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  1. Yep, it is. It removes passthrough on the remaining weapons that still had it and instead grants that option to WPS skills and specific weapon bonuses. I too have a Purifier, but it's actually a two-hander with Barthollem's Warmaul. The greatest thing about GD is its replayability and continuous rebalancing, it breathes constant life into the game I guess. Crucible I dislike because it's just arena rush into the centre from everywhere, but I do find SR to be more interesting, especially for loot. I don't intend on pressing over shards 75-76 to be honest. But that climb and the loot runs are pretty cool, plus you get to learn a lot about your build and some enemies.
  2. Just wanted to pitch in and extend my congratulations on yet another iteration of this enormous mod. My man!
  3. I had to read the conversation again to notice where we were two years ago. Cool that my Arena runs at the time were in any way helpful. Funny thing is, I still have the game installed, it's just that I only play Grim Dawn nowadays. And I don't even play Crucible!
  4. Thanks for the info, I had no idea those laws actually existed, let alone that they were being enforced. But I'm glad they are, as kids today are mostly clueless as to what real life is.
  5. Thing is, we're all adults here and we should at least know how to act when faced against a casino roulette or a blackjack table, or in an extreme example, a game oriented towards micro-transactions. But not everybody playing the game is an adult, so what then? I know a few kids, sons of friends, that regularly ask as for pre-paid money cards for their Playstations. And it's oh so cute to see them have to racionalize how they spend that money on skins and other cosmetic stuff (Fortnite in this case), but I honestly don't think they're learning anything from that. They understand that the money is finite, but since it's something that they have access to semi-regularly I don't really think that they understand how much real money one can spend on cosmetics. So I wouldn't compare micro-transactions directly to crack, but, comparing micro-transactions in video games to gambling is something that I feel comfortable with because otherwise there's no regulation whatsoever. And as has been said, all that these companies care about is profit, so the further down the rabbit hole the better. I'm an old school guy. I pay for a game I want to use it to its full extent, that's it. So the idea of a "free" game that then keeps demanding your money at every turn is really shady to me, no matter the name of the franchise. And again, I get it, it's business. But honestly when games become like this I'm out.
  6. Ha ha, what?! Man... Worst thing is that many people will actually sink money into this. Oh well.
  7. Sounds alright in terms of normalisation.
  8. It really was a long time ago, probably some 10-11 years now since I've played vanilla Sacred 2. Maybe more since I had FA on DVD and then I bought Sacred 2 Gold on Steam, so I can't really say for sure. The idea that I have in the back of my mind is that since you were doing charity you didn't have any kind of reward from that quest, being that you were providing for the poor. Call it a piece of lore. Now, it may be my mind playing tricks on me, I can't really say for sure.
  9. I was talking about vanilla though. The extra skill point is a CM Patch addition which I'm pretty sure was never in the original game.
  10. I think that the original quest didn't give you any reward whatsoever, because the poor were... well, poor! But it's been a long long time since 2.40.
  11. Cool build you've got there. At first I thought you were playing the old Astral Lord type until you had the rest online, but you really went all in with the triple aspect. Very nice! I guess that it really depends on how much one devotes to specialisation in this game. Do you want to have three skills mastered at 75 and then go from there, or do you have a slower progression with the points being more spread apart?! It really depends on how you want to play, and it can be played more slowly indeed. I'm usually more on the first camp, specialise and jump difficulties as fast as you can to get better loot. I don't think I've ever played it the other way to be honest, ha ha.
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