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  1. Sacred 2 Archives Part 2 Picking up from where I left off (See Part 1) As I have mentioned, I have been playing Sacred 2 now for 8+years and I am not ashamed to admit of not getting even close to mastering the game. (Reaching Niob Level) And please do remember that I am a person that is Learning Disabled, but I have never let a thing like that ever stop me or get in the way of me wanting to do and achieve things. Now then, I bought Sacred 2 somewhere between 2008-2009, sorry for being so vague, out of those two, I cannot recall exactly which it was, but I do know that it was as
  2. Sacred 2 Archives Part 4 I played the original Sacred Game and even though it says at the Sacred Wiki Web Site that Sacred 2 is a prequel to Sacred, if that is so, how comes the Seraphim not have the same combat arts from the previous game? She’s essentially the same character, same race even, so please forgive me where her combat arts for Sacred 2 makes no real sense to me. However, there is another thing, for this let’s take a good look at the two maps from each game. Sacred Map Sacred 2 Map Even I can see that both maps do not remotely match up, be it if
  3. Sacred 2 Archives Part 3 I have tried to play Sacred for the PC, strange that, that game is not available for the consoles. Though it is not quite so easy to find a Rune Master in that game, or at least for me personally, so please no one get annoyed with me. Rune Drops seem to be not quite as frequent as they are in Sacred 2, not that I can tell as it is pretty hard to get anywhere with any character apart from the one that can heal herself and her ally, the other characters are easily killed off. And trust me when I say I can play most other RPG’s and not get killed off, the f
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