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  1. So many fond memories from TQ surfaces when watching that skill tree. Like the old TQ from the start again, in the best possible way. Sooo exited again. ^^
  2. Yes, those too. Dwemer things I totally understand. They had all that Aetherium stuff, so their constructs and things can easily run for all that time, but normal fires? Maybe some altered form of Alchemist's Fire or something. But prolly is just your usual videogame logic.
  3. Damn, why didn't I think of that? Been raiding that place a few times already. One of the random things in Skyrim. Other known fact is that Dwemer used a lot of preservatives. What else could possibly explain all those edible veggies in Dwemer ruins? xD And no, they can't possibly all be due to excavators and thieves. Same with ancient Nords. So much food on those crypts.
  4. Wolfie: You mean At The Edge of The world? That album has Sacred Worlds as an opening track. Kinda only reason I bought that album in the first place. Good thing though, been buying couple of older Blind Guardian albums thanks to that. Namely A Twist in the Myth and Night Falls on Middle-Earth. The latter being quite nice concept album into Tolkien's world. Sorry for nitpicking, just thought to say.
  5. I'll be hopefully doing my online debut on Tuesday too. Looking forward finally seeing some peeps from here on game. Tho non-Sacred, but still. I see new possible addiction rising. xD
  6. Well, Thorin said most of what I had in mind too. No fear I will be offended either. Everyone has their own tastes. And when you get those DLCs, you absolutely should get their Unofficial Patches too. And about the mods of choices, my list is also somewhat NSFW-tagged. xD Plus, got some skin and face textures and other things. Never really was quite satisfied with Bethesda's works. And a heap of different weapon mods, ranging from new weapons to some re-textured ones. Also, those immersion mods, like tents and food stuff kinda sound tempting, but I'm more of a casual player, so I leave 'em to others. But do try 'em out, if you feel that way. Might even like 'em.
  7. Haaa, I would've really wanted NwN 3 instead. Liked the original ones, despite some flaws here and there. Also, been debating on getting the reworked Baldur's Gate HD re-release on of these days. But that's just me not being compatible with MMOs. Buuuut... Now this looks something that might make me cave in. I've really liked all those Forgotten Realms games. And this looks mighty fine. Getting kinda exited here. xD
  8. Kiy: Agreed. After what I've read, I doubt I'll even bother with the demo, let alone buying the full game... Really wish we'd hear something more about S3, suspension's really killing me. And about those game commus; they are few and far out. Top of the head only Titan Quest forum comes in mind. They still publish monthly(?) newsletters and such, but other than that and DM, nothing really comes mind. We can only hope some miracle happens, or they'll alter their methods somewhat due community. (I wish!)
  9. Actually, I'd recommend to get Nexus mod manager, if one is to go into some more serious modding, as Workshop is seriously limited in sizes of the mods. Requires an account on the Nexus forums to get the manager, but it really is worth it. But it's up to everyone, which methods to use. Been using the Nexus Manager for most of my mods, save few directly applied, which are, on the second hand, easily removed too. Most of the mods in Nexus are Manager compatible anyway, and there is also lots of rankings and showcases about great mods. Also, many have been tagged as GEMS, which are either considered cream of the crops- mods, or otherwise well done. Just my few dimes, but thought say that.
  10. I'll echo Thorin considering the DLC. Tho, I got the main game, Heartfire and Dawnguard on Steam sale, so only full priced one was Dragonborn. Wanted to get it ASAP, if only to prevent some mods going haywire because of added DB compatibility while not having it meself. Still to finish either Dawnguard of Dragonborn, but I'm not regretting of getting 'em. They add so much resources for modders to toy with.
  11. Looks good man. Guess there's a little vertigo to be expected when skulking on the top of that thing. I'm not too bad with heights meself, but just thought of it.
  12. @Masteff: Not sure if sarcastic, or serious... But yeah, like Wolfie said, there really was many things to tie the two games together, at least in some way. From what I see. Nothing of the sort with Citadel, and of S3 we don't know much in a way of lore, or anything. Other than it was supposed to be, what, 2000 years after Sacred 1? So, all we can do is speculate what will come to light...
  13. You said it, Grimwold. I might've gotten it day 1, if not that Sacred brand, which it doesn't really deserve... Surely, if the devs would've really delved into all that's Sacred, and really though about us old fans, they might've cooked up something really amazing. There's lots and lots of wasted potential... In my books, this is far from good appetizer for Sacred 3...
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