or had a quick look but found no one to play like Shinryuu mentioned for example the real number of users is obviously way lower than that and there are no statistics kept on how active any of these users are once they created their account. But I do see the list of recent logins or server starts whenever I check the state of the lobby and some names I keep reading, so some do return. Anyway, I am still happy with that amount. It might be a niche, but whenever I want to play with someone, I can just play my usual previously singleplayer sessions online and see if someone joins me, worked often enough. Many players I met were quite nice and communicative. Also I'm sure quite a few of them don't even know they are using this solution because they just bought and started their game without visiting any forums explaining them there is a 3rd party involved which is oddly satisfying in it's own way. Nah, no doggies jumping arround in my workplace currently. But who knows, I was often amazed how small Germany actually is when talking to random people on the internet about places so irrelevant no one should know them; also seems like quite a few live here in the northern part of it...
  5. Hello. Sorry, for all the confusion. Let me try to at least clear that as far as possible. To be fully honest: For the most time I actively avoided here, Discord and other similar platforms. I noticed I don't find the time and motivation to do the support I'm actually supposed to do for my own infrastructure. That is on one hand codewise a few much needed improvements to the stability of the lobby, and on the other hand rather ordinary support on questions which are asked either repeatedly or are indeed unique but instead would require quite a bit of time on my side to be answered satisfactorily which kind of frustrates me. I had a lot of fun tinkering and getting the supplied code running in it's current environment, but I wish I could also say it would get much better than that which it probably won't. Turns out once you get a bit older paying the money for some servers becomes way less of an issue than actually putting time into maintaining it and the stuff arround it properly. So you can be sure this will continue to run as it is, but probably support will stay on the same miserable level, too . Even today I was originally here for a rather selfish purpose only, namely looking into the information about Flix's upcoming Purist Fixpack I read about in hope to be able to play that myself during a few finally upcoming days of vaccation in case it has been released until then. Kind of could not postpone any further looking into my own thread at that point so here I am... Only minor thing I changed on the server side at last is, that now weekly each Tuesday 7 PM EST (like steam) the lobby will do a scheduled restart for both itself and my servers hosted on it, which is a rather unrefined method to tackle hopefully most simple issues with servers sometimes not beeing usable or stuck after a few weeks of continued runtime. I don't like this solution, because there is no warning in-game for servers running active sessions during that time which is the reason I did not setup it that way even after thinking about it a few times already in the past. But I have the feeling especially with me not doing anything, automated "rough" maintanance at a constant time is still better than my random maintanance every now and then or none at all. Following this, way to late, but for the sake of completeness: @GastonHOyarz250: I would check the channel table in the sqlite database - might be it's empty because their initialization was not executed for some reason which would be: INSERT INTO channels (channel_name, channel_subject, channel_creator, creator_id, channel_protected) VALUES ('System', 'System Channel', 'Admin', 0, 1); INSERT INTO channels (channel_name, channel_subject, channel_creator, creator_id, channel_protected) VALUES ('Lobby', 'Lobby Channel', 'Admin', 0, 1); Otherwise it could afaik only fail for the port not beeing reachable. @wade-newb: You can enter anything into the create account formular - server side nothing is validated, so you don't need your key. And yes, the .txt should have been all you needed assuming you have not changed the lobby url from the default in your games config file. @IronxLungs85 : Error 61 is firewall or portforwarding, since you crossed out it beeing a blocked port on your system, it should be either missing unblocking on your router itself or NAT there not mapping incoming requests properly to your host machine. If the one you want to play with is on windows, he could install "telnet client" from the Windows Features and test with it if your public IP address has Port 7011 open. If it has and still does not work, the port is only open on the router but not forwared to the host of your server. @Dax Thanks for declaring that "fluent" And no, at least until now, the new right owner of the franchise did not complain (I doubt he even knows or cares ;)) and I hope it'll stay like that at least until he himself brings out something offical again.
