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Performance issues with Sacred 2 Gold

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Nexdoreum    0

I've had Sacred 2 Gold for a while on Steam but only just started playing earlier last night. I had only played for approximately an hour before I noticed my GPU was running at 75C and my CPU cores were at 54-57C. Yes I know they are acceptable temp ranges but I don't even get those kind of GPU temps in Tom Clancy's GR: Wildlands or Hitman or The Witcher 3 and so on.


I played Wildlands for around 5 hours yesterday and my GPU only ever got to 69C and CPU to 53-55C. The last time I played The Witcher 3, I played for almost 8 hours straight and GPU was 68C and GPU 55C...what the hell is this game doing to make my system run so hot in such a short period of time?


Unlike previous rigs, I'm trying to keep GPU stress to a minimum to try and make this GPU last longer (last 3 cards only lasted just over a year cos I ran them ragged too often) so to have a game run it so hot, so quickly is worrying. Anyone know why this is?


My rig:

i7 6700K @ 4 GHz with Noctua DH-15 with twin tower triple fan heat sink

Strix 1070 8GB OC Edition


I also have pretty decent case cooling with 2x120mm AF intake fans, 1x140mm AF exhaust fan and 2x120mm top SP fans...

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Androdion    318

Although the game does tend to overheat components a bit, a Strix GPU running at 75 degrees is completely unusual. I have a Strix 960 and it doesn't run anywhere near those values, nor does my i7 CPU.


Maybe you have some software stressing your system on top of the game? Shadowplay or streaming or any of those bells and whistles that the Nvidia control panel usually sports. If you have the Asus Strix utility program it may be running your GPU in high performance mode as well so if that's so it'll be pushing your card's clock upwards. Other than that I'm not sure what it could be, it really shouldn't run that hot.

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