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  1. Greeting fellow gamemates. Take a moment and listen to some in the background while reading this build. Ive been playing sacred 2 for a while ( a loooong while ) and I reached my first level 200 hardcore dryad character. I know its kinda late but I thought I'd put my build here if anyone is ever intrested. Description: This build is designed for a hardcore expensive character. Its mostly weapon based but you have some flexibility to tweak it to your taste. I will only cover the essentials First of all, why would you use this build? Pros and Cons: Pros: High damage against bosses ( usually it takes less than 30 secs per boss ) Good heal/sec ( >2000hp/s ). Flexible character High armor and decent hitpoints. Very high DPS ( ~500.000 DPS or higher ) Can use all skills. Big life leech. Many hits per second. Flexible, customizable equipement. Tons of modifications ( finished all for Capricious Hunter and Nature Weaver on my character ). Very very high evasion chance ( normal eneimes have around 2-3% chance to hit you ). More than 100% chance to hit. You have shrunken heads ( dryads rulez ). If you are lucky you can get 90% and more spell resistance. Niob / Hardcore viable ( tested myself ). Expert Touch is actually helping your build. Cons: Fire sensibility of Ancient Bark - getting 1 hitted by fire in Platinum or Niob is the only way you can die imo. Very ( really... very ) rare items. Gets boring if you are not playing on hardcore. You need to get a mod for it. You only have 7 pieces of armor ( dryad problem ). NOTE: Please read requirements before anything. I suggest you install the enchanted spells mod even if you dont use this build because its very well made. It brings balance in the game. Mods also revive your desire to play a game and so on. Table of content: Class. Build explanation. Requirements Character creation Stats. Skills. Modification points. How to put points in skills depending on your level. Combat arts and runes. Items. Tactics and Combos. Notes and tips based on my experience. Green = Finished Blue = In progress Red = Not started Yellow = Read before anything else UPDATE: Finished the whole build. NOTE ! : If you are already familiar with the dryad check requirements and skip to 4. - 2. Expert touch. 1. Class: Dryad The Dryads are descendants of renegade Elves who withdrew to the western islands in ancient times. Dryads live as one with nature and are masters of nature magic. They’re also well-skilled with ranged weapons such as bows or blowguns. The Dryad is an adept of ranged combat. She has also mastered the magic of nature, and even practices dark voodoo, which she can use to collect shrunken heads from her enemies! All dryads can make use of three aspects and we will use them all in this build. Those are: 1. Capricious Hunter : Ranged combat comes easily to the Dryad, and her prowess with these weapons is frightening. She is second to none when stealthily attacking from a distance, and can inflict great damage before being seen. 2. Cabalistic Voodoo : Displaying the darker side of the Dryad, this powerful magic slowly removes the life force from her enemies. She can also summon the ethereal ghosts of her defeated foes to fight by her side. 3. Nature Weaver : Nature is one of the strongest forces of battle, and a Dryad in tune with her surroundings is indeed formidable. Using the ancient forces of the world, she subdues her opponents and protects herself. All those aspects come with five combat arts. Essential combat arts used in this build are found in the 2. Build explanation below: 2. Build explanation: ( see section 4.REQUIREMENTS for information about the combat arts from Flix's mod , link in requirements tab ) . Your main damage dealer will be the aspect Capricious Hunter ( like you already guessed ) with : Ravaged Impact as main damage dealer; Sinister Predator ( buff ) for critical chance, attack speed, regeneration time decrease etc. Darting Assault for killing groups of enemies fast; Dust Devil can also save your life in certain situation if used right. The reason this is a hybrid build is because it uses Nature Weaver as buffs all the time : Goldenglade Touch for heal and resistance; Acute Mind to increase cast speed and reduce regeneration time; Ancient Bark ( buff ) for huge resistance. Tangled Vine will also help in boss fights. Cabalistic Voodoo will be your best bet against bosses especially in lower levels, with skills such as : Twisted Curse, an amazing curse and debuff; Viperish Disease for solid DPS. Malicious Totem can also be helpful on higher difficulty whenever you wish to get an idea about what's ahead, if its dangerous or not etc. You may also use one of the two Cabalistic Voodoo's buffs as a third buff choice, but that will be later on in the game. You can choose from: Priestess of Doom to boost your cast speed; Moribund Animus for raw damage. 