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  1. File Name: All Temple Guardian Unique Armor and Batteries File Submitter: Flix File Submitted: 28 Mar 2014 File Category: Ice & Blood Temple Guardian Items These chests contain all Temple Guardian Unique Armor and Batteries present in Sacred 2 with Ice and Blood Expansion. Set items and new items from the Community Patch are not included. These chests contain: 4 Mile Boots Beater's Grin Beater's Mighty Spaulders Dura's Cell Gleaming Plate Armor From Ahil Tar Glowing Core of Energy Helmet of Insanity Opus Keri Plasma Energy Core (Legendary) Raladan's Leggings Raladan's Lightning Scribe G
  2. File Name: All Seraphim Unique Armor File Submitter: Silver_fox File Submitted: 27 Mar 2014 File Category: Ice & Blood Seraphim Items These chests contains all Seraphim Uniques present in Sacred 2 with Ice and Blood Add-on. The set items and new items from the Community Patch are NOT included. These chests contain: Helmet of Insanity Scribe Bracers ot Atherton Muadib's Visions Aelfren's Corsage Bodhie's Resistance Aelfren's Girdle Bodhie's Vestment Bodhie's Promise Divine Armor Angel's Wings The Bulwark Blade Breaker The information below applies to all items. Item levels: Silver diff
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