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  1. I booted it up today and update 7 improves traffic and adds a new lower/raise road feature!

    Plus churches and plop individual trees

    So you can have over passes and tunnels etc

    You can see some of the updates here - stopping that road u-turn thing is a big help



    Pretty sweet now, just make it bigger and all is well :)


    see my test overpass in the background


  2. Yeah the currency sink system of end game maps kinda sucks :(

    Especially since everything in this game is so Random Number biased already


    Would be better if you could just buy maps from the vendor, along a vendor to craft gear, if you wanted a specific number of sockets and socket colours. There is just too much left to chance - AKA gamblling simulator!

    Can be really frustrating when you want a better set of armour, but getting enough sockets and links to support your 4-6 linked gem layout you currently have is such PITA. For this reason my summoner is still using really low level gear....


    Not really a fan of the stats system either - the fact you can go up in levels and not have any of your attribute change, which means you can really gimp yourself, and so you do have to chase hitpoints on the tree and so the builds are quite limited IMO

    They painted themselves into a corner with the tree system, with the fact that everyone is the same, so melee has no advantage over spell/ranged. Ranged can be just as tanky as melee in other words, but without the same dangers....

    In most other games melee tends to be a lot more tanky by default, and can gain strength/HP a lot quicker etc




    In other news my Tank Marauder is into merciless ACT 1 Anarchy league, Peity was not hard, and those laser shooting things tend to kill themselves on my high block Tempest shield :)

    What hurts - those chaos damage alchemist bombers and bear trap throwing champions - seems you can't really block or evade traps!

    And the Exiles that use slow/cold damage and chaos damage - died quite a few times to those ones... I need a ranged attack, although flicker strike might help. Started using a rejuvenation totem after that, which helps against the chaos damage.

    If they introduce Exiles into other leagues, like they are planning too, you can say goodbye to glass cannon builds :P

    Can't really farm peacefully or even test stuff out, with the chance an Exile might spawn....feels like a PvP battle



    Been experimenting with my high level summoner/dual totem witch - dual shock novas with elemental proliferation is better than you think!

    Gonna try some frost wall and lighting warp totems next :)

    Maybe one frost wall for tanking/defence, and another skill for nuking - shock nova would work well with it


    Will probably respect out of 1-2 extra minion nodes to grab more minion damage ones - there is still the 3x15% minion damage ones to take, 45% extra damage will help a lot


  3. I just remebered I found some Facebreaker gloves in the Standard league - which multiplies unarmed physical damage by 997%...

    so any physical damage modifiers you add on, it gets x9.97 times... ie any iron rings increases DPS by huge amaounts, as with quivers etc.


    LOL I tried it on my level 26 Shadow I created a while back, and I'm going around one shotting everyone with just the basic auto attack.

    Only skill gems that work with it are Frenzy, Infernal Blow and Dominating Blow.

    I linked both gems to a melee splash gem, and now I'm running around mass one shotting mobs and turning them into my minions with hardly any gear, effort or mana use! :)


    Now to try out other support gem combos -once I get to level 31, when I can use the Melee Damage gem, I think the damage is going to skyrocket!




    Sure saves looking for better weapons and gear.... this might become my default leveling item from level 16 and up... :P

    Plus 2 firetraps, bear trap and molten shell

  4. I think Incinerate and Fireball Linked to Lesser Mulitple Projectiles is the way to go for the build I am thinking of.

    I experimented with it on a Witch I had made in the Anarchy league that had 7 points saved up from a while back, and it turns Fireball into a shotgun! Problem is the Witch is squishy. But if I use my Tank Marauder, then things change for the better.


    I saw some build that had Tempest Shield linked with Blind - Everytime you block, Blind gets activated, so you get a 77% chance to dodge, rinse and repeat :)

    Seriously tanky......


