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  1. I did figure out a way just today I didnt know of. I basically click ones on an enemy and never let go of the mouse button and just use the mouse to move around. Any enemy that gets tagged by it is autmatically attacked. This works I guess. The only thing that seems to cancel it is pressing the forward or backward key. I did kind of know about this to the point where I was holding down the mouse button only when fighting a certain group of enemies but it was not consistant and it had to do with me presisng the forward or backward key.
  2. One thing I am really missing from the xbox version is the auto attack feature. I play on a pretty high res and seeing my pointer is pretty hard so it makes it a huge pain killing things sometimes plus it gets too annoying having to click and point and hold every time. Is there an actual button or a mod that allows me to attack the enemy closest to me and keep attacking until I release that button (without having to point at that enemy)
  3. NVM the newest version is better lol. Sure this one lets me create more op character but man oh man, there are a lot of things its lacking, such as teleporting from anywhere, something that is an absolute MUST have. I guess I will just not take bargaining anymore, or maybe not put as much effort into leveling in it up and reloading the game over and over just to get a good item. It is worth mentioning btw that with my inquizitor build on the latest version , after quite a lot of reloading the game , I managed to get a all skills +5 amulet at level 50 , everything else was +1 and +2
  4. So this was my first build after not having played the game for a long time. The idea for this character was originally to kill everyone and everything without doing anything, just sitting close to the enemy. However this changed later in the game because getting the damage of his main ability to go up is really hard. I DO NOT KNOW HOW THIS CHARACTER WILL DO PAST LEVEL 50 but at level 50 he was really good for what it's worth. The build itself is basically a battle mage, that will deal automatic magic damage to his enemies every second, reflect a big portion of close and range
  5. I was wondering since you have sacred wiki on your profile and I did use that site a few times during my build. The inquizitor has that Reverse Polarity buff and one of the first upgrades is to deal damage to enemies. My inquisitor had that, and although I was able to get the damage really high, the freequency of that pulse remained the same (it is about 1 second or something). I tried a lot of gear that increases attack speed, it didnt seam to do anything. I dont think it was affected by casing speed either from the Lore skill that I had which was at about 90 points. Do you happen
  6. Well I bought the gold one haha and the xbox 360 version back in the day. Anyway I really like the game, if you guys decide to make a 4th one I will be willing to donate. The one I just installed is 2.12 I think.
  7. So I decided to play this game again after not playing since like 2012. Last time I did it was on the xbox. I got the gold version on steam and played as an inquizitor till level 50 (and found a ridiculous build combining that reflective thing with the damage pulses, the lightning spell + physical damage). THE ONE problem I have with this game other than the freezes from time to time which for me personally are tolerable as I tend to save a lot, is how bargaining has been nerfed horribly since the last time I played. I used a program to edit my baragaining skill to 200
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