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  1. Here is a very strong Ice Elf Build that should easily play through the Niobium level. I advise you to play with Expert Touch enabled to draw from the other CAs that are not being used, as this is a Single Aspect focused build. Please check below so that you will know what to do with attribute points.* At Level 2 select Armor Lore. You should invest your skill points here and keep them at character level. Master Armor Lore First. Upon reaching Level 3 select Mystic Stormite Lore. It will serve as the main aspect and you will need to master it second, after Armor Lore. So invest skills points here until it is mastered. When you reach level 5 select Concentration and keep it with only one point for now. It may be mastered later on after skills that are more important now. Upon reaching level 8, you will need to select Mystic Stormite Focus. I prefer to keep this skill at the same level as is my character and too, the same as for Mystic Stormite Lore. After you put the points into Armour Lore to keep it at character level. Master Mystic Stormite Lore second and master Mystic Stormite Focus third. At level 12 select Delphic Arcania Focus. At this point stop putting points into Mystic Stormite Focus for now. You now need 31 points in Delphic Arcania Focus to modify Grand Invigoration and Expulse Magic. Grand Invigoration will help with regeneration time and Expulse Magic will protect your toon from deadly magic attacks as well as those annoying ones like rooting effects. When you reach level 18 select Constitution. You can get by with only one point for now. At this point add skill points to Armor Lore first, Mystic Stormite Lore second and Mystic Stormite Focus third. You will want to master Constitution fourth, so start pumping points into it after you get Delphic Arcania Focus to 31 points and have satisfied Armor Lore, Mystic Stormite Lore, and Mystic Stormite Focus to character level. The reason that Constitution should be mastered fourth is for the defense it offers in high hit-points and faster hit point regeneration. At level 25 select Ancient Magic because there are certain enemies that are difficult to impossible to kill without it, as they are so resistant to your ice damage. You will want to master Ancient magic fourth so by the time you get to Platinum and Niobium levels no foe can withstand your brutal icy attacks! Upon reaching level 35 you should choose Shield Lore. Shields may contain sockets for modifiers, are a boon to defense, and Shield Lore helps also because it grants the ability to bear higher level shields. Some shields even offer a sweet block chance and, with eventual mastery, there's the relief of having a "block chance close combat" upon mastering this skill. Now that you have reached level 50, select Spell Resistance. You will find that it's not always so convenient to use Expulse magic and magic attacks can be brutal and even devastating. Therefore, let's protect our lady further with this important skill. At level 65 you can now finally select Combat Discipline and benefit from a boost in damage and a slightly speedier regeneration time. Adding Ice Damage Modifiers to your sockets may boost the damage to quite punishing levels. Even using a single Combat art alone, unaccompanied in a "combo," will add more speed and more damage. At level 75 Armor Lore, Mystic Stormite Lore, and then Mystic Stormite Focus are mastered. Mystic Stormite Lore mastery allows for an increase in inflicted damage, critical hit chance, and the execution speed of the Mystic Stormite Aspect of the High Elf. It also enables the use of modifications for the aspect. Mystic Stormite Focus mastery grants a further decreased regeneration time and spell levels are raised even higher without any penalty. *It's very important to properly assign attribute points. So, it's recommended to put all of the points into Vitality until you select Constitution and are putting more points into it. Afterward, I like to put 75% of my points into Intelligence and 25% into Willpower until I master Spell Resistance. Then, I assign all Attribute points to Intelligence for the huge boost to the High Elf's icy Spell Intensity. Now for Combat Arts, the what and the why: Crystal Skin is the Mystic Stormite's primary Buff. It boosts the physical armor, increases the regeneration speed and, when modified, has the chance to reflect spells. Glacial Mirror - This will increase the chance to reflect incoming detrimental magical effects Feel Cold - This will reduces an opponent's resistance against ice damage Frosty Breeze - More damage is good and this will additionally increase ice damage. I select this also because I forge in "chance to halve regeneration time" to 100%. So I do not need the even faster regeneration time offered by "Mystic Stormite Expertise." I have found that "memorizing" as many runes as I can, I still have the fastest regeneration time attainable with this build, but more power devastates