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Shopper/Enchanced seraphim

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Hi Everyone :D

I need your help & advice.

By accident I've got sacred 2 fallen angel on my ps3.

I know this is old game - but I just started playing it.


I want to make a seraphim who's gonna take EP on level 2 and at level 5 bargaining.

I have done it.

Im level 5 on silver difficulty.


My dream about this girl is to take this two skills at level 75 to mastery.


So I'm in really need for Your advice for the rest of the build.


She's gonna by my main & shopper and Im pretty sure that I will spend hundreds of hours in ancaria with her.


So I need You to guide me which way to go. What skills should I take. And which order.


Just try to understand my biggest dream to have ep/bargaining mastered at level 75.


Thanks For all Your help.

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Not even go funk yourself?

Nobody can't tell go with tactic lore man? Or put a lot points in ew or dw?

Dozens' of experienced players knowing this game for so many years.

I'm disappointed ?

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Hey Sevin85,

Welcome to Dark Matters. Sorry it took so long to get a response.


You might want to take a look at the Queen Of Blades build in the guides section. Should be a pretty well laid out version of what you are looking for.

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Thx for reply.

He recommended assign 20 skillpoints in most of skills. And (that's why I really need this seraphim) buy jewelry with + x to all skills.

But... I need by the 75lvl to have mastered ep/bargaining I need 75 hard points in those two skills - it leaves me with maybe 100 skill points to allocate by this level.


I think to invest in tactic lore & ew, but this leaves me with poor abilities like dual wield, armor, etc, etc.


So if You know that I really want to have mastered ep&bargaining on level 75 which lets me mastered one more skill idk constitution? And let the jewelry do the rest?


Can I do this?

Is it possible?


I don't know...

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