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  1. Wonderful idea Max! However, as with every piece of software, I would advice to consolidate first before trying new ground :-) I noticed a couple of things, first the ' main' functionality of the program still needs some bug fixes/improvements as discussed by several people before. Second, there are only two guides at the management website which tells me people are not aware of your wonderful creation! I say, spend some more time and effort on the current functionality then try to get it out there, advertise for it by posting on those forums. Then, when you have a more extensive user base, s
  2. Thanks for the little guide. I have a question though: How did you mod Inexorable Subjugation? up..up..up doesn't really help to explain it.
  3. This is mostly because the algorithm I made for the skill points and the stats are not as efficient as I expected. If it really becomes a major problem, I'll try my best to improve it. EDIT : @Beng : I suppose you are the Peter who made an entry in my Guestbook. Thanks a lot for this great entry! About the PayPal donations, I'm not too sure if that's legal since I think I'm using copyrighted stuff. Maybe some admin or mod (Gogo, Schot, Llama, just to name a few) could give an answer about this. Max Haha you found me out. yes, I am the same person. If you ask for a site donati
  4. First of all, thanks for all your great posts anti-trust, been reading them :-) So I am trying out the Seraphim guide since my old shopper had some wrong choices there ;-) Anyway, about your Seraphim guide, when you pick armor lore at level 2 it suggests to put points at your choice where you actually have to start with 5 in tactics to be able to pick dual wield at 5.
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