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  1. DW Dryad Build with staves

    I followed the advice to make a non-Magic Rod DW Dryad, but frankly, she isn't getting anywhere. I started a DW build from the get go with rods I bought with my Seraphim. There were none for sale the first go 'round for a Dryad, so I'm making progress in that she has 2 she is dual wielding. I'm level 6, and have put all points into Int. so far (not very far in, but want to get this build right the first time). I have Tactics Lore enough to pick up Dual Wield, which I also picked up. Now I need help on the next points. What do I pick up next? How many runes do I read for Ancient Bark? How many do I read for Acute Mind? Sorry for so many questions. I have a Dryad at 19, but I really wanted to play the ultimate Dryad, and she's a blast P.S. It took me 20 minutes to kill the Kobold Leader on Silver with my first Dryad at level 13 and she became 14 while fighting him. He kept healing himself. Are those obnoxious little shaman healing him? That was an epic fight, and I almost thought he had physical resistance it took so long. Thanks for any help, or links to Magic staff Dryad builds!
  2. I think I killed my mount!

    Mounts are *expensive* compared to Sacred. So is Blacksmithing. I have a Unique I picked up, the Desert Saber, the first Unique I've found since I've been playing. I can't afford to have it socketed yet because it costs over 100,000 gold . Buying a Nag wiped me out at level 19. Note: I'm not whining, since it makes gold be a commodity again, at least for a while. I'm having a blast with this game
  3. Do you like this girl?

    Not to inject something impure into an otherwise innocent subject (but an incendiary choice of words for the topic ) Yes. I never have appreciated a butt quite like I did in this particular topic. It's a great butt, yet what you are able to do with it, make it invulnerable to any kicking whatsoever, that makes it an even better one .
  4. At low level should a dryad be rubbish?

    I haven't had much with the lances, either. By the time I've cast them and they have popped up, most of the time the enemy isn't standing there anymore. That's not particularly useful
  5. Melee Dryad DW Builds

    No worries, your input helps. I'm not high enough level that it makes a different what weapon I use, just trying to plan out the build. I definitely agree with you that I need to keep nature focus for Ancient Bark. That seems to be the best defense Dryads have.
  6. Melee Dryad DW Builds

    I did not know that! That helps. Combos weren't tremendously useful in Sacred 1 except against bosses in combination with the yellow potions (or at least they never were for me - I mostly played a Vamp and a Dark Elf in S and UW). Nice to see that they have made them more powerful. I'll have to try this out.
  7. Melee Dryad DW Builds

    It does, and thank you for more alternatives . Reducing regen times was pretty much king in Sacred 1, so it's good to hear that it is still useful in Sacred 2. More defense is also good, too.
  8. Melee Dryad DW Builds

    Thanks for the help and the information, locolagarto. I'm still a noob when it comes to Sacred 2 . Looks like staves is still the way to go, no matter how you slice it.
  9. At low level should a dryad be rubbish?

    I've noticed that mine has been slow to come along. I killed the Kobold Chieftan at level 6 with my Seraphim, but my Dryad has to be a lot more cautious. With the Seraphim, I just walk right in and can survive standing in a pack of three long enough to do the one hit with Pelting Strikes + DW. I killed the Kobold Chieftan with Forens damage reflect mostly, but my Dryad doesn't have the same resilience. I know Ancient Bark is necessary, but how would Edaphic Lances work out for doing enough Area of Effect to get away from them and recooperate with Goldenglade Touch up? Edit: Butchered the names of the two combat arts because I am still learning the class
  10. Melee Dryad DW Builds

    I'm interested in starting a Dryad, and while I am aware of the Intelligence/DW Staves build, I was looking for something a bit different. I know Ancient Bark is a must have buff, but I've just gotten started with Sacred 2. I was an avid Sacred and UW player, but I had too many things going on when Sacred 2 hit to really play. Now I am picking it back up, and I must say, this game so far is fantastic. I also have the new expansion to go along with it, but the Dryad is the character that most interests me. I was interested to hear how a DW build based on using Darting Assault/Ancient Bark might pan out, and what skills I may benefit from. Since I would like to also have some decent shopping skills, I will be taking the Enhanced Perception/Bargaining line, too.