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I am new...

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Hi there laugh and welcome to D.a.r.k. Matters. ^_^


It's great to see that such a nice ranked player as yourself has considered D.a.r.k. as your new home. Maybe you could tell us a bit about yourself. Have you ever been in a clan before? How you chose D.a.r.k. as a clan you would like to be a part of. And maybe some crazy stuff like favorite movie or video game, where your from. All that jazz!


If you're curious about myself just click on my nic to read about me or feel free to ask any questions you may have.



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Guest gogoblender

Welcome to darkmatters.org laugh

And thank you for your consideration of us as a potential new clan.

Can you please give us some of the reasons why you are interested in playing with dark in uni 9?

As well, perhaps your reasons for leaving your old clan?





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