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  1. Supposedly, it has to do with his size, even though he doesn't look that big and the Dragon Berserk, in comparison, is huge. It just seems stupid to me that they gave him the illusion of flight at all.
  2. I found the answer in the SacredWiki. I need to read more carefully.
  3. What's the purpose of the Dragon Mage character class feigning flying in Dragon Form? It would be better if he could fly for real.
  4. Well, I did what you said, but the high elf isn't undressed and it seems to think that I'm still using fleet's mod, because the seraphim and dryad look the same as fleet's models, even though I deleted the two folders from his mod so I could try out yours.
  5. I did what you suggested, and I tried it twice. Now, the mod won't even show up in JSGME
  6. I first installed it to the sacred 2 folder :steam\steam apps\common\Sacred 2. After that, I installed it to the sourcemod folder instead of the Sacred 2 folder. I can't give you a screenshot because it's no longer on my computer.
  7. Me too. I guess some mods aren't just compatible with Steam.
  8. I've done that. I just don't know what steam folder to place it in. I tried source mod, like was suggested, but no luck.
  9. Can anyone who uses Sacred 2 Ice and Blood on Steam tell me how to install mods? I've tried everything, and nothing is working.
  10. I didn't realize that there was a download link below. I assumed there wouldn't be because the download section said it was broken and the download page for the patch said that people were getting errors. Sorry.
  11. http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/files/file/91-community-patch/
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