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  1. Cleared at least "Normal" with a twin-shooting Paladin ( Staff + offhand special-weapon like LL%-Weapon) , encounterd Duriel, Mephisto, Baal and many other old "friends" from D1 and 2 ... are they somewhere ? And is there a quest connected to Mr "Stay a while and listen" ?
  2. Btw I'm using pure Debian Buster "i386" (32 Bit) ... You may run into trouble if using 64Bit/Multiarch. THAT is the source of most problems with "Gaming on Linux" ;-)
  3. So no more throwing horses anymore I Another Bug bites the dust
  4. It works. Including Reborn. If you can install Sacred 2 with Play on Linux, you can add S1 to the same virtual drive from Play on Linux
  5. Hm thats not my horse ... it appeared out of nowhere as a "drop" .... the second time it happend that way ... the first one was the Inquisitor Girl which wants you to poison the Priestess at Seraphim Garden btw Monastery on the Dark Path an can be killed on the Light Path. The second was the Fire Elemental on the way to Easter Egg.
  6. Hm Shamans ressurecting Shamans = Danger ahead. Looks like ressurected Minions are buffed with Speed or something like that ;-) Thanks they are instagibbed if the Shaman is killed ...Some Monsters like Bowmen are quiet dangerous too if ressurected , looks like Arrows are buffed comapred to vanilla Sacred 2)
  7. "Linux Insider" means "found a working Guide for 'How to Install Sacred 2 on Linux' => https://www.gamersonlinux.com/forum/threads/sacred-2-gold-guide.945/ The only things I had to change were using Wine 4.5 instead of 1.7.32 and you can use higher screen resolution für the emulatet desktop. And I was using a DVD-Version, you have to copy all files from both DVDs to an own folder to make it work. For S1 there is a Guide too : https://www.gamersonlinux.com/forum/threads/sacred-gold-guide.683/ (untested, have to get S1 again first) I'm no geek for myself, but I think an "expert user", I understand what is going on and can adapt if it is not working ;)
  8. Hi , hello, Seid gegrüßt from Germany, my name is Christian (43) , I'm a big Fan of Sacred 2 and Diablo II - and now I can play both Games at the same time And it's fully playable with Linux - Windows is only good for looking out, but not for PC ;-)
  9. Hi , thanks for that great Mod, I have fun , btw the Questmarkers for new Quests (like Den of Evil or Chamber of Bone) are way off, pointing on places on the Overworld were the position is on the Underworld - and not to the real entrance . Still ok if intentional (you have to search for the treasure) Actual System : Debian Buster ( PlayonLinux with wine 4.5) Charakter : Paladin with Holy Bolt, so that Chamber of Bone was a perfect playground for her :-)
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