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oGame goodbyes

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Well, sad to say but Uni 9 oGame lost a couple of greats of late.


Mika hit Download, who then gave Mika his #2 account, with which Mika hit a PurpleD as a Goodbye hit for Download. Weird.


Mika then used Download's old account to hit Firefly (a/k/a Rik) after Firefly achieved #1 Rank, #1 Research, and #1 Fleet (although at different times). An old friend of D.a.r.k.'s, he will be missed.


And now Anestty (a/k/a Coops) has done hit Goodbye hit. Another close friend to D.a.r.k., he will also be missed if he can sty clean. :)


In case anyone is keeping count, those are three of the Uni's biggest accounts that just changed hands . . . Anestty was using Nish's account, used to be Blade, Revenge9, etc., Download and Rik were #2 and #3 respectively on their original accounts.


- Ike

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...Anestty was using Nish's account, used to be Blade, Revenge9...


Hmmm...I really lost count of everybodie's accounts but this one I remember (I think) was [PAX] Werner's ?



Thank you! I was trying to come up with Werner's name but could not. I remember because he sent 12 (TWELVE!!) RIPs at someone near me who had a bit of a turtle for the time. They were not enough to break through but they did some serious defense bashing . . . this was three years ago. :) I believe that the account then passed to Revenge9/Blade/Nish . . . etc. But I also lose track a bit for some odd reason. :)

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Damn! I've been in vacay for months in 9(and dropped 4 ranks :() and looks like I missed quite a bit. Im sorry ta see the greats peacing out. I gotta be honest I myself have been thinking of bowing out...in uni36 my mines are 1 level away from uni9 and I have no fleet to worry about so I just play that uni passively. The only people I really know that play 9 are gin and yaga it seems :).


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh ta think back to the days when ike and gogo were running around and even my buds omgstuff and master of the nuts were mixing it up. Sweet memories.

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