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Sol Badguy

Is Spell Resistance even needed for a Grim Resilience Shadow Warrior?

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Sol Badguy    0

considering the MASSIVE willpower boost(which also lends itself well to lightsabre use in the CM Patch) would it be better to just pick another skill? considering my stonewall shadow warrior builds usually follow this skill patern:


2- Tactics lore

3- Armor lore

5- constitution(or dual wield)

8- Malevolent Champ focus

12- Concentration( for 2 buffs I only select the skill and leave it afterwards)

18- weapon skill(or on a dual wield char, pick pick constitution at this level)

25- Death Warrior Focus

35- Speed lore(FRW and Atk and Def value so I can actually hit something more than once every 20 swings)

50- Toughness

65- this is where spell resistance usually goes but I've been thinking do I really need it with grim res?

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Dragon Brother    434

Yeah, shadow warriors are pretty tough, with their two defensive buffs they don't really need much more most times. You will definitely be ok not taking it.

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