3. REQUIREMENTS!: This guide is useless unless you have ( or get ) the following: Latest Ice & blood version ( for the CM Patch ) CM Patch 1.50 ( for the items - no need to explain this - http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/files/file/91-community-patch/ ) Enchanted spells mod by Flix ( http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/topic/21916-enhanced-spells-mod-sacred-2/ ) - PS: I will use the CA icons found in Flix's mod for this guide, and not the classic ones - I recommend you use the challenge mod inclided here for a more challenging game. Otherwise you will be too OP and you will get bored. -CA = Combat Art. Assuming you got all those... we can get to 4. Character creation There are a thing or two you should note before creating a character. 1. Hardcore? yes or not: I guess everyone knows what a hardcore character is but I will explain it to you anyway. If you create a hardcore character and you die it becomes unplayable. You will lose all your progress and items. My recommandation is that you make a hardcore character if you are a little familiar with the game or if you start on bronze. You will see the hardcore icon at the bottom of the character creation window ( red arrow ) with the expert touch icon just beside it ( blue arrow ): If the icon is not shining: It means your character is not to be set on hardcore. If the icon is brighter: It means your character is set to hardcore. To change between hardcore or non-hardcore just click on the hardcore icon in the character creation tab. Note that this can't be changed later in game. If you already have a character and you don't know if its hardcore or not hardcore try to die and you will find out ( NOTE: If you don't treat this as a joke its not my fault if you lose your character). 2. Expert touch? Yes or not: "If activated, combat arts regenerate faster but draw their energy from all aspects. This mod is especially useful for characters who focus on a single aspect." The explanation is rather vague - understanding of expert touch: "Expert Touch will decrease the amount of time it takes for you to be able to use a combat art again after you use it (that is, its regen time), but causes a global cooldown for all of your other combat arts. Normally, without Expert Touch, the cooldown only applies to other combat arts within the same aspect as the combat art used." - quoted ( link - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=176900274 ) One particular trait of this build is this: even if you will use all 3 aspect, expert touch makes it better. Although it may seem a paradox, the reason this is happening is because this is actually a semi-singular aspect build. It MOSTLY relies on Capricious Hunter but recieves help from the other two aspects. HOWEVER, there is a downside to it and because of this having expert touch enabled or not is your decision: 1. Expert Touch enabled ( my recomandation ): it will be harder in the beggining ( especially in boss fights ) but it will help you in high difficulty ( Why? Because at high level you have a so low regeneration time it doesn't even matter. The only skill you use single and not in a combo with others is Ravaged Impact. Having it at 0.6s regeneration time implies no problem for the other aspects. Because of this, expert touch will only lower fruther more your regeneration time, allowing you to put more runes in skills. Choose this for a harder beggining but a better character in the end. 2. Expert Touch disabled: Choose this for a more constant playthrough. As explained before, the expert touch icon is next to the hardcore icon. If the icon is not shining: It means expert touch is disabled. If the icon is glowing: It means expert touch is enabled. To toggle expert touch on or off click its icon in the character creation tab. Note that this can't be changed later in game. If you already have a character and you dont know whenever you have expert touch on/off, there is a simple way to find out: Enter your character and cast an active combat art. If you have expert touch disabled, it will draw power from a single aspect, like here: If you have expert touch enabled, it will draw power from all aspects, as such: 5. Stats: My recommandation is every 4 levels/points: 1 point in Dexterity 1 point in Stamina 1 point in Dexterity 1 point in Vitality. Why no Intelligence and Willpower? Because Acute Mind and GGT will give you tons of them ( for eg. on my char: Acute mind makes my Inteligence from 800 to 3300. GGT makes my Willpower from 600 to 4300 ). Before and after Acute Mind and Goldenglade Touch: - GGT = Goldenglade touch. 