    The most important gem to note is that Blind support linked with Tempest Shield. The high block chance attainable with this spec allows almost 100% uptime of blind on nearly all mobs. By not taking Unwavering Stance this allows you a psuedo 77% chance dodge. Paired with a maxed Arctic armor and nearly 20k armor this character is amazingly immune to some of the most dangerous monsters in the game.


    edit - I've been experimenting with Frost Wall - when you spam it it can do some cool things :)

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  5. I've been theory crafting - need Eldrich Battery node - convert all energy shield into mana, so I can use Arctic Armour full time which more or less does a lot of what normal armour does, plus stops fire damage. So sacrificing some armour with armour/energy shield gear vs pure armour gear won't be an issue.
    Use fire/physical attack/spells so reflect doesn't hurt you with arctic armour on in late game

    Since my tank Marauder does not have any weapon/magic skills nodes yet I could use him for such :)
    Or I might start a new Shadow spell character - tempest shield, high block, Arctic Armour, Eldrich battery build and super fast fireball spam, plus high HP

    This path is the highest HP you can get as a Shadow, I'll use it as a framework, move some nodes to get my skills


    stats from the POE Skill Tree Planner - http://code.google.com/p/path-of-exile-skilltree-planer/downloads/detail?name=POESKillTree1.41.zip

    more useful tools here http://poetools.com/

    +364 to Strength
    +262 to Dexterity
    +142 to Intelligence

    Evasion Rating: 290

    +3 Maximum Endurance Charge
    +3 Maximum Frenzy Charge
    +3 Maximum Power Charge
    5% Additional Elemental Resistance per Endurance Charge
    5% Physical Damage Reduction per Endurance Charge
    5% Attack Speed Increase per Frenzy Charge
    5% Cast Speed Increase per Frenzy Charge
    50% Critical Strike Chance Increase per Power Charge
    18% increased Attack Speed

    418% increased maximum Life

    92.4% increased Evasion Rating
    4% increased Physical Damage
    1% of Life Regenerated per Second
    30% increased Critical Strike Chance
    +28.4% Energy Shield
    +72.8% increased Melee Physical Damage
    +524 Accuracy Rating


    Then take the Iron Reflexes node that converts all evasion to armour

    With high block and Tempest Shield we won't be evading too much, plus all the shields that have damage reflect, have evasion only stats.... and evasion only gear have much higher values than pure armour ones


    High strength means Ironwill gem - use strength bonus for more spell damage - will help a lot for more DPS

  6. Man the Shadow with 2 swords/rapiers is a pure killing machine so far into Act 2 - Double Strike already does over 400dps at level 19 :o

    I'm one shotting Rock Golems in the Old Fields etc. Or maybe I just have 2 good super fast swords - one has 1.72 attacks/sec, the other 1.64

    And sucking in huge mobs and flattening them with Reave.

    I'm aiming for a dual wield block build for this one - grabbing as many block nodes as I can


    My Level 50 Super Tank Marauder only does 400dps with heavy Strike.... but he does have 1600+hp and close to 50% block rate and a lot of Hp regen :P

    I suppose the speed is slow, but the initial burst damage is quite high though.

    He just got past Cruel Vaal, now into Cruel Act 3


    I'm liking the look of Explosive Arrow, might try that out next

  7. It does the same damage as your basic auto attack, but with Area of Effect that expands with each hit, the amount of which scales per gem level. Actually at higher gem levels the damage is higher than the basic attack

    It's a bit like a physical attack ice nova


    I tried the gem briefly on my slow ass super tank Marauder, and it works out ok, but you really need the speed to make it work better


    That and Dual Strike are all you need for a Shadow. And Whirling Blades for mobility

    Don't really need fire traps for leveling anymore, with Reave


    Hmm Tempest Shield Shadow build....

  8. Man I just discovered a cool combo of gems.


    On my chest armour piece I have a 4 link -

    originally I had Heavy Strike + Sweep + Life Gain on hit (currently +24hp) + Life leech 5.5% of damage

    I then picked up Blood Magic gem , use life instead of mana for linked gem


    Now it's Heavy Strike + Sweep + Blood magic + Life Gain on hit (currently +24hp) + Life leech 5.5% of damage

    Heavy Strike has 42 mana cost due to the linked gems, which is now HP due to Blood magic... -24hp on each hit and 5.5% of 276 DPS ( around 15hp).. so it pretty much cancels out - free attack! :)

    If I used a skill that have multiple hits or splash, it wouldn't even matter... but I use this combo on bosses, so I never have to worry about mana.


    So I can alternate between this and say Infernal Blow+Melee Splash or Lightning Strike+Stun gem, until I run out of mana and switch.

