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Countdown To Christmas!

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Sacred 2 Burning Logo - Video Animation

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Since a few ppl like the still render of 1 of the frames from the animation, I thought I'd render the whole animation for u guys to see. It actually looks nice I think.


U can view the video in low quality here in case u wanna preview b4 downloading:


And u can download the same resolution but original hq quality vid (only 463kb) from here: hq


Mind u, it took almost 50 min for this small res vid. So imagine if I wanted to do a proper screen size like 1280x1024 or widescreen 1440x900. I'll give u an idea... over 9h...

So, if ppl would like, I could render just a few frames at screen res, to use as an animated wallpaper on their screen, just like the Vista Dream Scene. U'd have a few frames of fire looping so, hopefully u'd get a nice everflaming Sacred 2 logo. :viking:

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could this be used as an Avatar ;) It's even better than the others :D



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Ya, sure. I can make it as a .gif for ya. ;)




And here ya go:





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