6. Skills Capricious Hunter Focus. Very important for your Ravaged Impact regeneration time and for Sinister Predator regeneration penality. Also allows for modification points ( next section ) Tactics Lore. For your Ravaged Impact damage as well as chance for critical hits. Combat Discipline. Especially for the -10%/-20% regeneration time. Concentration. For unlocking 2/3 buffs and also for decreasing regeneration time of all combat arts since you'll use all aspects. Nature Weaver Focus. Important first of all to reduce regeneration penality from Ancient Bark and after to reduce regeneration time for GGT and Acute Mind. Allows for important modification points. Combat Reflexes. Prerequisite for Armor Lore or/and Constitution ( depending if you play on hardcore character or not ). Cabalistic Voodoo Focus. You will only need the focus so you can level up the CAs as much as possible while also reducing their regeneration time. There's no need for Cabalistic Voodoo Lore since you will have enough casting speed and damage will only affect Twisted Curse,Malicious Totem ( which you probably wont use on this build ) and the buffs. Also allows for important modification points. Armor Lore. Works great with Ancient Bark. Also lowers regeneration time. Nature Weaver Lore. Buffs HP regeneration from Ancient Bark, GGT. Buffs Ancient Bark's armor. Buffs damage of Tangled Vine. Ranged Weapons OR Constitution. Ranged Weapons if you play on non-hardcore or without the challenge mod from Flix. Constitution if you play on hardcore and/or challenge mod. Ive seen a lot of dryad players or dryad builds which use Spell Resistance instead of some other defence skill, and for good reason. Dryads really need spell resistance but NOT from skills. You already have much willpower from GGT and items with spell resistance ( check 10. Items tab ) You also have a lot of Damage over time reduction from an item and from Acute Mind silver modification Defiant ( for eg. I have on my character 81% from Acute Mind and 54% from items, a total of 135% reduced damage over time ). 7. Modification points: Capricious Hunter combat arts: 1. Ravaged Impact: . - Perforate - strong DoT ( damage over time ) . Much better than Envenom. - Breach - Chance to ignore enemy armor. Useful. - Double Shot. Works nice with life leech and regeneration on hit at lower levels. 2. Sinister Predator ( buff ): - Eagle Eye - Big critical chance at high level. - Marked Shot - Especially useful against bosses and at low levels. - Hunting Focus - For synergy with Ravaged Impact and Darting Assault. 3. Darting Assault: - Reload - To kill more monsters faster. - Throwback - In case there are too many mosters you mustn't let them get near you. - Rotate - For comfort and speed killing reasons. 4. Dust Devil: - Free Choice. - Spell shield - because it already lasts long than it takes to regenerate at high level. - Spread - you have enough damage already. Nature Weaver combat arts: 1. Goldenglade Touch: - Flow - You have potions instead of Bandage. - Perserve - Big Willpower boost. Must have for Spell Resistance. - Diligence - Increased duration. 2. Acute Mind: - Easiness - No point in investing in Insight. - Defiant - Same reason. - Free choice ( must choose one - I recommend Celerity ). 3. Ancient Bark ( buff ): - Rugged - Synergy with Armor Lore. - Repel - ( especially if you use challenge mod or have a hardcore character ). - Effortless - Synergy with Ravaged Impact and Darting Assault ( for regeneration time ). 4. Tangled Vine: - Sprawl - You will only use this on bosses. - Impair - Same reason. - Intent - Same reason. You only need it for one opponent. Cabalistic Voodoo combat arts: 1. Twisted Curse: - Porous - For boss kill. No need to slow him down if you have him in vines. - Sadist - This is for debuff not for damage. - Dispel - Amazing "debuff". 2. Viperish Disease: - Gangrene - For better damage dealing against bosses. - Free Choice. - Gouge - Great against heavy armored bosses. 