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I noticed that except for the Guardian, all the characters should have a use for paired weapons. The high elf can be modded to have paired weapons as a skill, meaning it can be added into her skill list. Now, when I put a weapon, a one handed one it goes fine; the next weapon I try to put in the 'other hand' does not go into the circle, instead it replaces the first weapon, leaving her one hand free instead of paired. Though a shield can be placed in the weapon circle, weapon/shiled combo, or a two hander, bow, etc.  This is the steam pc version.

Can there be a way for the high elf to be enabled to use paired weapons?

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Hello and welcome!

It's not working for you for a few reasons:

1) In creatureinfo.txt, the High Elf is missing the equipment slot for left-handed weapons.  Without it, it just swaps the first weapon with the second as you described.  This slot can easily be added.

2) The High Elf doesn't have an attachment bone on her model for left-handed weapons.  Without this, even with the equip slot added, the weapon would likely appear at her feet lodged in the ground when equipped.  This could theoretically be added with some work; we did this for Temple Guardian and Inquisitor to allow them to use shields in my mod Diablo 2 Fallen.

3) The High Elf doesn't have any dual wielding animations.  This is really the nail in the coffin.  Unlike shields, dual-wielding requires an extra set of animations for every movement the High Elf makes when wielding 2 weapons.  Ascaron simply did not create any such animations. You could copy dual wielding animations from the Dryad or Seraphim, or maybe an NPC, but due to the mismatch of the base models, the High Elf's body would look severely distorted when using them.

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Would it be possible to possibly design those animations? How so if possible? 

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