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  1. Thanks I have done this before (to get two boneslicers), if all else fails this probaly the best solutions, but it would be cool if you could get bosses to respawn just like normal monsters.
  2. I'm wondering does anyone know how you can make the boss monsters respawn, or if this is even possible. I am guessing it would require the changing of quests, to make the boss monster quests repeatable, as most of the bosses are quest related. (Saying most might be pushing it a bit but as there are quite a number of dragons which are not quest related). Of course by respawn I mean Diablo 2, Titan Quest, etc. boss respawn, not respawning as in undead respawn (that would just suck) Regards
  3. Thanks guys, I'm glad you like it. Regards
  4. Yeah, this was an error on my part, seeing as this was one of my first mods (or possible the first), it didn't bother me to much. I also later changed the wings to that of one of the other seraphim sets as I don't like the look of the niokastes wings, and after that I started using a no-wings mod, which by the way I think looks the best, this is of course my opinion . Thanks for this info, I overlooked the fact that it used a _dx rather than _do or _d. Regards
  5. What I usually do when I want black is to use a dark (or very dark) grey instead, as a completely black texture usually looks unnatural, and what you mentioned. Or I change the reflectance of the texture so that the the fine details are more visible. But this of course is just my opinion in texturing and colouring. Regards
  6. Hi everyone, Did someone try this Sankekur's mod ? That's exactly what I was looking for : the Niokaste's blade dance armor with red & dark colors, instead of the original blue one. But the link is broken now. So, if it could be shared again by anyone or by Sankekur himself, it would be great. Or maybe an explanation "how to do" this texture change Thanks in advance for your possible returns. Regards. Thanks for for letting me know. Download: Here Regards
  7. The order in which the mods appear on the item in-game is not necessarily the same order as the bonusgroups, plus different bonusgroups might also apply different mods depending on the item type, but I am not sure about this I haven't tested this yet. To get the desired mod on an item editing the bonusgroups you will have to use trail and error get the desired effect I think. Try changing the the second value for bonusgroup2 to 9999 (ie bonusgroup2 = {871,9999,10,9,0},) If this doesn't work you can always add the bonusgroup twice for double the effect: ... bonusgroup2 = {871,1200,10
  8. Right here is the more monster mod that increases the monster spawns slightly (as with the previous one). This one however only mods the monster spawns and not the other things that the previous one also did like stopping undead from respawning etc. Download: Here (For CM patch v0070 (I think)). I hope this works, let me know if you find any problems. Regards
  9. Hello! So with the CM Patch V70 in there and a new creatures.txt spawn.txt ... Is it possible you Sankekur slightly modify the number of enemies as you do in my quote? Here are the new files for the new and creatures.txt spawn.txt: http://www.mediafire.com/?dm0n0jzvjz5 Je vous en serais reconnaissant! D'avance merci et à bientôt! This is one of the things I was planning to do, to redo some of the mods I have made so that they work for the CM patch. But I guess I will quickly do this for you (with the files you uploaded) when I get home from work, sin
  10. This was just the way I used to do it (definitly not the best), luckily others have shared different ways of finding the item id. To find a specific item's model you have to look at the model itself until you find one that look like the model in the game. And the names of the model files will be of little help as they are fairly generic. fn is a key you have on notebooks, and is used to emulate keys that there are no room for such as numpad etc. Awesome
  11. I do CTRL+FN+Prnt.Screen, ant it works well for me. Thanks, that did the trick
  12. I think you need to use Shift + PrintScreen to capture GUI as well. Didn't work for me, but it might be because I am using a notebook and have to press fn to change my home key to a print screen key.
  13. I would suggest trail and error to figure out what a spesific line does and what the range of inputs are. Of course if you still can't figure out what a line does or how to do something you would like to do, you could always just ask in this forum . Regards
  14. You could try editing the line: fog = 1, in options.txt, making it equal to 0, but I don't think this will work though, as this probably refers to in-game fog and not the view distance fog.
  15. I think that the fog distance (view distance) is determined by the render engine, and I think in sacred it is hardcoded as it is not a crucial game element, as it for instance be in an FPS. Regards
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