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  1. Hello folks! Not that I'm not into lengthy posts, but basically, title?! I've recently gone back to slaying Kobolds here Kobolds there (Kobolds are everywhere!), and since I'm playing with PFP I'm with vanilla XP gain. And even though I've started at level 75 (thank you Char Editor), with all difficulties unlocked, I began at Gold because I actually went in "undressed". So basically I ran the entirety of the MC for gearing up, and without side-questing I defeated the Guardians and started Platinum at a measly level 82. That means that running MC alone in Gold netted me just 7 levels post-mastery, which seems really low. I know that XP gain from Platinum up starts getting better with questing, and not as good with mob killing, but since I intend to leave questing mainly for Niobium, where I plan to do all quests and exploration, is it really possible to reach max level? I know that there's a lot of quests, but that's also a lot of levelling up! Even if I end Platinum at level 100, given the XP penalty from then on, just how far should I be able to get? Asking it in a different way, is reaching level 200 only possible if you go heavy on questing on both Platinum and Niob? If not, just how much XP can Niob quests alone net a player?
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