bosses unimaginably fast. Here, I find it very important to remind you that in the beginning we "eat" as few runes as possible to keep our Combat arts regenerating in 1.5 to 2 seconds (Raging Nimbus up to 3). This should then be halved by Chance to Halve Regeneration Time 100%. This is how we can get away with eating more runes and get the raw power we desire and the fast regen time! Frost Flare: Freeze - Reduces our target's movement and the slower they move, the less damage they impart. Frost - This increases the ice damage over time almost 40% and who doesn't want more damage done to their opponent? Icy Circle - This freezes our opponents inside a much larger area surrounding the target. (Great for small close-knit mobs.) Glacial Thorns (This is our merciless Boss Slayer) Frost - Our advantage is that it increases the damage inflicted by each frozen thorn. (We will add Fusillade a bit later.) Devastation - Can you say "critical hits"!? (Just in case you cannot, "Devastation" says basically the same thing). Fusillade - This will Increase the number of frozen thorns and the more thorns there are the more chance to hit the opponent and the more thorns there will be contacting the target and doing damage. Raging Nimbus (This will be modified to defeat large mobs, frozen to their demise quickly and perhaps without too much suffering): Wrath - The ice damage of the lightning is vastly increased. Roar - This offers a reduction in the attack value of all affected opponents Cyclone - A significant increase in the duration of the blizzard is offered here and it just stacks up! Note: Before eating any more runes (more is never less with the exception of Grand Invigoration) check that your regeneration time is so low that each Combat Art is fully spammable. I cannot stress the importance of this in a stronger way! Grand Invigoration is our lady's secondary buff. It grants a major boost to health regeneration and speeds regeneration time of her Combat Arts to include even Expulse Magic. Mystic Stormite Expertise - This will grant a much faster regeneration time for the aspect Mystic Stormite. Life Energy - The High Elf is a bit frail (yet spirited) so an additional amount of increased hit-point regeneration rate is a boon. Resilience - A decrease in the severity of the impact and the duration of incoming detrimental effects is a plus. No? Runes: Eat as many as you can find. Buy and eat them as you can afford as long as the diminishing returns aren't significantly affecting the levels increase at the time. Expulse Magic is important to insulate our character form magical attacks, magical effects, and life leech spells like those cast by those infernal Demonic Eyes (Don't you dislike them? I know, right?). Strength - Let us increase its banishing potential while we maintain its identical, yet effective radius. Pentagram - Lessening the duration and impact of weakening spells is a very good thing as it helps us fight back sooner. Protection - The potential to fully block an incoming magical attack is sweet. I like to eat fewer E.M. runes and benefit from faster regeneration time. Keep that at about the same frequency interval as is Raging Nimbus or a bit faster. But, what do we wear to the ball? Well, the choices are many, yet I like to use Glimborin's Garments of Mutation , as there are more sockets. However, the pieces aren't just found lying around everywhere so wear what best compliments your Mystic Stormite build and remember to forge into her armor the following: All Skills + rings with added ice damage (and physical damage for Glacial Thorns), rings with reduced casting speed, pendants that reduce damage over time, amulets that increase Combat Arts and those which increase the Mystic Stormite Aspect. If you can find Artamark's Star it will provide the much needed base damage that the High Elf will need against all damage types. If you find items or jewelry that grants Damage Mitigation use them. I mentioned it before, but it bears repeating, Forge in Chance To Halve Regeneration Time to a level of 100% or don't get stuck in a Boss Battle with any less, you may live to regret it yet your toon may not. Just remember, when things in Ancaria seem to be going mad, you will be keeping it frosty, my friends. In closing, I'd like to express my gratitude to Locologarto. His Pyromante (Arrant Pyromancer) build is, more or less, what I based this build on. Although I have created many different Mystic Stormite builds of my own design, my first was based on this one here and it's a very good start to a fully successful (survivable and powerful) "Ice Elf" build.
  2. In this installment of High Elf Boss Battles (post Community Patch 160) we see our heroine, Tarellethiel, pitted in a mortal battle with the formidable oppugnant, Thranak.
  3. In this episode of Niobium Level High Elf Boss Battles (post Community Patch 160) our heroine encounters the T-Energy Boss Monster, the Gar'Colossus.
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