3. Priestess of Doom ( buff ) - if you prefer this instead of Moribund Animus : - Stimulate - Great for rapid casting of everything. - Optional and Free Choice. - Optional and Free Choice. 4. Moribund Animus ( buff ) - if you prefer this instead of Priestess of Torment - Free Choice. - Elevation - for maxing hierling power. - Fury - same reason. 5. Malicious Totem: - Anxiety - to make opponents run if the zone up ahead is too dangerous. - Venomous - tho' weaker in the beggining, better in the end than Pointed. - Rapid Fire - to maximize totem's damage. All other modifications are your free choice. Choose whatever better suits your playstyle. 8. How to put points in skills ( level dependency ): Level #12 Put as many points in Capricious Hunter Focus as you can ( till the level cap ) so you can unlock all modifications for Ravaged Impact and Sinister Predator. Put only one point in Combat Discipline and Concentration. You have reached the point where you can sustain 2 buffs active. Your next goal is to put all your points into Nature Weaver Focus as to get all modifications from Ancient Bark and decrease its regeneration penality ( you must have Ravaged Impact's regeneration time under 0.5/0.6s ). Between level 12 and 25 try to farm the griffin a little for a Glaurung's Head. I dont know if its just luck but I easily get it if I farm the griffin a couple of times. Also collect as many pieces of the set as you can so you get your life leech bonus. Level #25 Put only one point in Combat Reflexes for now. If you got your Ravaged Impact under 0.6, forget about Capricious Hunter Focus for now and put some points in Tactics Lore, enough to finish all modifications for Darting Assault. Also continue to level up Nature Weaver Focus in order to maximize your temporary buffs efficiency ( Acute Mind and Goldenglade Touch ). Find a break to spend 9 points in Cabalistic Voodoo Focus, enough to finish modifing Twisted Curse for better results at boss killing. Have at least 5 points in Combat Reflexes before level 35 so you can pick Armor Lore at level 35. Level #50 By this point I think you should have completed all the modifications stated above. As you get higher level, enemies become stronger too. From now on buff your Armor Lore and Nature Weaver Focus as much as you can so you won't die if you change difficulty to Gold. Also if Ravaged Impact has lower regeneration time than 0.6 sec, DON'T use Ravaged Impact runes. Use Ancient Bark runes instead. If you have spare Nature Weaver modification points use them on Tangled Vine so you make boss killing easier. Level #65 When reaching level 65, put one point either in Ranged Weapons if you want more chance to hit and cast speed of Capricious Hunter aspect, or in Constitution if you want more hitpoints. In the end, I mastered all skills to 75 and either used points to enable modifications or raise defences/lower regen. times. 9. Combat Arts and runes: In this section ill tell you how many runes you should invest in each combat art. Starting with 1. Capricious Hunter Combat Arts : A. Ravaged Impact: Around 100 runes ( if you have Expert Touch disabled ) and 150-170 if you have Expert Touch enabled. B. Darting Assault: Just keep it around 0.3-0.4s regeneration time. You want to shot many arrows per second with this one so you can knockback enemies a lot. C. Venomous Entrapment: I have 200 runes in it but I dont use it. Feel free to do whatever you want. D. Dust Devil: 200 runes. Buff it as much as possible. E. Sinister Predator ( buff ): 200 runes. Gives very high critical chance and lowers the regeneration time of the whole Capricious Hunter aspect. 2. Nature Weaver Combat Arts: A. Edaphic Lances: I have 200 runes. Same reason as Venomous Entrapment. B. Tangled Vines: 200 runes. We only use this for bosses so max this out. You usually dont need to cast it more than once. And even if you do, the regeneration per sec. of combat arts from the bow is more then enough to recharge it instantly. C. Goldenglade Touch: 200 runes. D. Acute Mind: 200 runes. E. Ancient Bark ( buff ): 200 runes. 