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  1. Greeting fellow gamemates. Take a moment and listen to some in the background while reading this build. Ive been playing sacred 2 for a while ( a loooong while ) and I reached my first level 200 hardcore dryad character. I know its kinda late but I thought I'd put my build here if anyone is ever intrested. Description: This build is designed for a hardcore expensive character. Its mostly weapon based but you have some flexibility to tweak it to your taste. I will only cover the essentials First of all, why would you use this buil
  2. Quite a long time ago, LazyTomcat's personal mod introduced several new armor designs to the game. However, as the time passed, this mod became outdated and no longer compatible with the current version of the Community Patch. LazyTomcat decided against updating his mod for the new CM patch, but permitted to use his designs in other mods. The original mod used the new designs as the replacements for the original Fallen Angel aspect sets, but as was previously mentioned in the Item Mod thread, we wanted to make them into entirely new sets, with their own names and bonuses. The following po
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