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  1. Sacred 2 when my hubby is on the ps4, Everspace Stellar Ed when I get to play. Im kind of a sucker for rogue-lites and have a huge passion for the cosmos so its a natural fit.
  2. Specifically the CommonSpeedcreatureinfo.txt for editing character run speed, which I cant seem to find 😵 I did find the entry for removing boss debuffing. Ive looked over the files, ctrl+f'd them all but Im not seeing anything. (Its probably there, Im not the best at noticing stuff some times 😅) Also if this is in the wrong sub, I apologize.
  3. Thank you very much, but I'm kinda stubborn when it comes to building characters in any game as far as finding out on my own w/o build guides (I learn and retain best this way), plus I got the character editor in case my build turns out to be absolutley pants. 😅 Much appreceate the help though!
  4. Wow, this is like a whole new game now. Took yalls advice and got the community patch Anything else you'd recommend?
  5. Big surprise today! I get off work and the hubby says he has "acquired" the gold version of the game somehow. I personally do not know what he meant at all but I can only assume it involved some unsavory ratio of kobolds and machine grease. 😅 So yeah, we have the game now and Im literally shouting with excitement, haha. Bedtime now, but tomorrow I get to start my PC Sacred 2 journey! 😖
  6. Thank you for trying to be so helpful! Something I should have clarified is, we only have internet via phone hotspot, which is not super great. And my pc is old, it still has vista on it and my hubby said its not safe to update it till we can get a win 7 update at the least. And we simply can't afford to buy one, and its too big to fit on either of our phones, so we're kinda SOL for now 😭 Thats why buying digitial wont work for us right now, even if its dirt cheap. Did the physical copy have securom or games for windows live or one of the other really bad drms?
  7. Thanks for the kind welcome everyone! So untill we can get the digital ver on pc, I'm continuing playing the ps3 ver and its super cool because Im now further than Ive ever been. Lvl23, just got my unique mount, and generally finally feeling like Im getting a grasp on all the mechanics. My first ever build was a shadow warrior but that didnt end well, this time I picked seraphim since I read they are kind of the all rounder class. Im building her around Radiant Pillar and so far on silver I clear mobs pretty good!
  8. Why hello there! :3 Call me BardicAnne I was an old Sacred 2 player from ps3 back in the day, but didn't have access at the time to any communities (yup, I played the game unpatched. Yikes on a bike 😅) and didnt really understand the game fully. My husband recently modded our old ps3 and got Sacred for me again. Its been a fun trip down memory lane, but being a more developed gamer now, and honestly just not being able to look past the console versions flaws anymore, I am looking into getting it for pc for a much better experience, but im having difficulty finding a physical copy of Sacred 2 Gold anywhere, seems its all digital now. I apologize for asking here but Im really at my wits end. Husband will only get physical copies. Of course, if I manage to get one I very much plan on posting here more often. I still have a lot to learn after all.
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