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Stat point allocation math

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So I am tooling around with a few character builds right now. Distributing skill points is pretty straight forward as you can see what you are getting in a fairly straight forward manner. Plus, the Sacred wiki has some handy charts to see where diminishing returns start so you can plan how to min-max.

Stat allocation has been bothering me however. With the exception of my Totem Dryad who I spent nearly all my points in Intelligence with some Stamina to help regens, non-spellcasting classes are confounding me with regards to how I should spend my points.

I know that weapons have attributes they are associated with but does pumping those respective attributes really make that much of a difference later on? Or, in the case of melee characters, is it better to pump Vitality, Stamina, and/or Willpower for the added survivability and regen utility?

Since combat in Sacred seems less about clicking things to death and more about using your combat arts to the fullest potential I find myself questioning where the best investment of points can be found to get the most return.

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From what I understand the effects of stats on damage was severely nerfed after the expansion, so much so that players stopped bothering with them in favor of vitality and willpower.

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If you are building a close combat fighter, than survivability would be much more important than whatever damage increase you can get from stats, so vitality+willpower is a good choice. Damage bonus from stats is not as big as what you can get simply by keeping your weapons at optimal item level, and extra defense never hurts. For a Seraphim or a Temple Guardian who use energy shield buffs willpower becomes better investment than vitality because it boosts the shield as well as magic resistance. If you are building a ranged character and considering a glass canon approach, putting some points to dexterity can be a valid choice, but for melee characters it's simply not worth it.

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The only damage relevant stat I have seen people advocating is Intelligence for mages. So I guess Dex and Strength can be largely overlooked then in favor of survivability and so on.

What about Stamina? It seems like it has some pretty significant impacts on your regens or is better to rely on items for that?

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With I&B addon, more and more people began advocating for the active usage of Regeneration Per Hit socketables to recharge the combat arts of melee and ranged fighters. It really is a good approach, and if you take it investment in Stamina becomes unnecessary. Another approach is to push Chance to halve regeneration time to 100%. But if you don't have Bargainer characters to supply you with good RPH and Chance to halve rings and amulets and/or plan to fill your sockets with something else, Stamina can come in handy.


Unlike Strength, Stamina had not become redundant with the expansion, because it still has noticeable effect, but the items can do better job at reducing the regen times. So take your pick - it actually depends only on how much gear-dependent you want your character to be and how much time you plan to spend hunting for the said gear.

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