    My 40HP/sec life regen ensures I won't die either, as I block/reflect half of the attacks that I can't dodge.

    Plus when Blood magic levels up, it will use less mana/HP.


    I just face tanked Cruel level Merveil - piece of cake with the above combos :guns:

  9. Well I'm a slug compared to these guys, but I'm relentless and "unkillable" :P

    I just face tanked Cruel Brutus :D


    In Ledge runs with a group of 6, I kill very slow though....

    But I just crafted a 400+DPS with heavy strike 2 handed axe.

    My Molten Shell and reflect off Tempest Shield is getting good though - if I'm surrounded by archers, they end up killing themselves :)

    45% block, and 28 for spells so far. Every block reflects 70-104 lightning damage

    Once I get the shock node, good times! I have Iron Will hooked up to this, but later will have Life Leech.


    I think my build will eventually be very strong in the higher levels....


    I took a white shield and made it 20% quality and then turrned it into a rare and damn it gives me 655 armour, up from it's original 299! Much better than anything I have found so far or hand me downs from my other higher level character

    And it gives me 25% all elemental resist

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  10. I solo face tanked Piety at Lunaris normal with my new Marauder on Anarchy! :ninja2:

    Was able to stun her a bit as well.

    Only enemies I have problem with is the laser firing ones - ouch....


    I did Vaal with a group so don't know how well I could have tanked him :)

    I'll try and farm him today and see...


    Onto cruel level now!

    HP at 1170 or so

    Some of the Exiles I have faced have been tough to hit, but my Molten Shell does the trick :P

    I think this build could be pretty nasty in PvP


    I tried a two handed weapon in my alt slot and while the DPS is 2x, man the change in tankiness is way lower without a shield! But you do get more fun skills like Sweep, which can regen a lot of heath with my HP on hit gem, when standing in the middle of a mob

  11. I got my duelist up to level 18 before he died in the above Descent event - not bad




    LOL I bought another 6 stash tabs from the above sale, but now have some left over credits - guess I should get that weapon glow effect with it.... :starwars:


    Now I can finally organise all the weapon and armour types...


    Got around to making a Marauder build and this by is the most tankiest and "ignore the enemy" even bosses build so far into Act 2 in Anarchy league. There is a build that was just to have the most strength/hitpoints theory wise, so I'm loosely following while grabbing some hitpoint regen and elemental resist nodes, plus later some shield/spell block.


    I found a rare amulet that allows you to use 50% of your shield block on spells! Very powerful, especially when I combine it with some spell block nodes later on.


    He very much reminds me of my Engie in TL2 and Shadow Warrior in SC2

    I called him Path_of_Hitpoints ;)

    at level 26 he has 900+ HP, I hope to get him over 10k end game. He is regening 22 hp/sec with the current 2% HP regen nodes. When I get over 10k and with more % HP regen, it's gonna be rediclous

    He can migitate 50% of damage from armour so far, only dodge 22%, but can block 35% physical, 15% spells

    I also use Molten shell which boosts armour even higher, plus adds more DPS when it explodes, but even with only 190hp molten shell buffer, before it erupts, the mobs don't seem to trigger it much right now - shows how well he blocks/dodges!

    Also Tempest shield which boosts block %, and adds more lightning damage/reflect when I block


    He gains 22 HP per attack hit from gem as well - currently using a claw with lightning strike, along with double strike, only because it has the highest DPS. Plus Shield Bash.

    I normally use Heavy strike, Cleave, Infernal Blow, Leap Slam with a sword/mace/axe.


    LOL my HP doesn't even move when spiders put Chaos DOT on me, or just standing there with archers shooting. In fact I reflect back to them that they eventually kill themselves :ninja2:


    Also have an alt weapon - Bow with poison arrow/lightning arrow.


    Might grab some lightning nodes for more shock, since Tempest shield and weapons use it


    If I can somehow add Arctic Armour ontop of this he will be a virtual "god" - but where can I find the mana....

    Right now with mobs, I just stand there, turn on Molten shield and either spam some Ice nova/Lightning strike/Infernal Blow while Tempest Shield reflects and Molten Shield eventually blows kills everything surrounding me!


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