3. Cabalistic Voodoo Combat Arts: A. Twisted Curse: 200 runes. You only use this skills on bosses so regeneration time isn't really a problem. Maxing out is potency is more important. Same with B. Viperish Disease: 200 runes. C. Malicious Totem: 200 runes. You will only use this for safety reasons so when you do ( you dont do too often ) you surely dont wanna spend 30 minutes waiting for it to kill something. So we'll max this out. D. Priestess of Doom ( buff ): Just keep it around 5% regeneration penality. E. Moribuns Animus ( buff ): I really have no idea with this one because I don't use it. 10. Items: 1. Weapon: Horns of the Forest God Even tho it has lower base damage than bull's eye, it has 2 Gold sockets. Adding a level 218 Jotun's Maw will give it + 92-92 damage and +56hp regen./sec. That will make it 409-540 ( at level 180 ). Better than any other bow in game. With a level 220 bow and 2 Jotun's Maw the resulted damage is insane: NOTE: This is a legendary item added by the CM patch. Therefore it will only drop on campaign bosses and only if you have CM Patch installed. Temporary replacements ( if you cant get the bow ) : 1. Silithar's Malice NOTE: This is a legendary item added by the CM patch. Therefore it will only drop on campaign bosses and only if you have CM Patch installed. 2. Bull's Eye 2. Armor : Mormorin's Garments of Mutation ( yes you need all the set ! ) The set is rare because its the best and its the best because it has tons of sockets. And you need that ton of sockets to survive. 1. Head: Mormorin's Battle Cry 2. Shoulders: Mormorin's Burden 3. Hands: Mormorin's Revenge 4. Chest: Mormorin's Cage 5. Skirt: Mormorin's Sash 6. Legs: Mormorin's Transition 7. Shoes: Mormorin's Stand Mormorin's Garments of Mutation full set bonus: NOTE: Mutation sets are added by the community patch. Therefore items will only drop if you have community patch installed. 3. Jewlery: Remnants of Galrung set ( special dryad set - "Glaurung was the first great evil dragon of Middle Earth, and although he lived before Dragons had wings and could fly, he sowed immense chaos and sorrow in the First Age. These pieces are his remnants." - quote ). Beside its own stats, the complete set gives you a big life leech. 1. First ring: Ring of Heartscales 2. Second ring: Ring of Tail Spikes 3. Third ring: Ring of Talons 4. First amulet: Left Eye of Glaurung 5. Second amulet: Right Eye of Glaurung 6. Shrunken head: Glaurung's Head Remnants of Glaurung full set bonus: NOTE: This set is added by the community patch. Therefore items will only drop if you have community patch installed. 4. Relics: Blessed/Sacred relics, KlaAtuVerAtaNikTuh set, KilthEmAl set. (Soon: relics explanation) Considering that Ancient Bark gives you much physical and poison armor: For eg: I have: +4500 physical armor. +3200 poison armor. In conjunction with Armor Lore, my base armor becomes from this: To this: Because of this you will only need Fire, Frost and Arcane relics, as such: 1. Relic of Fire: I dont encourage sacred relics because their secondary bonus is always Chance to find valuables. Blessed relics often have a bonus which will help you. Spell resistance or Max hitpoints are the best for this build in my oppinion. NOTE: Im not sure if you can find Max hitpoints on relics. I've seen Max hitpoints on sigils ( = relic sets ) but I dont remember if I ever saw any on normal relics. NOTE: Being a legendary item it will only drop upon killing campaign bosses. 2. Relic of Frost: 3. Relic of the Arcane: Another trait of Ancient Bark is that if you only need fire, frost and magic resistance, you have 9 free relic slots because you never have to switch your relics no mater what enemy you fight with. I suggest you fill those empty slots with relic sets. My recommandations are: 1. KlaAtuVerAtaNikTuh set ( 6 pieces ) : Kla: Atu: Ver: Ata: Nik: Tuh: KlaAtuVerAtaNikTuh full set bonus: 2. KilthEmAl set: Kilth: Em: Al: KilthEmAl full set bonus: In the end your full set items bonuses tab should look like this: 5. Socketed items: Jotun's Maw: Big damage, high regeneration. I have around 5-6 socketed. Dont place them on gold socket ( maybe only on the bow ). You need those for amulets. Dragon's Amulet: If you are playing Ancient Bark on a dryad you are literally like a tree. Well, actually more like an ent ( moving trees from the lord of the rings trilogy ). Ancient Bark gives a 20% fire sensivity. You dont fear ice because you have many winters on your back. You dont fear magic because magic runs through your roots. You dont fear psyhical damage ( if anyone tries to kick you they will break their legs ). You dont fear poison because you are healthy and lively. But you damn fear fire. If you dont have at least one/two ( I go with 2 ) Dragon Amulets socketed this is how you will end up: Kybele's Tear: Having around 4 Kybele's Tears socketed will give you >10.000 hp and around 150 