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Found 8 results

  1. Shadow Step can do much more than one might imagine, indeed. For there is a way to "map jump." One may see the results of some of my journeys here, beginning about half the way down the page. To accomplish the technique it is necessary to have a mount. Note the side of the mount on which the character lands upon dismounting. That is the side that should be snug against the inaccessible area in which you want to travel. It may take a bit of finessing the mount as close as possible to the border area, but when you have it just right your character will dismount just outside the usual field of play and enter a heretofore area of inaccessibility. Once inside, Shadow Step should be employed each time in order to travel further from the current point of origin. It's really quite interesting to discover the things hidden within the game which the unenlightened player would never imagine existed. So, let me pose this query, are you feeling adventurous?
  2. In this exciting boss encounter video our dauntless High Elf rushes undeterred into a mortal fray with the fearsome ice phoenix, Narmul. With some very nasty and devastating magic attacks at hand, Narmul is certainly one of the most powerful of all Sacred 2 boss monsters. How will our heroine defend herself with success and eliminate the Narmul's powerful defenses in order to prevail by destroying this clever and malevolent creature? Let us discover the answer right here and now!
  3. In this video we find our heroine engaging The Ice Lord, a deadly boss monster armed with an immense amount of ice and physical damage. Let us see what transpires and who emerges victorious.
  4. In this installment of High Elf Boss Battles (post Community Patch 160) we see our heroine, Tarellethiel, pitted in a mortal battle with the formidable oppugnant, Thranak.
  5. In this episode of Niobium Level High Elf Boss Battles (post Community Patch 160) our heroine encounters the T-Energy Boss Monster, the Gar'Colossus.
  6. The CM Patch "promoted" Jaftar the guide to Boss. Now there is a video recording of a player character engaging in battle with him; perhaps it is the first one published. So, without further delay, let us observe what transpires as our heroine, Tarellethiel the fearless and determined High Elf encounters him in a dank, dark, dungeon in Black Oaks.
  7. Yet again, we find our hasty, hubristic High Elf heroine Aramelith forging headlong into an epic battle. This time she takes the business to Walther, who certainly has a few a few tricks of his own waiting for her. I fear that she left so hurriedly that I failed to remind her to take any health potions or do some research as to what she was getting into this time. Oh well, let us hope that her youthful impetuousness does not get the better of her this time.
  8. This Niob Boss Battle features Aramelith, a Single-Buff Mystic Stormite High Elf and the dreaded Gar'Colossus in a battle to the death. This video may be adjusted at various levels from 144p - 2160p (4K)
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