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  1. Presenting another set created from Dmitrius154's models! This one is also themed around Heroes of Might and Magic. This set is heavy armor and has numerous defensive bonuses. Children of Asha Asha is the primordial dragon, creator of the world of Ashan, sister of Urgash and mother of the six elemental dragons: Elrath, Malassa, Sylanna, Arkath, Ylath and Shalassa. While she is well-known as the "Dragon of Order", Asha appears in many different forms. Asha and Urgash fought against each other in the Genesis, during which Asha banished Urgash into the heart of her world. However, she was wounded in that battle, and hid in the moon in order to heal herself. Asha renders the fate of all mortal beings—she spins forth their destiny upon their birth, measures it throughout their time in the physical world, and then embraces their life force upon death. Helmet: Elrath's Luminosity Elrath is the Dragon of Light and patron of Angels. Elrath himself is usually not depicted as a dragon at all in the art of the Empire, being thought as an abstract "Holy Light". He has golden scales and feather wings. He attacks not by breath but by light beams fired from his eyes. Arms: Malassa's Secret The black Dragon of Darkness is the Faceless foe, the Slithering Shadow with a hundred faces and a thousand whispers. She is the most intelligent dragon and is also called: "Keeper of the deadly secrets". She may spare a life one moment, only to snuff it out in the next. She may offer comfort to one weary traveler, while cruelly destroying another. Malassa is a fickle and dangerous mistress and perhaps the most dangerous of Asha's children. Legs: Sylanna's Contemplation Sylanna is the Dragon of Earth and patron-deity of the Elves. Worshipped by druids, rangers, hunters, farmers and herders, she is peaceful and cautious compared to her volatile siblings. The Dragon of Earth is the stolid, slow, even-tempered one among the Elemental Dragons. Peaceful and cautious, Earth acts only after long deliberation and study. Gloves: Arkath's Vehemence Arkath is the Dragon of Fire, and has always been worshipped by the Dwarves. He is rash, hasty, and ill-tempered. The Dragon of Fire is ruled by his passions and impulses, rather than by logic and cool discourse; these traits make him a terrifying force in battle. Boots: Ylath's Scrutiny Ylath, sometimes also called Sylath, is the silvery-white Dragon of Air. Young and impetuous, the dragon of Air is the seeker of hazardous knowledge, of crafts that are handed down by the shortlived humans from father to child, of myriad facts about the world which he views from on high. Like the wind, he travels everywhere to collect all the sights and sounds he can pick on his way. Belt: Shalassa's Sagacity The blue Dragon of Water is humble, quiet and secretive. She is the serene mystic, wisest of the dragons, and her knowledge is only second to her sister Malassa, the Dragon of Shadow, for her watery realm is ripe with forgotten lore and treasure. In all things, she values diplomacy, versatility and adaptability. Yet, if she decides to act, she is swift and indomitable. Torso: Sar-Elam's Oblation When the war against Urgash's and Asha's creations began, Sar-Elam, the first of the Wizards, became the first and only mortal to touch Asha's conscience and became a creature with the powers and abilities of a Dragon-God. He used his new power to banish the demons into their infernal prison of Sheogh, sacrificing himself in the process. For his deeds, Sar-Elam became known as the Seventh Dragon. Stats are from Gold difficulty, item level 120.
  2. Mod is complete and released! Community Items Mod v1.2 Download Thread. After releasing my Dragon Mage Sets Mod, I started thinkng about what direction I would take the mod next. At first this thread was only about modding in new uniques and legendary items (weapons or armor). However, now after receiving so many great suggestions, ideas, and contributions from talented modders, the mod has now become the "Community Items Mod". Suggestions and new ideas are always welcome. Because this thread has become very long and the number of items very large, this post will serve as an overview and a Table of Contents for all the new content added in the CM Items Mod. The links below will take you the spots in this thread and other threads where I posted pics and described in detail the stats and lore of the items. New Weapons in Version 1.2 Update#1: 2 new axes from Torchlight 2! Update #2: New Fire Weapons, including an unlocked Carnach staff, an NPC torch, and an imported torch design from Torchlight 2! Update #3: New sword weapons, including a T-Energy sword, a Conan the Barbarian sword, and a mini-set with a demon sword, amulet and unique smoke shield! Swordstaff lightsabers also updated with new colors and Maul's Swordstaff gets a unique model! Update #4: 4 new polearms, including spears and tridents inspired by Titan Quest and Dark