stamina. Gruma's Talisman: I know this is hard to come by, but having 3 or more Gruma's Talisman on your gear can be a life saver. Also it gives a lot of chance to evade. NOTE: This is a legendary amulet added by the Community Patch. Therefore it will only drop on campaign bosses and only if you have Community Patch installed. Nyarlothptep's Creeping Madness: Helpful for chance to hit. Having 2 of those socketed will give you 60% opponent level for deathblow. Ring of Twines: Good damage over time reduction. You dont need more than one. Mormorin's Band Just because it has the same name as the armor set and I like matching equipment.. Still its a pretty good ring especially for synergy with Sinister Strike ( with attack value ) and Ancient Bark ( with defense value ). If you want a replacement you can try: Band of Dominion: Silala's Ring Big chance for critical hit. Big chance to disregard armor. Having this ring socketed and a Ravaged Impact around level 120 with silver modification Breach will give you ~100% chance to ignore enemy armor. NOTE: This is a legendary ring. Therefore it will only drop from slain campaign bosses. Silithar's Finger Hoop Big casting speed and fixed chance to hit. NOTE: Even tho this is a legendary item, it will not drop from campaign bosses. It is given as a quest reward for the quest Wild Twine ( click the quest name for link ). I suggest you only finish this quest on niobium only after you hit max. level. Having all those this is how my bonus overview looks like: NOTE: I have Ranged Weapons as my 10th skill, not Constitution because I rushed my gameplay. As long as nothing hits you , its ok like this. You just have to be really careful. 11. Combos, Combat Art slots and Tactics: If you dont know what combos are: Now for the combos themselves: - 1st Combat art slot: Combo #1: Ravaged Impact alone so it can benefit from reduced regeneration time. This will be the skill you will use on your casual walks around Ancaria. - 2nd Combat art slot: Combo #2: Acute Mind + Goldenglade Touch. Leave Acute Mind first in the combo so Golgenglade Touch benefits from reduced regeneration time ( fruther more if you have Easiness modification ) and reduced casting speed ( if you have Celerity modification on Acute Mind ). Big buff to intelligence, willpower, life regeneration, cast speed, regeneration time etc. Try to keep it active all the time. Can be a life saver. - 3rd Combat art slot: Combo #3: Dust Devil +Malicious Totem Malicious Totem can also be used alone just to lure enemies from ahead and get an idea about what's happening if you suspect there is something dangerous waiting for you. I recommand you use the whole combo tho' because Dust Devil gives many defense boosts. In combination with the Anxiety modification of Malicious Totem this combo can sometimes do wonders. - 4th Combat Art slot: Combo #4: Tangled Vine + Viperish Disease + Twisted Curse. Use this combo for bosses. Fast killing time. Usually gives you damage imunity since the boss is tangled in vines and can't reach you. You will want to leave it in this order. First you want to catch the boss you are fighting with in Tangled Vines so it can't move. Secondly you want to infect him with Viperish Disease BEFORE you curse him with Twisted Curse. The reason you want to do that is because Viperish Disease deals damage based on the opponents total and remaining hitpoints ( percent = % and NOT numerical value ). If you curse him before you infect him , Viperish Disease will deal less damage because Twisted Curse reduces opponents attributes ( including total life ). That is why you will want to leave Twisted Curse in the last place. - 5th Combat Art slot: Darting Assault. Use this especially when there are many enemies around. Change fast to it in case you are overwhelmed by a large number of enemies. Having Throwback modification can really save you. 12. Notes and tips based on my experience: Here I want to tell you about 3 things: 1. AVOID Fen Fires: Those tiny Barstewards! can give you a hard time if there are too many ( especially if you dont have constitution ). HOW TO DEAL WITH THEM: Cast Malicious Totem and be patient. Better safe than sorry. 2. Don't try to farm The White Griffin: Especially on Niob and Platinum. If he debuffs your Ancient Bark he can easily depelt your health. 3. Always, but ALWAYS move around and never stay in one place when around Temple Guardians in late game. Those fireballs they shoot can one shot you with no problem ( trust me, I lost a level 140 dryad to them ). THE BUILD IS FINISHED! Im currently testing out a necromancer Shadow Warrior so if everything goes well I'll post a build for that too when I reach around level 150. Remember, Dryads Rulez !
