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  1. new passive tree is in the alpha now, along with auto dash, gap closer for melee As well as your building your home
  2. new passive skills tree With 4 rotating rings, the builds/combinations is gonna be staggering!
  3. Housing coming soon female character - lol at armour heels
  4. My level 59 2x mortar and thermite mine guy, with Flash Freeze on side did OK so far, But I cashed out after level 50
  5. Finally ARPG with custom character creation!
  6. Alpha 14 - new scenario system. Also coming to Steam soon! Man it's so content packed for an alpha :0 Quill18 using the new scenario system to do a Fallout4 lone survivor playthrough with a dog
  7. game is on special right now -25% Steam sale, and also -25% at GOG, but not a whole lot of content right now, but they are steadily updating it They added an Inn to the starter town, so you can sleep/heal until a specific time of day According to SteamSpy there are already 17+k owners on Steam, with a spike this week from the sales.
  8. Looks like for HC players, if you die there, you die for good....
  9. at least another year of development at a guess, it's only in alpha right now. The Kickstarter pages says Oct 2016 - sioounds a bit optimistic... there is going to be about 70 skills, so we have only seen a fraction of them
  10. New melee skills/combos and resource system for v0.2 in action Looks pretty cool and dynamic - built in "cleave Area of Effect" for melee https://www.twitch.tv/book_of_joshua/v/67801810 and
  11. They changed mana to umbra, and the resource system

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