Souls! Updates 5 & 6: 2 new magic staves, 3 new fist weapons, Dryad boots, and unlocked NPC weapons and shields! ----------------------------------------------------------- New Weapons in Version 1.1 Update#1: 6 brand new Swords, 4 of which are inspired by Sacred 1 designs. Two new shields and a new Luger pistol! Update#2: Two new weapon/shield sets, plus unlocked Undead and Orc weapons! Update #3: A trio of items designed from the Devil May Cry games! --------------------------------------------------------- Weapons in v. 1.0 Sacred 1 Items Weapons and shields imported or recreated from Sacred 1 to Sacred 2! Shields 9 new unique and legendary shields, and also 11 new random shields, almost all unlocked and brand-new designs, and many including a new feature - damage bonuses! Swords 14 new unique swords, including fist weapons, unlocked Ogre swords, new lightsabers, and a whole new weapon class: the Lightsaber Swordstaff! More info about new 1h lightsabers More info about new 2h lightsabers Hafted Weapons 9 new axes, clubs, and hammers, including 2 new dual wield sets, 2 unlocked Orc weapons, and more! Polearms 6 new unique Polearms of all types, including a unique scythe! Magic Staves 9 new 1h and 2h magic staves, including a brand new staff model that appears as both rare and Legendary variants, plus the game's first dual wielding magic staff set! New Dual Wielding Staff Set info Ranged Weapons + New Dryad Set Unique Ranged Weapons of all varieties, shapes and sizes: 3 Bows, 3 Blowpipes, 2 Throwing Stars, a Throwing Dagger and new Throw Potion, not to mention two new big Energy Weapons and an Energy Pistol. Also look for a new jewelry set featuring the game's first unique Shrunken Head! New Armor Sets By Dimitrius154: Doom Guard Armor - Shadow Warrior Set + Golden variant that appears as random armor. Kha-Beleth's Sovereignty - Dragon Mage Set Children of Asha - High Elf Set + 3 Variants that Appear as Random Armor The Judicator - Inquisitor Set By Pesmontis: Range Array - High Elf Set Lara's Glad Rags - High Elf Set Genesis Siderea - Seraphim Set By tom.morrow: Impressions of Sophia - Seraphim Set By Flix: Disgraced Gods - Inquisitor Set Also appearing in the mod are of course my 3 previously released Dragon Mage Sets: Chaoskampf Auspicious Powers Draco's Garments of Mutation Armor Designs By LazyTomcat: The Wildcat - Dryad Set Frozen Gems - High Elf Set Mage of the Spectrum - High Elf Set + White variant that appears as random armor Misc Armor Pieces New High Elf armor pieces (by Pesmontis): New Inquisitor Bone Helm and Shoulder Variants (Green, Orange, & Red) (By Dimitrius154) New helmets for the other 5 characters! (By Silver Fox & Pesmontis) New Feathered Seraphim Wings (by Pesmontis) Misc Features of the Mod Grunwald's Protection shield is now tier 13 (proper unique item) and has been added to the appropriate drop lists. Kroll's Law (2h Unlock Sword) added to the appropriate drop lists. Tinwora's Curse no longer requires Armor Lore skill to unlock Casting Speed bonus. All Mutation sets have been added to the appropriate drop lists, so should be found more frequently (chance reduced slightly from 1.0->1.1). Seraphim-specific random shields now have a chance to have sockets. The Fallen Angel mini-set "Ashes of Perdition" for the High Elf will now drop more often (it was previously missing from some of the proper drop lists). Random 1H Lightsabers and 2H Lightsabers can now be found as drops from enemies, in addition to being bought. The High Elf's ponytail hairstyle is now animated. Her hair bounces when she walks and runs (courtesy Pesmontis). Fixes for armor appearance issues with custom skin colors (courtesy Silver Fox). Fix for missing quiver texture for human archers (courtesy Silver Fox). Fixed some minor clipping issues with Dragon Mage and Seraphim gloves. Corrected various minor typos and irregularities with item names. Future Plans and Wishlist Elite Mounts Project Titan Quest Weapons and Shields Force Field Shields Xrystal's Gossamer Wings Set (by Silver Fox) Transparent/Ethereal/Stealth Armor Unused and NPC Items - This is another thread that may be of interest. It details my exploration through the game files to find new items to unlock for the player. Most of them have been added to the mod in some fashion.
  3. Hi! You folks are absolutely awesome and I hope your holiday season has been wonderful. I finally managed to install the community patch. For my steam, gold version, the game has to be running for the patch to find it. After that it prompts a shutdown of the game and kicks into gear. (In case anyone else has the same problem.) What I'm wondering is if all of the items, special sets such as mutation, etc that the team has created are included in the patch or do some need separate downloads. Okay, I'm kinda lazy. Mostly, I can't see for crap. Trying to search through all the pages of downloads gets me lost and hurts my head. Hoping someone knows which, if any, haven't been integrated. Thanks.