  2. Quite a long time ago, LazyTomcat's personal mod introduced several new armor designs to the game. However, as the time passed, this mod became outdated and no longer compatible with the current version of the Community Patch. LazyTomcat decided against updating his mod for the new CM patch, but permitted to use his designs in other mods. The original mod used the new designs as the replacements for the original Fallen Angel aspect sets, but as was previously mentioned in the Item Mod thread, we wanted to make them into entirely new sets, with their own names and bonuses. The following posts would show the results of this work, all of which would be released with the next version of the Item Mod, and probably later integrated with the Community Patch, The first of the LazyTomcat's designs to be presented as a new set is a "Jaguar" armor for the Dryad. It is themed around the big cats and has bonuses that benefit the Ranged Combat-oriented character. The Wild Cat Covered with furry pelts of feline predators, the Dryad Ranger becomes one the most effective hunters of the forest. She can notice the enemies from far away and run after them at amazing speed... ... reading the footprints to track them through the growth and finally shoot them down. The set items were named after distinctive features of various big cats: Helmet: Jaguar's Bite Jaguar has the most powerful bite of all cats. Its jaws can pierce and crack open even the armored reptiles like armadillos and turtles. Chance for critical hits and Chance to pierce modifiers are unlocked by the Ranged weapons skill. Shoulders: Lion's Mane The mane is the best known feature of a lion. In practice, the lions use it as a means of intimidation - the mane helps them to trick the opponent and to appear larger than they are. While the mane makes the lions feel pretty hot, it can act like some armor, and the intimidation tactics causes some enemies to think twice before fighting the lion. Arms: Leopard's Agility Leopards are agile and elusive hunters, known for their abilities in climbing and being capable of impressive jumps both vertically and horizontally. Chest: Lynx' Thick Fur In mythology, lynxes are most known for their eyesight, but as the helmet was named after the jaguar (got to have a jaguar somewhere in the jaguar set), this feline was mentioned for its more mundane quality. Lynxes can comfortably live in the cold regions of Siberia and Canada thanks to their thick fur that protects them from the cold and the wind. This chestplate maintains the fur's qualities and protects the wearer from the elements. Belt: Tiger's Tail Korean and Chinese traditional stories oftenly feature tiger's tail - pulling or grasping this tail, as well as treading on it always leads to very dangerous situations. In some eastern countries there are proverbs and figures of speech with general meaning "as dangerous as treading on tiger's tail". Besides, the belt has tiger-pelt pattern. Opponent's chance to reflect: Ranged modifier is unlocked by the Ranged weapons skill. Legs: Cheetah's Sprint The first thing everybody remembers about cheetahs is that they are the fastest animals on Earth and can chase even the fast-running prey, so of course this feature gets a mention. Having the legs of the cheetah, the Dryad can move an great speed and chase down the enemies who try to evade her. Boots: Cougar's Paws Cats in general are known for their sharp claws that leave infected scratches, but Cougars have claws remarkable even for their kind. For one thing, Cougars are among the few cats that have retractable claws. They also have big front paws, which they use to clutch the prey. With the Cougar's Paws the Dryad can also use the benefits of having sharp claws in addition to her weapons (when unarmed, the Dryad fights with kicks, and with these boots the kicks may deal some good damage). Though Chance to open wounds and Chance to hit additional opponents modifiers are unlocked by the Ranged weapons skill, so only the ranger can enjoy the full bonus of this item. The set bonuses: Bonuses are unlocked for wearing 2, 4, 6 and 7 items. Gallery: The side view features the maple leaf pattern on the belt: The back view with noticeable tiger stripes:
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