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  1. Thank you gogo, I have taken her as far as I can and need help if there is any, to be able to get her past the level I have become stuck on. Level 22. Ideally I need a character save file of the Diablo 2 Fallen, preferably at level 200, or 100, preferably with plenty of gold, so that I can buy 10 runes each, preferably at niob level, for my character's buffs. I have for me personally, when I have been trying builds for sacred 2 gold, that 10 of each runes for the the character buffs works very well and higher their level, the better the buffs preform. But this is just my way of doing things an
  2. Here is my second playthrough with my dual wielding lightsabre build Paladin. Please like, subscribe and leave a comment, thank you. Paladin Play Through Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZS-38B0Y4M
  3. I have decided to do a play through game capture of my level 15 dual wielding lightsabre Paladin Build. I hope you all will like the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jivQvg5segs
  4. A Warrior mage is what I am on the whole going for, but at the same time, like I said to Flix. A Magic Character should not always be weak/the weaker character all because they do not do any physical combat, where as a Battle mage as you said is more balanced out between weapon wielding and spell casting.
  5. Thank you Ben for responding to this, I was startting to get a little worried. It seems a shame to have to take away the Seraphim's BeeffGee, just so that this alternatative character can summon weapons, it's not fair just to have one character alone to have an ability that the other characters do not have. For me personally, I would have ever character have one weapon they could summon up and each one would be different and it's effects on enimes would also be different, plus that way one would be spoilt for chice in chosing a character, they will all be near equally as good as each other, I
  6. Can someone help please? I was half hoping that Flix/Ben would have responded to my alternate High Elf post. I hope he is okay? I know that he just maybe busy. It just would be nice to get his feedback, that's all. Thanks in advance.

  7. Thank you gogo. I have other ideas for doing posts here, it's just a matter of me getting around to do them, but I am glad that you like what I have to come up with, I love being creative. Creativeness is the soul.
  8. Why thank you, much appreciated. I love comming up with character concepts I have posted about an alternative Seraphim on here. It was truly inspirational, when I got the idea for the fire axes and the fire sword.
  9. I would love feed back please on my Alternative High Elf, I know that I do not post often here, but it's rare when I get something to help to contribute to this site. I would appreciate getting comments, as they will help me with doing future posts. Thank you all in advance. Much apperciated.

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    2. SheHawk


      Thank you, much appreciated and I agree, but it all does depend if somone here can make that happen. If not it was a very interesting idea/concept.

    3. Hooyaah


      If anybody could turn your concept into a reality it would be Flix, yet it might not look precisely as you may envision it.

    4. SheHawk


      You read my mind. *Big Smile* In all honesty my idea is just that, unless Flix really wants to make those changes, that is entirely up to him. At least my idea is not excactly about creating a complete character, it's more of a recreation or simply and update to the existing High Elf with the combat arts that I have come up with. Pretty much everything else is exactly the same as the actual High Elf otther than the changes and ideas that I have come up with. We shall see what Flix thinks, thanks for the feedback, much apperciated.

  10. This is just a concept only or alternatively the High Elf can be changed, if anyone has the skills and know how, to do so. I do hope you will all like my alternative take on the High Elf, some of her Combat Arts are the same as the original High Elf, but I have come up with a few new ones as well as renaming her combat arts for solely my own personal preferance. So please bear that in mind before commenting. Thank you all in advance. Alternative High Elf Starting attributes: Strength: 30 Stamina: 40 Vitality: 40 Dexterity: 30 Intelligence: 50 Will
  11. Anything and everything helps Steve, thank you once again. You are most welcome. Is there any good Temple guardian bulds? My room mate would like to know, thank you, so, so very much.
  12. Thank you so much Steve, I actually was not all too sure about the spectral hand, so I will definitely start consuming runes for thar that and wait to be able to mod it out, as I only have 9 skill points currently available. Your information is an absolute Boon to me, thank you so, so very much. Thank you for saying I can ask for more assistance should I need it, though the part about that the rune consumption is different for each character makes no real sense. I mean no disrepect there Steve. Looking at it from my point of view, it only makes being a different character more complicated than
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