  4. I'm making separate threads for some of the bigger, more impressive upcoming sets to give the New Uniques and Legendaries thread some room to breathe. Overall progress on the Community Items Mod will still be reported there. Kha-Beleth is the Demon Sovereign of the realm of Sheogh, from the Might and Magic series of games. Somehow a copy of his infernal armor has mysteriously found its way into Ancaria. Only the Dragon Mage, able to master the magicks from other dimensions, has the magical skill to wear this massive armor and survive its powerful enchantments. In return, he receives an unnatural boost to all his magical and combat abilities regardless of aspect. Concept, models and textures by Dmitrius154. Tweaked slightly by Flix. Item names, bonuses and set design by Flix. Lore, item names and properties and more specifics are complete and will be posted soon, pending approval by Dmitriy. Progress Report: Complete and fully implemented except for icon design.
  5. File Name: Flix's Dragon Mage Sets Mod File Submitter: Flix File Submitted: 18 Jan 2014 File Category: Community Patch Flix's Dragon Mage Sets Mod v2 NOTE: This mod is no longer available as a stand-alone mod. It is now included in and superseded by the Community Patch 1.60. ================================ Introduction: This is an ongoing project that adds new set, unique, and legendary items to Sacred 2: Ice and Blood. Currently the mod contains the following items: *Draco's Garments of Mutation (Full Dragon Mage Set) *Chaoskampf (Full Dragon Mage Set) *Auspicious Powers (Full Dragon Mage Set) *Eternal Return (All Class 2-Ring Set) *Tooth and Nail (All Class Ring-Amulet Set) *Shared Player Stash File containing copies of all the above items (optional). ================================ Installation (Main mod): Extract the contents of this archive (3 folders [locale, pak, scripts]) into your Sacred 2 installation folder. A typical example of the installation folder is C:\Sacred 2 Gold Overwrite all folders and files when prompted. THIS MOD WILL OVERWRITE SOME GAME SCRIPTS! Back up the folders and/or files if you ever think you may want to uninstall this mod. The overwritten files are: surface.txt blueprint.txt drop.txt itemtype.txt iteminfo.txt global.res If you have v1 installed, there is no need to uninstall it first. Simply install v2 and it will overwrite the old files. There will be an extra set of unused (completely harmless) icons in pak\data\icons\items\ that start with the number 14000. They can safely be deleted after installation of v2, but it is not necessary. ================================= Installation (Optional Stash File): As of v2 this mod now also contains an optional chest file (chest.sacred2chest) that contains copies of all the items (all level 190-200, Platinum-Niobium). They require installation of the main mod to appear in-game. Be sure to back up your existing chest.sacred2chest file before doing anything! Installing this file will overwrite your Shared tab in your player chest. For XP, it's located in: C:\Documents and Settings\<userID>\My Documents\Saved Games\Ascaron Entertainment\Sacred 2 For Vista and Windows 7: C:\Users\<userID>\Saved Games\Ascaron Entertainment\Sacred 2 After you've backed up your chest.sacred2chest file from the above folder, copy the chest.sacred2chest file to your save game directory and restart your game. You can then find the armor in your shared belongings chest. Grab the armor pieces you want and then save your game and exit. You can then restore your normal chest.sacred2chest file to the Sacred 2 folder and restart and continue your game. ================================= Compatibility: If you have another mod installed that changes the same files or if you have made any personal changes to the files listed above, they will be lost. This mod is designed to be compatible with the latest Community Patch (currently 1.40hf) and was created using those files. If the Community Patch is updated then this mod will be updated to maintain compatibility. This mod REQUIRES Sacred 2 Ice and Blood with the latest patch ( plus the latest Community Patch. This mod is mostly compatible with Wardust's Serious Textures mod, so long as Wardust's mod is installed FIRST. Certain changes from Wardust's mod in surface.txt will be lost however, such as shiny armors and fuzzy animals. All other changes will apply correctly. I can make a fully compatible version if requested. This mod incorporates Nighthawk's fixes to drop.txt that increase the drop rate of Mutation sets (for ALL characters). This mod is NOT compatible with Llama Mod. If both mods are installed, whichever one is installed second will overwrite the first. I can make a compatible version if there is enough demand. Currently only English and German versions are supported. The pieces will not have correct names in other languages. Contact me at Darkmatters.org to request a version in a different language. ================================ ================================ Development thread and more info: http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/topic/21424-mod-new-dragon-mage-sets-in-development/ Detailed item info and lore is also included in a text file in the download. ================================ Thanks to: *Pesmontis for his crucial knowledge and tireless efforts in helping me get this project off the ground and completed, and also for translating the names into German. *Czevak and Dragon Brother for getting me going with starter tips on what files to edit. *LazyTomcat and those who made mods before me so I could follow their example. *Gogoblender and Schot for hosting this mod on Darkmatters.org *Everyone at Darkmatters who has followed the development of this mod and offered support and encouragement.
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