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  1. Super Markets -> limited Masks, distance, hand desinfection and: you have to use a shopping cart. The customers are limited to one for each 20 square metres of the shop and so are the carts. Each person entering has to use a cart to control how many people are in.
  2. Mother's day - my gift was a heap of rusty metal in a barn and a model car... Bought an old Baur BMW 2002 Cabriolet. Sever rust damage, the canvas rotten, but engine and frame intact. Was in the low 3 digit Euro price. The needed hours to rebuild will be more I guess. As an appetizer what it will look like I bought a model of it. The roof can be dismantled and stored in the rear. Behinf the rear seat is a smaller foldable canvas part. Not a real cabriolet but a robust frame. One of these was the first car of my wife. Couldn't find the original anymore. Not even a running one. Luckily
  3. Bauernfrühstück is a traditional using the rests meal in Germany. It translates as Farmers Breakfeast. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bauernfrühstück mythos -> MythAdventures
  4. Father in Law: You notice that you getting old and corona takes too long when your checklist for leaving the house by bus is longer than the list of a pilot before takeoff: normal: money - check umbrella -check 60+ glasses - check 80+ false teeth - check hearing aid - check corona ffp2 mask - check hand desinfection - check corona new today immunization certification to replace a fresh covid test - check
  5. Griffin -> Greifenstein castle https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greifenstein_Castle_(Hesse) I can see it from the other side of our hill. Was real big: painting from 1655. There is a story that the castle owner said to a french general in the times of Napoleon that he would hand the castle over if the general would be able to drink a glas of wine at each gate of the castle. He was falling from his horse totally drunk. A song is like this: Oh Greifenstein du nobles Haus nüchtern hinein, betrunken hinaus Greifenstein you noble house entering sober, leavi
  6. Basset -> Griffon Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen When I was young this race was the hunting dog of my grandpa. Small and thick rough fur, could chase hares through thorn bushes.
  7. Brave strong -> Sophie Scholl German passive resistance activist against the Nazi regime. A school I visited for two years was named after her. She is one of the few persons who are honored with a statue in Walhalla. In memoria to all who kept resistance against unjustness, violence and terror of nazi germany.
  8. Call it the traditional way a Restepfanne (put all the rests you have in a pan) and your guests won't eat it. Do it the modern way and call it 'vegan climate friendly one tray superfood' and young people are fighting for it... We have a group of biology students doing their practical classes in our forest. Our oldest is showing trees and plants and did the one tray on a portable oven: Wild sort of shikake mushrooms, beargarlic, onions, red potatoe, broccoli, Grünkorn, winter apples and pears,... All was rests and mixed on a tray. If asked for the exact recipe she said it is a family secr
  9. jiggly cheesecake -> De gustibus non est disputandum. You can't discuss about taste (only talk). We prefer a base from thin yeast dough and a cover from a mix of Quark, Schmand, eggs, potato stark, salt, oil and sugar. Because 'variatio delectat' (doing lot of variants is more fun) the kids can add on the big plate their own stuff: pure, raisins, rhubarb (ripe now), cherries (not the time, just blossoms right now), Waldmeister (master of the woods, woodruff), ....3
  10. There is a bit of difference if puppies grew up mid in countryside and the mama dog can 'train' them in nature or if they are born in a city. Many puppies are born accidently because the owners of the mother dogs seem to have missed bees and flowers at school and wonder why there are puppies when their dog was only 'playing with other dogs' in the park.
  11. Welcome to the forum You activate a combat art by pressing the related key, no need to press the right mouse button. I like to use the normal keyboard 1-5 keys for this. Shorter ways for the fingers... It's main use is if you want to change between 5 combat arts and have not a single one for fighting.
  12. Dogs should only do alarm barking. You are the lead wolf when outside and a normal lead wolf wouldn't allow young wolves to bark. It would alarm their prey. If the young wolf is alone at house, it shouldn't bark because it would lead predators to the wolf cave. All this is normally trained by mama dog if the puppies are not taken away too early. Problems are dogs who are from an animal asylum. You have to trust the people there to tell you the truth about the dog.
  13. Arnold is clever. He knows that the Bach's were a composer family for nearly a century. One movie wouldn't be enough and it is more money if they do Bach I - VII Schwarzenegger -> anabolic steroids Arnold was one of the few who says that he was taking them.
  14. numerology -> Gödel, Escher, Bach When I was studying maths at highschool this was the book each math student was reading. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gödel,_Escher,_Bach
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