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  1. New trailer - early access on Steam this year

    Hellraid will be a game that's focused on both cooperative gameplay and first-person hack-and-slash action, and will feature randomly-generated dungeons in an effort to keep the game from ever feeling stale or repetitive. Along the way, you'll encounter dozens of different enemies -- each with their own skills, equipment, strengths and weaknesses -- and Techland says the final retail version of Hellraid will include more than 100,000 lootable items

  2. Looks very cool - a first person, ARPG focused on the mage!

    With crafting, loot and what not. From what I can tell you can create all types and combos of spells to suit your play style


    Alpha, early access on Steam right now - also coming out on consoles



    Lichdom very much looks and feels like an HD, spellcasting-based version of Dark Messiah of Might and Magic

    Dev walkthroughs



    newer - from E3

  3. The footage is taken directly from the game's editor mode with many things disabled so don't take it as an example of final game.


    It's taken from the Umbra 3 GDC video. I have only extracted it at source quality, nothing else(same applies to audio). The blacks were destroyed in source footage itself. You can also spot a crossbow in the video, next to his swords.


  4. World building from GDC

    click pics to enlarge



    Core Theme: Procedural generation as much as possible, removing months of extra work.

    Terrain Edit: Novigrad, one of 3 main areas
    Generated with World Machine
    46x46 tiles, 512x512 each (23552^2), 63MB
    0.37cm between vertices, ~74 km^2 total (35 times Witcher 2)


    adaptive software tessellation (no "wasted triangles")


    3 texture layers: Background (e.g rock), Foreground (e.g. snow), Control map (e.g slope)


    Terrain shadows


    Custom vegetation generator


    pigment map for better blend with ground color


    Photoshop-like stamp/brush-Tool for fine tuning

    16 people working on Engine.
    Automatic occlusion culling + streaming with Umbra.


    Automatic LOD generation with Simplogon. Artist created in Witcher 2, and "they hated it".


    Terrain and vegetation: http://twvideo01.ubm-us.net/o1/vault...eation_and.pdf
    Simplogon LOD generator: http://twvideo01.ubm-us.net/o1/vault...ed_Up_Your.pdf
    Umbra 3 culling + Streaming: http://twvideo01.ubm-us.net/o1/vault...ibility_In.pdf

  5. Interview - small team, but big game it seems



    Güneş: The world is divided between continental zones. We haven’t made a real life scale comparison, but each zone takes around 10 minutes between the farthest point to traverse by flying at player speed, and up to 20 minutes by running on foot. We are planning to have around 3 overworld zones like this. There is also an Underworld, which is divided into smaller chunks, but its total size is comparable to an overworld zone.


    Your kingdom, your people

    Build and improve your own city. Communicate with other kingdoms, negotiate trade agreements and build alliances. Defend your city and your lands.

    Classic RPG systems

    In combat, depend on your own skills, rather than statistics on your character sheet. Use spells or weapons, you can play the game your way.

    Living World

    Living economy allows you to see the ripples of your own actions all around the world. Your steward will take care of your city while you are gone.


    Discover worlds both above, and beneath the earth. Find precious mineral veins and other treasures.


    You can only control your own character. Build your city by talking to your steward, or workers and selecting an appropriate lot from a miniature map. Protect your surrounding lands by ordering patrols and giving special missions to your troops. Troop effectiveness is determined by their training and weapons/armor quality.


    Your cities can produce different wares, which you can trade with other kingdoms if you wish, but you have to protect your roads and provide safe environment for traders first. Wage war or form alliances with other computer controlled kingdoms as you see fit.


    It is all text based (no voice overs), but has an expanding story with many arcs.



  7. Another indie ARPG



    • Switching seamlessly between the shadow world and the human world provides depth in the storyline and gameplay
    • Freedom of choice allows players to dictate the course of the game
    • Dynamic day and night cycles in elaborately designed locations
    • Gripping story in a world filled with myths, fates and legendary creatures
    • Unique party system puts players’ strategic thinking abilities and reaction times to the test




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