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  1. baking -> Quark-Öl-Teig (Quark-oil-dough) One of the quickest dough's I know, can be used as a replacement for yeast dough or for pizza. But friends in America say Quark is nearly impossible to get there. I grew up with quark, quark in dough, in cooling bandages, used for making farmer's cheese. And the german Käsekuchen (cheese cake) is mainly Quark in the topping. So is there an english word for Quark-Öl-Teig or a replacement for quark? 150 g Quark 6 eating spoons milk 6 eating spoons oil a bit salt 300 g flour 1 portion baking powder
  2. Musk -> smell Ever had an otter entering the airhole of your barn storage cellar and unable to leave? He is as smelly as a skunk when in panic. The funny thing is that the bad smelling musk is a big component in perfumes.
  3. skydiving -> Katharina Paulus What a life, First with a license for flying machines (airships, ballons and planes) in Germany. Air acrobat and first sky diver, ... Invented the foldable parachute. highest german medal for civilists in world war 1 because her parachutes saved lot and lots of pilots life, ... After WW1 flying was forbidden in Germany, her parachutes were copied and she became poor and had to earn money by air acrobatics aged over 60... Before her it was like this. The parachute was mounted below a ballon and the the ballon was released.
  4. Ghost-chilli -> marinade Using chilli is the attempt to hide errors in spicing.
  5. When I was a kid we moved a lot whenever my father was doing the electrics for new powerplants. Since the plants were never in big towns I did the sport which was popular at this place. So I did a lot but nothing really good. Then my cousine asked me to train fencing with her because her biggest opponent was left-handed and taller. And then the owner of the fencing club said I would be probably good in pentathlon. boogaloo -> Salsa
  6. sword -> Épée I once did modern pentathlon as a teen. Because of my long arms I did quite well in fencing. Rules were then a duel with each of the opponents till first hit. I had a very long range and was left handed. At longer duels opponents would have probably found a way to fight and win, but at first hit, it were just a jump attack from me with 89% hits. Swimming and shooting were good too. But I was like a monkey, too short legs and too big size for running. Riding was okay if lucky with the horse lottery. Second in state championship in my age group. But I lost way too much
  7. The Helmbarte was a more modern version of the Rossschinder (ross = horse, schinder = hurting) a weapon designed to stop cavalry. Helm is ancient german for pole, barte for axe. A halberd usually combines the horse stopping power of a lance with the cutting ability of an axe against infantry. The Hellebarde (halberd) was a lighter developement of the Helmbarte for parades, guard troops (today the swiss guards of the Vatikan still use them), ceremonies, A Feldherr (translated as commander) is the highest commanding officer(or noble) who leads the Herr (army) on the Feld (battlefield).
  8. structure -> Neostrukturalismus A modern kind of structuralism currently a big part in latin-american economical politics. It was first named so in a german speaking book therefor I did the original writing of neo-structuralism. Before it was named post-structuralism.
  9. opinion -> Victor Hugo Change your opinions, keep to your principles; Change your leaves, keep intact your roots. 1 year french at school near french border while my dad was installing turbines at a power plant. That was one saying from Hugo I remember. Rest of the year we were reading his 'The hunchback of Notre-Dame' ;)
  10. metrics -> metronome Was a bit confused, thought the german Metrik used in music was meant. But Metrik is metre in English.
  11. dated -> reliable Facebook and others can change their politics for payment, groups and whatever from one day to the other. Email is still very useful for newsletters because there is less risk that important messages are delayed or never arrive.
  12. I feel with you, It is really best if you remember the funny and good moments. When we visit the grave of my dad we often laugh, because it are the funny moments with him I tell to my kids. Not able to see him anymore before dying... I have very mixed feeling about this. My grandpa was just getting weaker and weaker and the whole family could say good bye. My dad, he had several strokes and was not able to breath anymore without machines. After 3 weeks I was asked for an okay to turn of the machines. His body was trying for 3 more hours to breath and I felt guilty to gave the okay. T
  13. Tornado's are rare here. The main problem are heavy storms with rain clouds trapped for days over an area. North America has no real mountains going from west to east, so cold air can get all the way down from the northpole to Mexico which may result in snowstorms far in the south. Europe has these mountains, but often when rainclouds come from the southwest they work like a cloud trap. And it affects big areas, from the alpes to the netherlands this time. Our second and her friend are still busy with cleanup. She asked if we could take one tent more for our summercamp to fill it wit
  14. First person shooter -> German Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons All copies from Wolfenstein were confiscated by state police in Germany because they included forbidden Nazi symbols. Doom was rated above 18 by the above department. Duke Nukem was above 18 by PEGI, the European department for media control... Can't remember which was the first shooter legal to people below 18 in gemany
  15. It is a nice and easy sour and sweet cake, nice for summer. Rhubarb is over its time, but Jostabeeren (yosta berries:)) are ripe now and the same recipe just with the berries instead the rhubarb can be used. Jostaberry is a breed mix from Johannisbeere (black currant) and Stachelbeere (black gooseberry). The next fruit riping and replacing the Jostas will be Klaräpfel (white transparent), an early but very sour apple which can't be stored too long. The josta-berry cake is very much like this, just josta- and not gooseberries. We do also a baking house version with yeastdough on
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