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  1. Yeah.. Dryads can be kind of squishy.. Ditto for High Elves. But Shadow Warriors are tanks by nature.


    Mainly just the DPS - my dual wield unarmed SW kills things way faster than any of my other characters

    The reflection and being hard to hit, plus having lots of HP thanks to the buff is just the icing on the cake :)


    Fists kill with sheer number of hits in combos, while healing him a bit and regening the combos

    When I use fist weapons, the damage rises a lot. When I switch to dual wield club/sword, I get close to 1k damage per swing, but doesn't necessarily kill any faster


    Having a hit % over 100% helps a lot

    I'll put up a vid later. So much fun, he really looks like a ninja or something :)

  2. Alrighty, we will see I guess :mamba:

    Even then comapred to all the other classes I've tried, this build is a cut above them all. My Dryad, of the same level, was chugging down potions at the same stage!

    Although I think my Dragon Mage and Inquistor seem to be pretty good as well

  3. Is it just me or is the Shadow Warrior unbelievable explosive, strong and godly, with dual wield fist weapons or even just fists?


    I'm trying a build out now, and at level 43, with all attributes into strength, with focus and Tactics lore the main focus. 2 buffs. Even unarmed he does 140+ damage, and 500+ with hafted fist weapons

    Main combo - of leap, Frenzied Rampage and Death Blow, other combo is FR, Sweep and Death Blow.

    I pretty much 2 hit mobs, and 2-3 hit champions. The big squid and Gar'Colus. were easy to kill....

    No shopper or Enhanced perception used either!


    And the bad guys can't seem to hit me either 90% most of the time :)


    Most lethal character/build yet - fear no one!

  4. Thanks


    I experimented with changing the sounds on the energy weapons/TG arm gun and certainly gives a different feel. I've never been really happy with the originals - too cheesey and annoying

    A sound I created by accident in my audio editor, mixes a WW2 cannon sound from a mod I did for Combat Mission years back and a short burst of another gun sound, seems to work well for the 2 handed energy weapons and TG gun - gives the impression of more power :)


    Just for laughs I snipped one of the light saber swing sounds and tried it on the energy staff and it seems to fit!


    Just a note, to make the sounds play in Sacred 2, you have to save them in OGG format, and using the VBR option.

    16 bit mono, 44 or 48khz

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  5. LOL I was playing a ton of Path of Exile, even splashed out on 2x10 premium stash tab packs... but now I have discovered Sacred 2 and have not played POE for a few weeks :lol:


    You really need to use the Skill Tree planner someone made for POE. I always have it open while playing, so I can plan ahead as I level up


    Highest character thus far is a level 65+ (from memory) dual totem, 6 zombies and skele totem, and traps witch

  6. File Name: LightSaber made quiet

    File Submitter: CoolColJ

    File Submitted: 24 Jul 2013

    File Category: Ice & Blood Patches and Mods


    The hum was the most annoying thing about the Lightsaber!

    I edited the sound file to be 24db lower in volume, so it is pretty much unnoticeable now above the ambient sounds.

    But the good Lightsaber swing and hit sounds are still active


    Unpack the file into your Sacred 2 Pak folder.

    It should work with the original game as well I think


    Click here to download this file

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  7. The hum was the most annoying thing about the Lightsaber!

    And since I have an audio editing background, I did something about it :)

    I edited the sound file to be 24db lower in volume, so it is pretty much unnoticeable now above the ambient sounds.

    But the good Lightsaber swing and hit sounds are still active


    Download here, and unpack into your Sacred 2 Pak folder in the install directory


    or from the download sections here



    I'm also not that happy with the energy weapon sound, so I think I will find a replacement sound from Star Wars maybe :starwars:



  8. I guess this mod doesn't work with Ice and Blood?

    Nothing happens, and the Imp becomes invisible.

    It worked with the demo original though...





    edit - I got parts of it to work, the character textures, by renaming the HQ folder in the mod to MQ.

    And I had to copy the folders from the Heroes.rar into pak\mq\maps\heroes


    HQ = Elite textures mode, so you won't see them if you don't have it selected in the options

    MQ = Standard

    LQ = low quality


    Imp is still invisible however


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