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Hi all, Lord of the North here, and I was wondering, how many of us still do the old school gaming? My wife and I get together with friends every Friday and we play board games and old school RPGs. One game we have been playing since August 22, 2014 and it is still going strong. And that game is Pathfinder. The GM of the game has been keeping a blog to help us players keep track of past events. I even found a site where you can get custom figures 3d printed to use in game. When we need a break from the role playing we break out the card games and board games. So what do you play when not on the computer?

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chattius    795


5 kids spread over 12 years and all do different sports. When being all together at home on a raining day we play most often 'Settlers of Catan'.



You know that pen and paper roleplay can be really dangerous? A nice video about some guys doing pen and paper for years with the same characters:




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