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  1. int p=1; do { printf("%d",p); } while(p--);
  2. Basically it was a offline single player game , something which was set up in mountains and water . And there appeared some big dragons/creatures which must had been killed by us
  3. I have a lot of about 100 or more games and was wondering where I could take these make at least 200$ for the whole lot Have a bunch of the classics and a few of the console sellers like mk9 and lbp2
  4. The cursor stops in mid-move and is very sluggish. I put new batteries in and it didn't help. I swapped it out for Logitech M510 to no avail. I have a fully updated version of Windows 10 Version 21H2 (OS Build 19044.2006) Any help would be greatly appreciated! Have a good one!
  5. I’ve tried resetting the consul testing the Internet unplugging and plugging back in the power but nothing works. And it doesn’t matter which game I’ve tried Battlefield 1, Warthunder, Hell Let Loose, and Battlefield 4. For some reason I will get sent to the menu but whenever I try to actually load in and play a game in error message will pop up saying I’m not connected. Idk what’s going on as the Internet works fine for everyone else. I’m on the Xbox series XS if that helps.

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