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  1. Sorry to hear this. If the eye check is physical okay, no glasses needed, then it may be the eye nerves and it gets complicated. Most probably an infection. A person in my village had lyme disease. Some bacteria were already encapsulated when antibiotica were given. They stayed inactive for some time and then the lyme disease came back. It can affect nerves like muscles and eyes. The tricky thing was that at hospital test there were antibodies in the blood but no active bacteria and thought of them as leftovers from the antibiotica time. They found bacteria in a later test in the spine liquid. And lyme is just one of all the possible infections.
  2. Flix -> Verflixt und zugenäht! A student saw a beautiful girl. 9 month later there was a result. He cursed the flyer of his trousers and closed it with sewing so it wouldn't happen again. The saying is used in a meaning of Damn it
  3. memories -> waltz All started when I bought a very ruined mix of string and wood at a garage sale for our then 5 year old as an instrument for 50 euro. Some 500 euro more for a professional repair because it turned out as a concert zither. She still plays it and she was offered 4000 euro for it. A year back the art school of our third performed the waltz Tales from the Vienna Woods. We had a lot of laughing when she tried to copy the zither player in Rieu's orchestra. He is as funny playing the Third Man theme
  4. Oldest wasn't visiting with her family, so we had some overripe banana getting brown. Put in slices and deep frozen to save for something like a cake, fruitwine or .... Picked some strawberries in the garden. Frozen banana and fresh strawberry in a kitchen multitool, blending and mixing for a minute and ready is something like an ice cream. Nice after an afternoon in the sun bringing bushes in shape. Obviously I didn't need the heating element of the multitool. But the container designed to keep food warm also keeps icecream cold
  5. We live near Dillenburg the place Wilhelm of Orange was born. My neighbour is somehow related to the royal family and owns land near Dillenburg. He has a sort of weekend house near my house. He is around 350 million Euro heavy, so yes self made fruit wine or a pie is best I can do. It is at least something you can't buy with money. I look after his forest which connects to mine. So it was a sort of thank you. His son and our oldest grew up together everytime they were at the place. Performance -> live I think a big part of performance is interaction with the audience. Something that is lost when seeing just a video.
  6. Riddley Scott -> Vangelis 1492: Conquest of Paradise was a so la la movie. But the music - a master piece Was at the concert Rieu gave at Maastricht. tickets from my dutch neighbour
  7. Marie Antoinette -> Napoleon Opening scene of the 2023 Napoleon movie
  8. rotor -> Anton Flettner Inventend helicopters with intermeshing rotors, ships with rotors, planes with rotors, guided rockets and torpedos. passivly running cooling systems based on rotors, the servo tab still in use on rudders, ...
  9. pay our share -> operation 710 Oil is expensive and currently oil companies buy farmlands because fuel made from plants brings more money than selling food to hungry people. Or chopping rainforests for producing palm oil, or... At desert storm there were t-shirts reading operation 710 saying it ws all about oil.
  10. I called my last kungfu dryad a commodo build. Added single target disease which made 60% kife leech damage a tick. Approach, hit with curses and disease and boss is dead with first combination hitting. Sü I was not forced to wear this ugly dethaya bronze armour but style fur.
  11. There is one reason I mainly stick to Sacred 2 and it is spare time. My wife and me often have readiness when new games appear. Once we have time the new games are not new anymore, tons of guides, exploits,... So there is not really anything new to try and we save the money for board games or bicycles. Sacred2 was different. Disease exploiding build, high intelligence staff dryads, yes just as with other games within weeks these builds appeared .... But heh, there was still something untried because of its complexity: kungfu dryads, melee elves, captain america SW's. Or with D2F barbarian jumper or Burgfräulein paladins. Grimward and Diablo were mainly kept alive by adding unique items from time to time which allowed new builds. Like the set which caused fire explosions when a Barbarian landed a jump. A kungfu dryad was allways in the game, but noone tried it out. My signature has a reason to be there: Imagination is more important than game guides, because a wiki has only a limited number of guides
  12. Different purposes. I don't need a weapon for self defense or shooting at a training place. I need it when seaching injured boars in thorny bush land. each zoll of barrel length may block quick movement of the sidearm. The times I needed it the shooting distance was always less than a metre. So accuracy is only secondary. I normally use a Drilling, three barreled gun, for hunting. German law is no automatic, you have to make sure to hit a save place if the shot misses or penetrates the target, if possible only one shot, ... Our forestis surrounded by autobahns and secondaries so game can't levethe wood island. Hunting is mainly to keep a small and healthy game population. Different -> variatio delectat
  13. Every centimetre of barrel length is higher risc to have it trapped in thorny bush twigs if you need it. The magnum calibre is mainly to have as much power in a as small as possible weapon... Was considering a small Glock23 but I am used to magnum calibre short barreled revolvers. I use them very rarely, so without lot of training with a new type I won't feel comfortable. Jewelry -> sockets
  14. All tests negative which is very positive. My health-, my work- and my life insurances want me to do and pay a yearly total check once beeing fifty. Also 17 different immunisations.
  15. holster -> catch shot I have a Taurus M605 Poly Protector which is a short barreled light polymer revolver with magnum calibre. It is used to hunt for injured -mainly car collisions- boars in bush land. You have to push twigs away and want to make sure that the revolver is where your fist points in case of a sudden attack. You may have just one shot at point blanc so manstop ammunition is loaded. My holster is to keep the revolver save when walking forests and not used for fast drawing or concealing. I just had to use a revolver 7 times in all these years. I prefer a Saufeder/ boar spear near roads with people.
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