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  1. Whenever I played a Deadly Spears -TG I removed the battery. I want to run close for the spears, but if your mouse pointer hovers over an enemy your left click move is a shooting ... Must be my last TG was while babysitting with young kids on the knees. My eye hand coordination suffered a bit because of this.
  2. Not full grown up yet. 7-8 month. One of the twins waved a rope with a fake bird to awake interest, and the other took a photo. The next moment there was a big jump to the bird. She has some of the typical forest cat: intelligent look, big pranks, long fur and nice colours. The white feet and breast seem to be from the maine coone. Can't see the triangle face because she looks up ready for attack. Her back fur isn't really sharp because she was rolling it to line up with the front before jumping, claws already out. Hope there are better pics when she is used to us. Our older norwegian forest cat was a big hunter of not endemic gray squirrels. Our other cat tried to pursuit a squirrel which spiraled a tree up, the forest cat was frightening the squirrel and jumped up the tree and was waiting for the squirrel. Now with most of the graw ones gone the smaller reds have a chance to come back.
  3. Animals = animals +1 Since our oldest cat is really old she was retired from the guardian of the barn job and moved to the waiting room of my wife. Old people like to stroke her for a relaxing purring while waiting for treatment. The new is a female siberian forest cat / main coon mix from the animal shelter. She is way to active, shy and BIG for in house with families and got no new home in over half a year. So we decided that the barn guardian job may be nice for her, 8th of August is Weltkatzentag (International Cat Day) after all. I allways thought it would be international day of the Chattius but my wife says it is for other cats :)
  4. Better Allways thought that augmented reality is when you add extra information. Like a bi-monocular which has a compass mirrored in. Or a smartphone camera with compass, named buildings, ... Virtual reality is not real reality I thought. better -> infrared Oldest works with two identical cameras, one has an infrared filter the other blocks uv-light. They are on a tripod in a way that the cameras can be swapped without changing the frame of the picture. Then both pictures are combined in a way that the normal spectrum now contain infrared. It is used to detect a mass breeding of bark beetles in a forest, or just for art The technique is called Hyperrealistische Fotografie, hyperreal fotography. But google search is confused by hyperrealistic paintings.
  5. reality -> augmented (reality) Our second uses an app which calculates where the sun and the moon will be. The smartphone camera is pointed to the motive and positions of moon or sun are overlayed. It saves a lot of time because you can move to a place just short before the sun/moon is at the right place for a good landscape photo. It can also synchronize with a database od landscape highlights like castles if visiting unknown terrain.
  6. A cousine marries tomorrow and we are training the German version of Amazing Graze, which has a way different text Ein Schöner Tag A beautiful day was given to us such as there are not many filled from pure joy unclouded by worries With songs which the lark sings so the morning began the sun gave golden splendor the day it then began A beautiful day full of harmony is like a precious jewel it illuminates you and calls out to you “Today you should be happy.” And what destiny brings to you also, whatever may come always, it stays with you, the memory, about a beautiful day. https://lyricstranslate.com
  7. Luka Sambe -> Zen There is an app searching for the perfect song. You can enter style, distance, run speed and step width and it searchs a song. I have too short legs compared to body after a viral infection when I was a teen. I do something what I call speed walking with all senses. I concentrate on something interesting for 10-15 seconds: bird songs, insects, flowers and then I search the next interesting impression. When I did this while at Paris for a business meeting a japanese girl asked if I would do Zen meditational running... whatever that is.
  8. Endorphine Speed 3 -> Samba Adidas Samba, ever since I was 5, there was no year I wasn't wearing a Samba. First it was because the Sambas were very robust and they weren't easily destroyed playing street soccer with cola pins. At school sport they were allowed because they had a neutral gumsole, not leaving stripes on the ground in school halls. Then as a goalie on sand ground, as a teen they were in, as a student because they looked neutral and had a hard sole when using my bicycling to change from building to building and still not a nogo in auditoriums and bureaus. When I was doing my doctor three pair of Sambas was all I had in my appartment- Now with kids and grandchildren when I do not know which activity is next, take out the Sambas.
  9. Tony Lama -> Dachstein Super Ferrata MC GTX I use my 3 different 'trekking boots' the most. The Dachstein are the newest. Daily walks through hills with forests and basalt stone - no use for cowboy boots
  10. Thanks, I am lucky that the kids walk through nature with open senses. Spending some of the money planed for a summer travel into photo and sport equipment. Grewing up in an optic town I sometimes have luck at sales direct from factory. Most useful is a monocular. It is able to magnify distant hills by 8, but slso blossoms and insects as close as 30cm. Ideal for spotting before building up the camera equipment.
  11. Seraphim -> paradox I think Seraphim means the burning ones in hebrew. Strange that Seraphims in Sacred have no fire but light attacks.
  12. ew -> lawyer If you get a credit and can't pay it back you can claim that the credit giver wasn't explaining the involved maths. So maths are not necessary to be known. If you break a law you didn't know you can't say that you didn't knew. Not knowing a law is no excuse at court. So why make lawyers so much money with stuff everyone is considered to know and maths are underpaid compared to actors, singers and sportstars because they can stuff not many can do just like these.
  13. easier -> mathematics Our second had her physics test back with a lot of question marks. Seems our family way to calculate the distance between a point and a plane isn't well known. Do a ballon around the point and pump it up. If it is to small it wouldn't hit the plane (in the equatation the root is from something negative). If it is too big the plane wiill cut a circle from the balloon, the root is from something positive. The distance is when the balloon just touches the plane and the part below the root sign is zero. And with a zero the equatation and its solution is reduced to a one liner. You really pierce a tack in your pointing finger to attach the rubberband when you hunt horseflies?
  14. tack -> rubberband gun Evil things Chattius did when he was young. read only if you are above 8 years
  15. Schot -> sailing Schot is German for a sheet at sailing. The red lines are sheets: stearboard-sheet, backboard-sheet, main-sheet. The German sailors at land say a 'Mast- und Schotbruch' to the sailors on board if a ship leaves the harbour. It is like 'fair winds and following seas' but translates as 'Breaking of the masts and the sheets'. In German their is also the wish: 'Hals-und Beinbruch' 'Break your neck and leg'. which is just a 'break your leg' in English.
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