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  1. Maybe not. Lost my characters and all my other saves. I'm having some PC issues, so much so it's even confusing some tekkies on a few forums and IRL. All my Hardware and software is on good standing, had them checked multiple times, but I did buy another of the same GFX card so I can test myself if it is a Hardware issue just being naughty inside my PC. If it's fine... Yay crossfire. Can't believe I forgot to backup my saves Anyway. Hope you're all having a good year so far. ~Saeo
  2. The steam comment: Just trying to open up more avenues for Sacred. Can never have too much of a good thing. - The class merge/swap/change thinggy (whatever it is?) was just me being an idiot... But now you said that I'll give it a think. ~Saeo
  3. Is it possible I can roll a Temple Guardian with the Inquisitor spells and use it like a Dryad? MOAR GORE. <3 Thanks for the tips for curing my sadistic streak. I'll look into them There was a post on Steam about getting games recommended for Workshop. Although I know it requires the developers to authorize and do whatever to get the game on the Workshop... (I hope this can still be done through Koch) - and Steam would probably ignore it anyway due to a lot of legal stuff - I recommended Sacred 2, as well as a fair few others. Would be nice to get all the mods from everywhere into one
  4. I'm curious. I've looked on the DarkMatters forum and on Google, but I can't seem to find anything other than other people wanting it. Is there any way to add more Gore? I'm a fan of blood and guts and limbs practically hitting my screen when I make stuff explode. Thank you for any help anybody could provide. <3 ~Saeo
  5. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know. I don't have any knowhow in graphic design or anything but I have a pretty powerful PC (I'm guessing most people these days do) to render Videos or whatnot - Also a not very well known musician so I can do small things like sound and effects and such. I hope everything goes well ~Saeo. P.S. I can also help by giving my time to do odd jobs such as collecting info, etc,etc.
  6. What he said ^ It's so successful because you've labored to make it that way, and you guys have done a bloody good job. ~Saeo
  7. The Dragon Mage Dragon Berserk timer was empty. I wasn't killing anything, like it was stuck? I don't mind. The Seraphim, mainly Sweeping Strikes I think it's called, but it happened with Radiant Pillar too. The Dryad, this was more of me trying to be funny (As you can tell now, it doesn't work out too well. ) -I didn't know anything about the CM Patch, where it came from or who did it. I didn't know about Dark Matters untill a few days ago either... So in my head it was the community here which recommended things and some guys with the knowhow made it happen. Thank you for letting me know
  8. Hello, I'm completely 100% new here. As soon as my account was validated, I jumped right on to creating this topic. Firstly, I'm a long avid player of Sacred 2 (Have it 3 times ) - So finding out that the servers went down... It destroyed me. I then googled Private Servers to see if I can get any info on if there's anybody hosting some and I found Dark Matters CM Patch 1.40 and I downloaded it. I love the changes. I just want to thank you from Dark Matters so much for trying, and keeping an abandoned game going. Trying to polish out the bugs and flaws, and doing things the original devs app
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