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Level 47 Niob Shadow warrior?

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Hooyaah    1,435

Oblivious to any side quests, save the Silver level acquisition of his special mount, the Shadow Warrior focused solely upon the objective of advancing to the Niob level as quickly as practicable. Invisible to his enemies with his Shadow Veil, and well enough protected by his Grim Resilience buff, he pressed his way unrelentingly toward an uncertain goal. In just barely over 24 hours of play, his body once again reanimated by dark magic in the Niob level, he strived to diligently complete every quest, even the most trivial and seemingly mundane. Alas, his Skeletal Fortification was hardly a match for even the lowly Kobolds or rogue wolves, for his first skill was, as of yet, not remotely close to mastery. Nevertheless he trudged on, doggedly determined to gain in strength and power in order to attain a level where his capabilities would be unrivaled by any and all adversaries. Now, still yet with many quests left to go behind the great Elven Wall, he had finally mastered three crucial skills. His resolve and heroism had earned him a chance to accumulate lower numerical level Niob items which he planned to share with his colleagues. Placing numerous valuable items in the shared chest, he breathed a long and confident, even self righteous breath, as he summoned up his amassed knowledge and courage, and pressed ever onward, until the very last foe was forever vanquished.

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