  6. Of course a VPN does work, as it will always for all games which have a LAN mode. It is just an entirely different technology and the reason you don't have issues with your firewall with it is that all traffic is tunneled through it. But good you found a solution which works for you and also good to know you had the same game versions and it was just network configuration ;)
  7. Hello hellfest, sorry for my late response. Have you succeeded in the meantime? If not, ensure your games have identical files. I know it sounds trivial, but even tiny differences can cause such issues and some mod enablers/disables are not able to reset cleanly. If you have bought the game on steam, you can use its "verify files" function to ensure the files are really the same. Since you host the servers at home, have you also ensured to use the public ip as the server IP? Since you already wrote you opened the ports and firewall is fine, I would check if they are also forwarded correctly from your public ip to the local system you host it on.
  8. Hey @manon370, thanks for reporting the issue, I could reproduce it. It was something on the server side, just can't pin down what exactly caused it. You should be able now to connect again to all the servers and I hope it wont happen again soon.
  9. Hey @n33k33, if you host your own server at home and register it to the open net lobby, it is not enough just to have the gameservers port open on your host. It also needs to be open on your router and you have to setup portforwarding from your router to your host which runs the gameserver. Otherwise, your servers appears in the lobby, but is not accessible from the outside world. Important is also, that the gameserver starts with an option "-externalip" which has to be your WAN IP (you can figure that one out for example by looking at https://www.whatismyip.com/). With many ISPs it changes every 24hrs, so without further adjustments the server might became inaccessible from the internet if it runs longer. I know it is difficult to setup that at home, that is why I added a few default servers for some popular gamemodes to the lobbies server list which may be used anytime.
  10. Hey @SGTW, I saw and answered your post in the german board already, but since it might be interesting for other people, too, I will do it here aswell: Since there is no function for it ingame, you are not able to change your password. However, creating other accounts is possible and since your characters are stored locally, you may use them with another new account without issues or disadvantages. While it would be possible, from a technical perspective, to create a website to reset passwords, I dont think it is a good idea for the following reasons: On the one hand, players are allowed to enter any data the like into the registration form, so not even a valid email address is required which would be the minimum amount of data needed to identify account ownership and allow a reset. On the other hand, connecting the database of accounts to such a webservice without explicit permission by the players who entered their data there would - considering my legal country is germany which is quite strict on such things - also raise questions regarding data privacy which I would rather avoid if possible.
  11. Me too ;) Sacred1 uses TinCat2 instead of TinCat3 for the lobby related functionallity. Technically, it would probably be a lot of work and even more if it turns out they differ a lot. For Sacred2 we had the great luck cocomed did the tremendous task of reverse engineering it. But in general, the same method of replacing the servers would work there too if someone would figure out the code first. I really wonder what information is out there about TinCat2? I mean, aside from the things, a quick internet search returns. I tried to contact someone from instancefour which wrote that network library back then and might have sources or documentation, but did not get a response to that matter yet and even if wouldn't expect them to share those. Still worth a try
  12. Hey @IsBrainAFK, thank you for spreading the word ;) Yes, the lobby works for other regions, too - it's a shared one globaly. I used a list I found in some other forum which included the names and ports of the different regions and created the subdomains accordingly, so while some players might have different ports or subdomains in their own configs by default and might be on one side of the world or another, they'll still all join the same lobby on sacred2.net. When it started to work I was happy to crosspost these instructions into said german thread you linked (btw. back then Sacred2 was the reason I registered in that nice german community ), but I did update that thread even less frequently than the one we have here about it. I probably have to do that at some point . There is also a little steam discussion, again another nickname of me and another platform. Basically I just put it everywhere I remembered a few fellow sacred players because in the beginning it was still a bit too empty on those servers and I am happy there seems to be quite a good bit of activity every now and then by now
  13. Hey @Andrasael, pretty short term solution but should do it for now: I mirrored the file NegativeOne shared to my server - that should not be blocked in your region, hopefully ;) With that fix you will see the OpenNet button in the multiplayer menu again which will allow you to play (assuming your CM Patch is 160 Hotfix on game version 2.65.1, older versions may work with self hosted servers, but I am not sure about it as I never tested it).
