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  1. Probably a first for the aRPG genre - real physics based combat and magic!

    It sure makes things look a lot more realistic


    some alpha footage from this kickstarted indie game



    inventory system - slotless



    character generator range



    body type changes clothes as well



    hair generation



    Hair physics



    Procedural beach/water landscape


  2. weird I never noticed any of that :)


    I wish you could zoom out a bit more - it feels so myopic right now!

    You have Queen Carrions flame balling you off screen FFS




    edit -


    gonna try a evasion, block, life and mana leech build next. With maybe claw weapons?

    A bit like my current Torchlight 2 Engineer and Sacred 2 Shadow Warrior :)

    Maybe a Ranger with the new Reave skill gem + Frenzy and Flicker Strike. And Discharge to round it off.


    My dual Totem+Summons witch is a tad swishy. As long as Totems and minions hold I'm fine. but if I die even once in a boss fight and re teleport back in, I'm screwed! The rocks Merciless Vaal throw can one shot me.... that was bitch because I didn't even have time to put up a Teleport! After that the thought of having to fight back through the long level made me stop there.... sigh


    I want to feel like a Bad ass! But alas the devs don't want you to feel like that..... :starwars:

  3. Yes Diablo 3. If you compare it to other free to play games, you can see the graphics/animation/effects are not in the same league. But that is Japanese games for you, the attention to detail :)

    Some of it looks quite "bad" to me. Pretty surprising given the budget and dev time of D3. Or maybe the vision and talent level they have is just not on par...


    If you compare ex Blizzard North members, aka people who did Diablo 1 and 2, now Runic Games, output Torchlight 2 - for 1/4 of the budget, manpower and dev time, it's much better from a gameplay point of view. Lots of interesting ideas, puzzles and easter eggs in T2


    Really get no attachment to your character in D3

  4. You get used to it, I did in Borderlands and then got "immersed", but not like Skyrim :)

    think the trend started with TF2...


    Although I can understand Everquest Next doing it, with the voxels






    edit - I read that Everqest Next uses StoryBricks technology for the AI emotion/memory and emergent behaviour


    What is Storybricks about now?

    We believe that while graphics, gameplay and interface have evolved in gaming, Artificial Intelligence has lagged behind. Our goal is to bring changes to Artificial Intelligence in games as significant as 3D graphics were to game aesthetics.

    We designed and built an emotional intelligence engine in order to breathe life into virtual characters. They have their own goals, moods, they interact among themselves and take decisions on their own. The story no longer revolves solely around scripted behavior: game worlds can now be rich and complex.

    There was a failed kickstarter for Storybricks that had a playable demo where you could place you own npcs and tell them how to behave etc


  5. I'm constantly suprised how complex you can get with TL2, and how much depth can be had with the builds, skills, socketing and leveling.


    Right now I'm going through my 10th or so character - but one of the most kick ass in Veteran, up to act 2 so far.

    Female Engineer - but not the usual build....


    I've been investing in 2 points in Dexterity and Vitality, 1 in Strength and none in Focus.

    She uses a super fast 0.48 sec Claw weapon and a Shield. Block and dodge rates are getting decent now, and pile on as much armour across the board as I can. I didn't take Forcefield like most Engie builds - I don't like casting active buffs!

    Sword and Board skill uses shield to boost melee attack, and I use Shield Bash to knockback and stun mobs - a god send on that Spider Nest Phase beast map! :)


    That claw weapon is nearly OP - really fast, which helps PROC Supercharge skill as well as the -15 armour reduction per hit (which stacks over 5 seconds), 35 ice damage over 5 secs (also stacks) from a socket item, along with 20% of hit damage HP leech. Claws also ignore 50% of enemy armour as well, so you get full damage pretty quickly

    With a 0.48 second auto attack time - do the sums on the stacking of DOT and life leech :P

    Plus any flat damage add modifiers on my gear really gets multiplied up by the fast attack speed and some of the skill buffs


    I use the Onslaught leap to start each attack, a bit like my Sacred 2 Shadow Warrior build ;)

    Been steamrolling through bosses so far....

    My pet also has "leech life to me" tag item




    I also don't like that Synergies mod, I dunno it just doesn't feel as finally honed as the vanilla game. Way too many monsters and what not!

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  6. Initial thoughts -


    is this really a 2012 game? The animation and graphics look pretty subpar for such a big budget game...

    Next - this game is too simple. Leveling up just doesn't feel satisfying at all! It's like a casual "kids game" or MMO like in some ways!

    No weapon swap or loadouts? Crap loot


    Dare I say it, Torchlight 2 has far more depth and engagement. Let alone Sacred 2 and Path of Exile, in terms of leveling and what not.

