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Good Afternoon - Login to DarkMatters

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Good Afternoon, I validated my account 3 days ago, every time I try to enter log in in the forum, the computer says 404 not found so I can not enter or log in

I am writting this frome the mobile phone can someone hep me please?

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Hi and welcome to DarkMatters, Curios... you've successfully made your first post here at Darkmatters which means your registration was successful.

You are now able to make posts to other members on this forum, you have made it!

Re logging in from your computer if you find you can log in from one device and not another, try different browsers and even flush the cache 

Welcome to the forums!



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Welcome, Curios. I hope you find everything you need in here.

Could it be that your cookies have been mangled somehow? I remember having a similar problem a couple of decades ago. I deleted all my cookies and my login started working. The only problem was then having to remember all my multitudinous passwords. Fortunately I remembered most and got the rest ... in other ways.

I cannot guarantee it will work but it is an option.

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I have tryed microsoft edge and google chrome, no one allowed me to enter or log in  I have the option of remove cookies and historial once I close the browser... activated is there some eay to put screen shots:)

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Which browser are you using on your phone that is allowing you to successfully log in and have this conversation with us?

can you please list browsers you have used on your computer that have not logged you in pls

Chrome and Firefox are both browsers of choice




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18 hours ago, Curios said:

Microsoft edge and google chrone in both. 


Edge mobile finally alliwso me

Edge and chrone computer dosen't

How is this going? I was doing some reading online.. your type of error can come with broke cache or cookies... you should consider removing your browsers then reinstalling fresh if this is occurring/




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