  14. More a mediocre workarround than a solution, but the behavior you desire is already ingame, just inconvenient and a bit limited: If you hold down left CTRL while attacking with LMB, your Char will not move while doing his attack. I don't know how that looks in WOW, but if that works good enough for you, you could write a little Macro or something like that to simulate a permanent keypress on the left CTRL key while playing. You would have to bind a function to start/stop that macro however to a shortcut, because pressing CTRL also quick sells stuff in your inventory if you click on something there which is probably not always desired ;)
  15. Because I am organizing my private projects time very poorley - again, even though I know how lame that sounds in repetition after such a long time, I can only say sorry for that. Instead of getting stuff just done somehow, I tend to do various things at once and cling to completing neglectible details, which in the end, especially since the everyday life started to consume more and more of my time, just led to way too many things staying unfinished and even sometimes got out of my mind and sight, like those instructions I wanted to prepare for you. So instead of other awkward promises - I just don't know when I will find the time to get this video done the way I wanted to do it (and same is for other tutorials requests as above ) - I will try to at least outline it as good as I can for the moment as plain text with a few pictures: First, you have to setup the network stuff to make your lobby accessible from the outside world: In your router, NAT and Portforwardings from your WAN Address to the computer dedicated to run your lobby. If you want to make things easier for the ones who will join your lobby, use all regional default ports, so they don't have to change them in their sacred2 game config on their own: 6800 (EN/FR/IT/DE/AUS/Swiss/Nordic People/Portugal/Benelux/Greece/Australian/South Africa) 6810 (PL/CZ/HU/Slowak) 6820 (SP) 6850 (RUSS) 6900 (US,Canada,Mexiko) 6801 (is also needed for the chat rooms) on the computer with the lobby, allow these ports in the software firewall (I.e. windows firewall or that of your antivirus solution if you have any special installed) 6800 (as main lobby ports onto which all regional ports have been forwarded by your router) 6801 (for chat) The details may differ depending on your router and network setup, but in general, it will look similar to this configuration (pictured example from my opnsense firewall) optionally, setup DDNS on your router and link it to a cheap domain, because your IP will most likely change daily which would be invonvenient for your clients Then, the lobby itself has a few requirements on windows, two options are available: 1. use cocomeds pre-built binary: works out of the box with sqlite, which makes setup easy you can get the sqlite dll file here (needs to be copied to binary folder) configuration as per his included readme.txt file 2. get the version from my repo: that is the same binary version I currently use for my lobby has a few bugfixes, but currently needs mysql and you have to build it for building, you'll will either need to install Microsoft Visual Studio or MonoDevelop you can get the mysql dll file here (needs to be copied to binary folder) configuration same way as the previous option, however with additional lines in config files: db.cfg line1: IP Adress of Database (if on the same computer line2: Database Port (3306 is default for mysql) line3: Database Name (s2lobby is default) line4: Database User (root is default) line5: Database Password ip.cfg: line1: Your public WAN Ip (or DDNS domain) line2: Lobby Port (default 6800) line3: Lobby Chat Port (default 6801) Maybe you could use Docker on Windows, too, then it would be easier with my repo as docker would handle the database stuff , but I only ever tested these docker files in a linux environment and networking differs a bit there as it is not running in a home network, so I am not sure about that. I saw that happening twice already: The servers seems to break after many weeks of continuous runtime, but instead of throwing errors or crashing, which both would actually be a good thing as that would be automatically handled , they keep running staying silent about the issue in the background. Sadly, I don't know how to monitor that from the outside, so aside from noticing the issue activley playing on the servers and acting up manually in case of occurence, the only option to keep them healthy would be a scheduled restart every few days for example. But actually I don't really like that idea either, as it would mean - considering the different timezones playing - that chances are, a restart would hit somebody during playtime makeing him lose a bit of progress (I.e loot) which is never fun. During the last months I just let the server infrastructure running unsupervised, so I missed to catch that error. I have restarted it now and you should be able to see the kobolds running in terror & fear again from you as they usually do ;) Yes, it did connect, thank you for writing me . But while notifications would be convenient, a good working forum is naturally the more important matter and the actual issue here was me not having enough time anyway, even if I would have noticed the posts in my absence. I would love to put more effort into all of this, as it still amazes me to have been given the opportunity to work with that lobby code and seeing quite a few players connecting to the servers. I just don't know yet when I will be able to actually do that again. Nevertheless, I will try to be more responsive, especially in case something fails again.
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