    Borderlands 1+2 are far more enjoyable, as well.

    Even the ancient Hellgate Global MMO I tried 2 days ago seems better IMO :)


    Not feeling like I would drop money on this.

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  7. There is a bit of "game play" at 39 min onwards in part 2


    The facial Emote thing using a webcam is pretty awesome. Watch some vids of it in action with Everquest2, but it's much more refined here off course.

  8. Test it out, I'm no expert on POE, so I can't really offer build advice :)


    I use that POE build tool someone made, better than the official POE one, but I don't think it's updated to the new changes yet

    Anyway it allows you to compare builds directly which is very helpful if your trying to get the most effeicient build. It can load all your gear as well and factor in the bonuses and what not

  9. Whoa at this quote... Next gen MineCraft! :wow:



    Everquest Next’s world is made of voxels and everything in it is destructible.


    Players still select a race and class to begin with, each having access to four abilities and a couple of weapon types, but they can learn the skills of the other classes as they progress, mixing and matching skills and equipment.


    The lower layers of the world drawn on the thousands of years of Everquest lore, archaeological depths that can be explored and looted, or that can become tombs for the unprepared. Certain spells will allow characters to teleport beneath the surface but any hero can grab a pick and start digging. When everything from the largest structure to the ground itself is a massive collection of changeable voxels, exploration isn’t simply about walking from point to point, it’s about making new routes to previously impossible places.

    That’s worth saying again: exploration isn’t simply about walking from point to point, it’s about making new routes to previously impossible places.

    In an MMO.


    Rather than relying on the functional blocks of Minecraft, Next is capable of breaking environments down at the smallest level, leaving jagged scars in the side of hills and allowing for earthquakes that can splinter entire regions, revealing the ancient things below. Some of those ancient things may wake up and emerge, creating new problems and new opportunities.


    When a new entity arrives in the world, whether at the developer’s bidding or due to player interference, its behaviour is driven by a series of objectives, needs and desires. Whether an orc bandit or an enormous demon from the depths, a creature is not the product of a spawn point, mindlessly wandering until the proximity of a hero activates its basic functions. It’s an AI entity that functions as part of a world. At least that’s the claim.


    A gang of orcs, for example, won’t simply appear at a specific point in the world, replenishing shortly after they have been eliminated. Instead, when they appear, they react to the changing world. They act as bandits, and their purpose is to steal and murder. Therefore, they’ll lurk near settlements, finding good positions to carry out roadside ambushes as goods and people travel from village to village.

    If a group of players start to patrol that road, clashing with the orcs, the parameters change. The AI reinterprets the situation, checking if the threat level is too high and possibly deciding to move on, wandering until it discovers a new suitable location. Or perhaps not. It’s possible that a particular group of players won’t present a strong enough threat, in which case the orcs could become more confident, preparing an assault. Or maybe they have a leader who will call for reinforcements.

    Finally emergent gameplay!


    Having an entire world in which human players are competing with reactive AI provides dynamic objectives. If those orcs stray too close to a village, or kill too many merchants and travellers, an NPC may put a bounty on their heads. Alternately, the villagers may ask for better defences, which could lead players into patrol duty, or even gathering resources for teh construction of a palisade or stone walls. It may even be possible to side with the orcs, becoming a raider, and sodding off to the next horizon and leaving the situation to fester is always an option. NPCs remember players’ actions so the consequences of decisions will affect relations and future interactions.


    Everquest Next is looking good, next gen MMO

    I know they were at the QuakeCon panel today, but unfortunately I missed the presentation. Do you know what the business model is by any chance?

    Free to play apparently!? Skyrim eat your heart out!


    EverQuest Next is a Free to Play, next-generation sandbox MMO built on the ForgeLight Engine. There has never before been a game like this.


    EverQuest Next Landmark is a Free to Play, next-generation online sandbox game. Build and explore a world unlike anything you've seen before


    edit- it seems there are 2 different "products" here


    EverQuest Next Landmark is a world where you can design and make anything you can imagine! Objects and buildings that players construct may be featured in EverQuest Next.

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    But why is everyone going "cartoony" these days? Looks like a Walt Disney character art style!

    I think due to WoW being like first "king" of MMOs, their influence has rippled out into the gaming community. Alot of these game developers who grew up playing the game will really enjoy that graphic style and willingly or not it will show up in some form in the game. Also, keep in mind that many artists find it easy to create something fictional/cartoony looking instead of trying to mimic real life :)

    Well, you can still be illustrative, without being cartoony. I'm thinking more like Metal gear Solid etc

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