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Cave Quests on the Minimap

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Hi, there is a change I would like to see introduced with the CM patch. Currently, if you have a quest in a cave, it shows you exactly where that quest takes place. If you are above ground, it will show you the underground location, making you walk to a place in the middle of grass, and finding nothing there. After some deducing, you then start to look for the nearby cave.


If the point of the grey circle is to make questing life easier, then please adjust them so that they go over the CAVE ENTRANCE instead. If you want to complete a quest in this cave, you will be directed to the cave entrance. That would save me (and probably others) so much headache.


If possible, you could then put the grey circle over the exact quest location ONCE YOU ARE UNDERGROUND. If not possible, it would still be much better if it stayed over the cave entrance than the current setup.


This behavior also causes certain bugs, such as opening a dialogue menu when you walk over the pirate's cannon above the Pirate Cave (on the Golden Coast, south of Sloeford). This text is clearly only supposed to go off when you stand next to the actual cannon, but the lack of discrepancy between aboveground and belowground causes an issue.

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It works if your target is only one level away.


I.e. if you are on the surface and your target is on de 2nd underground level, you'll get that misleading circle.


In these cases - for example the "Ancient Secrets" quest - an additional target on the first underground level is built in, so the compass and the circle will guide you from one checkpoint to the next.


CU Marcus

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