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  1. Oh yes, the good old times Gogo, I do remember that top 10: took me a while to write it, along with tons of considerations and perusing a ton of wiki pages and such... But it was so much fun writing it.
  2. Nostalgia hit... Have been fooling around with Sacred 2 during the past few days, and I got a big nostalgia hit... Just thought I would vent it off here for a bit... Why Sacred 2 was a great game? Watch the intro closely. Looks great, doesn't it? Now imagine that: it doesn't even factor in 10% of the togetherness this game brought. Despite its glitches, it was fun and addicting as hell - and kudos to the devs: even though the game was dying, they left the servers on for as long as they could, and I can tell you: even within the dying days of the MP, we could still gather a 12 man server, just to trash everything one last time. This group of people really drove the game forward: - Gogoblender, the Dryad lover, and the part-time Treehugger - Schot and his High Elf - Chrona (Inquisitor) and Dima (Dryad), two of the biggest levelers/grinders I have ever seen. I think they hit max level before anyone else. - RyanRocker and his Inquisitor - Knuckles and his passion for creating support characters to help everyone (I still have his shopper network) - Dragon Brother and his Inquisitor - WraithKing and his Shadow Warrior - chattius and his Dragon Mage - Flooxim and his Seraphim as well as people like Erling, r00ster, katran, Barristan, FrostElfGuard, claudius, Stephane, and all others I played with... And of course my favorite Seraphim builds: This: http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/topic/17562-seraphim-build-for-advanced-sacred-2-players/ and this: http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/topic/11988-a-comprehensive-guide-to-the-bfg-seraphim/ Vent over, thank you for reading.
  3. Mainly the reason why I bought a very decent Razor Sabertooth controller. It feels good, it works great for non-pc intended games and I like using it: http://www.razerzone.com/gaming-controllers/razer-sabertooth. here ya go
  4. Well, he does need that He sure has followers, but he is nowhere near the serious reviews that TotalBiscuit does. TB's reviews are concise, precise, and if he doesn't know something, he says so. He goes through all aspects of the game, including menu options before actually talking about the game. It sure is worth following his reviews, and he also makes steam sale short videos to tell the community what's worth buying and what's not.
  5. Man ahead of time, not really... I was biting my nails while waiting for every bit of info about S3 I could get my hands on... Everything I read and saw allowed me to form a very decent idea about this game is going to be. Granted, I had no reviewer demo or game codes the likes of Angry Joe and Total Biscuit get, but I already had the game in my mind. I can only quote the "Picture of you" song... "I had a picture of you in my mind, never knew it will be so wrong" Yeah, I still had hope. LOL.
  6. LMAO. I lost it on this. Anyway... looking at Joe's rinse and repeat, happily mixed up with "suffer falling blocks from sky in a tight corridor" gameplay, spruced up by 2 min long side quests, I am sure as hell that this game went down to the 10$ margin. I still maintain that the voice actor for Aria is cute, but they overdid it with the comments. Joe's comments were more fun. Like that voodoo totem gibberish or that judging part. Holy, hell, I was laughing my backside off when he did it. It is painfully clear that poor Keen Games didn't know what they were doing.
  7. Lol, off work now, and watching it and Joe says "it is a 15$ game". Stop repeating me people LOL.
  8. Well, I watched plenty of playthroughs of the game already, and nothing can change my opinion still... This is a max 15€/$ game. It has some pretty stages, but it also has some downright appalling ones. Side quest for 3 mins? Like kill 10 enemies and done? OMG. I expected this will be a rinse and repeat, but to this extent? Oh, boy, oh, boy... You finish the game in 10 hours max... and they promised 20. Can I facepalm now?
  9. I think his all time favorite game on console is Skyrim. He gave it a 10/10. On his last review he gave 10/10 to "The Last of Us", which I also think is a console game. I know he said once his all-time favorite game is the 1994 XCOM. I got used to watching his reviews, he likes games that I do. I never bought a game he rated highly and regretted it. Examples being Guild Wars 2, XCOM, Skyrim, Kingdoms of Amalur, and I also picked up Divinity: OS. I know he gave Sacred 2 a 7/10 after the bugfixing. Maybe thats what he remembers. He said at first he hated it, but then he got into it and thought the leveling was super-addicting, and it is a great game that doesn't take itself seriously. It is obvious he didn't do any research on this, but well... For a decent review, watch TotalBiscuit's S3 impressions. What I said in my youtube angry rant, he repeated and upgraded
  10. He even said it in bulgarian. well... GG. I will still buy the game, as soon as it hits the 10-15€ price. More? no.
  11. Me neither. Always liked Gambit. He was one of the underdeveloped x-men characters imo.
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