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Guild Wars Trilogy or Torchlight?


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Cannot choose between GW Trilogy or Torchlight, think I'll have just enough to get GW, more than enough to get torchlight, and I loved both of the trials I played... :dntknw:

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Both, if possible. :dntknw:


Joking aside, can't honestly comment about the Guild Wars, as I've never really laid my eyes on it. Though I've had my share of TL. Which was one of the best purchases I've ever made. Around 12 bucks (8,50€) in special offer through Steam. Though I'd advise getting a DVD-version, if going for TL. Had my share of troubles, mainly with Cloud. Overwrited my saves couple of times.

Also, there's a nifty collection of mod for it, giving it quite a new touch, once one has done the vanilla version.

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Thanks for the input :)


I'd say that torchlight would be the clear choice if it was multiplayer (torchlight 2 looks awesome) with it's collection of community mods as well as the free modding tool to let you play around with game mechanics yourself.


Though I can't quite decide (wallet will probably decide for me :dntknw: ) based on my trial experiences so far.

Torchlight = awesome gameplay (I've always enjoyed hack 'n' slash arpgs) and is easy to pick up (though I'm worried about not being able to respec, though I only had the trial so maybe I missed how to do that?), w/ the ability to get mods from the site/mod it yourself


Guild Wars = Single or multiplayer (with pve and pvp gameplay), vast (I think) maps, a bunch of classes & a ton of possible class combinations, as well as multiple storylines, in general a very large game. Though I'd say it's not as easy to pick up and play (have to learn about attributes, skills, secondary classes, etc.) as well as being a bit grind-y (not like torchlight where you take on hordes of enemies to get loot) with the armor forging/material gathering. That and GW costs more lol.

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Rndm: Yeah, if you're into multiplaying, then Torchlight looses. Didn't actually remember that, as I'm not in to multiplayers. :D

In TL, respecing isn't possible by default, but teeny weeny mod enables it. Actually, there's heap of 'em. ^^

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cool, was afraid I'd have a Sacred 2 character building experience with torchlight (build->play->erase and start over).

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Think I might actually be able to get both pretty soon :)

Thank goodness for being able to trade in old games eh?

Erling, will definitely have to add you when I start on GW.

Stormwing- Skimmed through a few of the modding threads in the Torchlight forums, was surprised at how many there are. I do have one question about modding Torchlight, how easy is it to get started (I saw they had tutorials but I was wondering if it is going to be extremely complex or fairly easy once you've been pointed in the right direction)?

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Afraid not! It's really quite simple. More so, if you download the nice little program called Torchleech. It is used to manage the mods one have.

Big part of the "major ones" are downloadable through it. And there are good instrcutions for ones not in Torchleech.

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Two totally different games.

Guild Wars is very complex and the total package will easily take you thousands of hours to fully complete, if you last that long.

Some scenarios will be undo-able (especially in Nightfall) without joining in parties.

You need to take in gigantium (is that a word?) amounts of information to be a competent player.

The manuals that come with the game are outdated due to all the constant updates. You have a lot of catch up reading to do on the net.


Torchlight is far simpler and is pure hack n slash, but easily becomes ho hum due to the fact you soon realise that there is no story and all you are doing is blindly killing stuff.


But both games are very good at what they try to achieve. :(

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Stormwing- Awesome, thanks. Will be fun to mod stuff :(

Stubbie-Thanks for the input! I read some reviews that talked about having to be in a group to complete the story, but I don't think that's too big a problem for me (I enjoy being in a group, well-depending on who my group members are). And how much is gigantium? Because we've all played sacred and I've played mmos before...

Not really worried about the storyline in torchlight, I used to play Champions of Norrath and Champions: Return to Arms (cliched stories that you stop caring about after 1-2 playthroughs). :)

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gw, so you get to play with me :(


I now have the full game, if you want to give me your character name I'll add you or vice-versa.

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gw, so you get to play with me :)


I now have the full game, if you want to give me your character name I'll add you or vice-versa.

Healthy Spice


Hit me up any time, and I will see what I can do for you :bow:

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Actually Runic was smart with TL. People complained about no multiplayer but the truth is that is a good thing. For a brand new company servers cost money. . .A LOT OF MONEY. I think that's why a lot of new companies end up tanking right after the first game even though the game does well. They spend a whole lot of money on that kind of stuff and get loans from banks/investors and when those people start wanting their money back, the company can't pay(which happened to Flagship Studios who made Hellgate) and the company goes bankrupt.


No Torchlight doesn't have Multiplayer, pumped up graphics like Guild Wars, Sacred 2, or Hellgate: London. Its roughly 823 MB in size when installed. Yet the game sold well, there is enough demand for a sequel which will have multiplayer, and most importantly the company is still around and now has the capital to do things like make the game much bigger and include multiplayer.


What Runic is aiming for with multiplayer. I think people will be very happy.


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And eventually they're planning on making a torchlight mmo, no?

Now that I have them both I think I'm leaning more toward playing guild wars, except that I found out GW and my video card don't get along...*sigh*

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